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Chapter 160 - An Existence That Did Not Seem to Exis

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 160: An Existence That Did Not Seem to Exist

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    Jian Qi took their signalling devices and ran around.

    Her speed did not seem fast because it was during the day.

    Her movement speed was slower as well. Sometimes, she would appear at one place and then run off to another place after a while.

    Also, because it was during the day, numbers of elimination increased.

    Most of them were not able to get a good rest the whole night, the moment they tried to get some rest, they would be easily caught and eliminated.

    However, the elimination rate was much higher during the day compared to last night!

    Jian Qi had been moving around the entire day. Staying away from people was not a difficult thing for her.

    In fact, going solo was one thing she was the best at.

    Therefore, she was comfortable hiding around after she left.

    This was because she did not have to be worried about anyone else and she just had to ensure her own safety.

    When she used to be a part of the counter-terrorism act, she was placed in a spot where she did all her training alone because it was not usual to have a partner to go on a mission with.

    She had to complete her missions on her own without any backups!

    Hence, she always felt that comrades were just any other stranger sometimes.

    Instead of a counter-terrorism agent, she was more like a shadow.

    A person who lived under the shade of a shadow.

    An existence that did not seem to exist!

    She was never the one to complete any counter-terrorism mission in an open and blatant manner.

    Her job was to carry out assasination in the dark. Whatever deeds that those who appeared prim and proper would never do would end up in her hands!

    She did not have many fellows to work together with. Needless to say, it was hard to have a partner in this position!

    That was why comrades were just strangers to her.

    She only saved Lu Yao because it was convenient and she thought that he would make this task slightly more interesting.

    As for Mu Zi, she did not know it was her at first.

    In fact, she thought of parting ways with Lu Yao after saving their teammates. However, it did not occur to her that it would be Mu Zi.

    Not only that, her leg was injured.

    Mu Zi was nice to her when they were in school even when everyone hated her, she would always stand up for her.

    Jian Qi has always been the kind of person that would help others that had helped her before.

    That was why she decided to bring Mu Zi along.

    However, it was too risky if the three of them were to stay in one place. If the signalling devices were with her, she could guarantee that no one would take them from her!

    Mu Zi had Lu Yao to protect her. She believed that Lu Yao would give everything to ensure Mu Zi’s safety.

    He would never let her get hurt.

    As long as they are well hidden there, there would be no problem for the two of them.

    All she had to do was just to protect the signalling devices until the end of the assessment day!

    Jian Qi found a good sniper spot to hide herself after running in the woods for a while.

    She was not feeling very well after running for a long time. She needed to warm herself up.

    Jian Qi’s hiding spots were always easy to defend and hard to be attacked.

    After all, if there were many enemies and she could not fight back, she could just run.

    Everything was fine on Jian Qi’s side. Even though there was a slight problem on Lu Yao’s side, it was not a big deal.

    Time was passing by slowly, a whole day’s time seemed to be dragging on and on.

    Jian Qi once again found another spot to hide herself. She held onto a pair of binoculars and observed her surroundings. Her sight fell upon two men moving outside the range of two thousand metres away from her.

    They were fast and moving toward her.