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Chapter 511 - Power user military commander Du Jiu Sheng’s side story (Part 1)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 511: Power user military commander Du Jiu Sheng’s side story (Part 1)

    My name is Du Jiu Sheng, walking the life of reincarnation, monarch of nine lives.

    When I was a child, I followed my master to cultivate my power and I wholeheartedly wanted to inherit his mantle.

    Becoming the most special person in the world.

    But I never thought that the appearance of Zhi Qing would change the fate of the three of us.

    She was very delicate, looking very shy whenever she saw me and always happily smiling when she saw Murong Xi.

    I thought that I was usually too serious, so I had mulled over this for a bit.

    But I learned later that this was not the case.

    According to Zhi Qing, she didn’t dare speak because she was afraid of making a mistake…..

    Because she loved me.

    I only replied with five words back then: Sorry, I don’t like you…...

    I didn’t know the consequences of those five words, I only knew that I wasn’t interested in this thing.

    Rejection seemed like the best method.

    But I never thought that Zhi Qing wouldn’t be able to get over her illness because of this…...

    Her body was weak to begin with, so she might have lasted a few years even with proper rest.  Now that she had been rejected by me, her limit came.

    I knew that Murong Xi hated me very much, but I couldn’t do anything to handle this hatred.

    Because you can’t force love if there is no love…..

    Murong Xi used every method he could to save her, but nothing was useful.

    I vaguely remembered one night that he kneeled down in front of me, asking me to marry Zhi Qing.

    I told him then that I couldn’t marry her and I didn’t love anyone.

    I could even see my senior brother’s despair in his eyes.

    But I really couldn’t force myself to do this, this wasn’t fair for Zhi Qing.

    I believed that she also didn’t want this kind of sympathy.

    My senior brother went to master for the Destiny Life Map, but master profusely refused.

    Life ends and rebirth grows……

    This was using one’s life to exchange for another person’s life and it couldn’t last that long.

    Master wasn’t willing to let Murong Xi do this stupid thing, so he didn’t agree to his request.

    I never thought that Murong Xi would actually attack master for the Destiny Life Map.

    Later I thought that his heart demon was definitely connected to me.

    But I felt that love was just a trivial thing.

    It couldn’t compare to cultivating one’s power.

    Until I met Luo Qing Chen…...

    Un, silly Xiao Qing.

    But the moment I saw her in the corridor, I remembered what Murong Xi had said to me before.

    I felt it was quite funny at that time, thinking that I would never understand what it meant in my entire life.

    (The moment you first see her, you will find that everything in your heart is worthless…..including your life.)

    At a certain moment three years later, I suddenly understood what my senior brother said and understood why he was so filled with hatred.

    Love at first sight came too fast, so fast that I couldn’t wait to save her.

    Murong Xi’s number one agent Luo Qing Chen, I had long heard this name.

    I only never thought that her eyes would be this clear.  I thought that the eyes of assassins would be filled with cold arrogance.

    But she was different.

    When I gave her ten seconds, she calmly thought for a while in front of me.

    Finally she pursed her lips into a smile and said that she was my fan!

    I really wanted to laugh.  This kind of serious lie, she could actually say it without laughing!

    Alright!  What was funnier was myself!  Because I really loved the way she said this in my heart!

    Un, fan…...

    I really liked this!