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Chapter 111 - A Call

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 111: A Call

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    Su Cha squeezed her eyes slightly after she read the message.

    Fortunately, there was enough time for her. She could join the contest after the national college entrance exam.

    Not only did Su Cha get the notification, but Le Anqi’s phone also vibrated. She glanced at it and whispered in surprise, “Su Cha, I got the notification for semi-finals. Did you also get it?”

    Su Cha nodded. Then Le Anqi went on, “Great. We can continue the contest after the national college entrance exam.”

    Su Cha’s eyes shone. “Don’t hurry. We have to focus on studying first.”

    What she said was true. But Le Anqi had already given up.

    She was not Su Cha who could improve her grades greatly in a short time. It would be enough for her to just pass the exam.

    She did not want to push herself very hard.

    But she would not say it. Su Cha’s target to become number one also made Le Anqi stressful, so she urged Su Cha to study together.

    As they came closer to the exam, the senior students suffered more stress. They stopped paying feverish attention to the bet between Su Cha and Yu Chuai. It was easy for them to gossip about others, but to take the exam themselves was a different story.

    Su Cha returned home after school and went on exercising her martial arts after dinner.

    She could tell that as she kept exercising, she could induce more currents of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi. Soon she would have the pure Heaven and Earth Origin Qi enter her body.

    The main reason why it had become so difficult was that modern society had severe pollution problems.

    They lived in a small town that was aware of environmental protection and had comparatively fresh air.

    In metropolitans like the Imperial Capital, the Original Qi would become thinner. If Su Cha wanted to forge her body better, she had to lead in Heaven and Earth Origin Qi before the national college entrance exam.

    Otherwise, she would no longer make progress, nor would she be able to use Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.

    After the exercise, Su Cha exhaled gently.

    It was hot in late May. If looked at carefully, people might find that her breath was like white smoke and was taking shape.

    But soon it changed into smoke again and vanished in the air.

    She got out of bed. Beads of sweat covered her body. She had to take a shower, but she saw an unanswered call on her phone when she was passing her desk.

    She would mute her phone to avoid disturbance when she was exercising. And she had told Bo Muyi that she would be reviewing at this time.

    Bo Muyi would not call her.

    She took a look. It was from her father.

    After she had borrowed money from him last time, Su Cha sent him a message to thank him. They did not contact each other after it.

    This unanswered phone call worried Su Cha.

    She was not very worried but felt a little upset.

    She called him back and he picked it up quickly. He whispered and was a little surprised, “Hello, Su Cha?”

    He was very cautious as if he was hiding from someone.

    Su Cha knew that he must be hiding from her step-mother, otherwise, her father would not talk cautiously like that.

    She frowned, “You just rang me. What happened? Is it about the money?”

    “I rang you?”

    Her father was shocked.