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Chapter 160 - Throwing Rocks on Your Own Fee

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 160: Throwing Rocks on Your Own Feet

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    Ning Meng was slightly stunned.

    Both of them had not said a single word toward each other ever since that morning. She had decided to slowly put out the small flame in the recesses of her heart. However, after she had seen the diamond earrings, that small flame had resurrected. She was thinking that perhaps she had misunderstood something somewhere.

    While she was thinking about how to break the ice, she would never have thought that he would take the initiative to send her a text. Furthermore, this text meant that he was here in the live show, right?

    Ning Meng turned her head to look behind her. The competition had started, so the lights were turned off in the arena. To be seated at the most front of the VIP area, one could only see pitch-black darkness when they turned around. Any activities could not be seen clearly in this kind of surrounding.

    Ning Meng paused for a while and then returned the text: [VIP area.]

    As she was about to ask why he wanted to know, the staff came over to request them not to take photos or play with their phones. Ning Meng could only shove her phone back into her pocket. She looked toward the stage. The atmosphere was rowdy as the crowd was cheering for the artist they were supporting.

    The first group went on stage to perform. It was the senior from the resting room who had spoken up for Zhen Shanmei. He did not look like he was in his fifties, and he looked extremely elegant as he raised his hand to get ready. He only wore one in-ear monitor and even had his amateur pair to wear only one in-ear monitor.

    Soon, the music started. The senior definitely had no problems feeling the music, but unfortunately, his amateur pair was not used to only having one in-ear monitor and sang off-tune midway. Going into a panic, she forgot her lyrics, but the senior merely nodded his head and led her to sing together to the end. They harmonized with each other and once they had sung finish, a roaring cheer came from the crowd.

    After the senior had finished his performance, he did not retreat to the resting room. Instead, he went over to the first row of the VIP area to watch the rest of the live show. His fans noticed this and shouted sharply. Ning Meng felt as though she was about to go deaf.

    The fair and just senior had set the tone for the show, and so, the contestants afterward could only emulate the path set and do their best. Thus, the amateurs in the next few groups had more or less encountered problems of their own.

    Soon, it was Su Tiantian’s turn. She raised her brow. The initial arrangement was for her and Li Haojie to only wear one in-ear monitor. This would not have caused any problems. She had not expected that a senior would be so intrusive and go as far as to stand up for Zhen Shanmei. Now, all the amateurs had to follow suit and only wear one in-ear monitor. How was one to sing well!? She was here to snatch the number one spot!

    Su Tiantian could only put her hopes on her amateur partner, Liu Xinlei. Since he was the sponsor daddy, no one would make a scene if he decided to put on two in-ear monitors. However, contrary to what she had expected, he too tried to please Zhen Shanmei and voluntarily suggested, “In that case, I shall also only wear one in-ear monitor.”


    She understood very clearly what Liu Xinlei’s standards were. Now, she could only hope that a miracle would occur.

    Alas, hope was beautiful, yet the reality was cruel.

    Liu Xinlei sang out of tune. He could not hear himself properly and thought that he had sung quite well. He continued to pour his emotions into the song and caused Su Tiantian to also sing out of tune…

    Their duet was a live disaster!

    Before they had even sung finish, #Su Tiantian sang out of tune# was a trending topic. Ning Meng was laughing wildly at the VIP area. She bet that even Su Tiantian herself had never imagined that the situation would turn this bad. She would hit the lowest ranks in this competition!

    She was so invested in the performance that she did not realize that her neighbor had switched seats. When she subconsciously turned, she realized that a tall, charming guy was quietly watching her. His vision was focused, and he had an icy-cold expression on his face with his jet-black eyes fixed squarely on her.