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Chapter 154 - So Fat that she had Nothing to Lose

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 154: So Fat that she had Nothing to Lose

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    Once they were in the car, Black asked Qianmo, “Why didn’t you have a chat with them?”

    “I have grasped the basic situation, so I don’t need to talk to them. I’m afraid that if I hear those malicious beasts covered in human skin spouting inhumane words, I’ll not be able to stop myself from hitting them.”

    This family had ruined the once excellent Xia Fumeng. Furthermore, they showed no remorse and were going to continue to destroy her.

    “The psychiatrist Freud once said that people have two instincts: survival and death. The death instinct will drive the person to constantly attack and harm others and have the urge to destroy. For juvenile delinquency, the child’s “death instinct” is learned from their parents.”

    Qianmo explained to Black that the family’s cold-bloodedness explained how Xia Fumeng ended up poisoning someone.

    Black offered another point of view, “Is it possible that she has an antisocial personality disorder, a dangerous personality?”

    Qianmo could not commit herself to this opinion and said, “If she’s an adult, all her actions today are indeed enough to constitute a dangerous antisocial personality. However, as she’s a minor, it might not be accurate.

    “The personality of minors are not fully formed, so whether her indifference is caused by a congenital personality defect or an acquired personality defect brought about by her environment is still difficult to determine. But one thing’s for sure: her family is definitely to blame for the plight she is in today.”

    They were already at this stage, but her family still showed no signs of regret at all.

    “Juvenile delinquency is inevitably linked to two essential factors. The first being individual factors, such as curiosity, emulation, and peer pressure.”

    Before the character of the child took shape, their self-control would not be strong. Without proper guidance, they might be driven by curiosity to commit crimes. For example, if a child suggested robbing someone, even if the other children might not want to go, they might be curious. If they did not join in, they might be mocked by their peers for being a “coward”.

    As a result, the child might just give in to peer pressure and, henceforth, set foot on a path of no return.

    “The second one, is it the family factor?” Black continued.

    Qianmo was slightly surprised and glanced at him. “How do you know?”

    “There’s an elder in my family who is in this line, and I’m also very interested in it myself. So I picked up some knowledge.”

    In actuality, he had taken some books from his mother and read them.

    Ever since she chose criminal psychology, he had jumped into it and asked his mother to choose some good books related to this major for him. Without common topics of interest, how could they happily gaze at the stars and moon and walk hand in hand to the ends of the world?

    This had made his mother roast him badly, saying that she had raised her son for nothing. She was in this profession, but he had not shown much interest in it then. When his future wife started studying criminal psychology, he immediately followed suit. How shameless.

    Black retorted that it was fine as long as his father and mother had their own common language. In the world of love, there was no room for a third person!

    So, the mother scratched her nose and reflected on that, while his dad looked at him with a meaningful expression in his eyes as if to say, ‘Son, you’re sensible’.

    Sure enough, opportunities come to the prepared. Black’s secret preparation to court his wife came in handy today.

    Qianmo was frustrated at the moment and wanted to find someone to chat with. Since he understood this, there was no barrier to their communication.

    “It is the family factor. Brought up by grandparents, lacking in parental love, excessive spoiling, children at the receiving end of domestic violence… These are all triggering factors of juvenile delinquency. And this factor will overlap with the previously mentioned individual factor, that is to say—” Qianmo looked at Black.

    Studious and smart Black did not let her down.

    “Juvenile delinquency cannot be unrelated to parental neglect. Xia Fumeng’s biological family has all these key factors.”

    That was it.

    It was said that parents were the best teachers for their children, but they could also possibly be… the worst.

    The father in the Xia family was out doing business all year round, and the mother was cowardly and did not take charge of things. The child was brought up by her grandparents entirely. As she was the only daughter, she was pampered excessively and could get whatever she wanted. In addition, the values of the members of her biological family were problematic in itself; hence, it was unsurprising that she ended up in this situation today.

    It was late into the night, so Qianmo gave up the idea of ​​going to the police station to meet Xia Fumeng, letting Black send her home instead.

    Black led her back into the house through an uncommon route once again, leaping onto the second floor. On the other hand, he himself then relaxedly entered through the door.

    When the little aunt heard the doorbell ringing, her face instantly lit up in surprise. However, seeing that it was not Chen Baichuan, she sat back down in disappointment.

    “Little Yu, where did you go at this late hour?”

    “Went out to roam around,” Black replied indifferently and exchanged a glance with Qianmo, who was coming downstairs.

    Qianmo was also an outstanding actress. In order to collaborate with Black to trick Little Aunt, she put on an act and said, “It’s not safe for you to go out so late. See how obedient I am, staying upstairs and not going anywhere.”

    ‘Telling a lie that reveals the truth’, that was probably talking about a woman like her. Black did not expose her but instead asked gently, “Are you hungry?”

    Qianmo was actually famished. Touching her belly, she sat down next to her little aunt while saying, “I want to eat meat…”

    The little aunt had been waiting for Chen Baichuan till she became frustrated. She glared at Qianmo and said, “Eating meat so late at night, do you want to become as fat as me?”

    Her weight was already “so fat that she had nothing to lose”. This young and slim daughter at home better not follow suit.

    “Did you hear that? My aunt said that you have to make me a meaty supper that won’t make me fat! If you make something that makes me fat, that’s disrespecting my aunt!” Qianmo said shamelessly.

    Black nodded earnestly. “Got it, I will make you some crisp prawns with hot sauce. Prawns are rich in nutrients and have low fat content, so you won’t put on weight—Though I think you should gain some; you’re too thin.”

    A perfect answer!

    Not only did Qianmo feel great hearing that, but even her little aunt also brightened up.

    Qianmo was not satisfied with just that and added, “Make it spicy for me, and just one dish is too little.”

    “How about I add green salad? Together with a glass of fruit and vegetable juice, it’s just right for nighttime.” He had an excellent temper.

    “Are you feeding a camel? It’s all grass—Hey, Little Aunt, why are you hitting me?” Qianmo felt aggrieved.

    “Don’t bully Little Yu because he is honest and straightforward. If you make him angry and he runs away, where will you find such a good young man?” Mu Mianmian could no longer listen to her anymore.

    “Auntie, I won’t run away,” Black said before leaving a confused aunt and a proud Qianmo behind, obediently heading into the kitchen and closing the door to concentrate on preparing supper.

    Little Aunt massaged her temples. “Hah, such a good kid. Don’t bully him.”

    In her heart, Qianmo stuck out her tongue. Her little aunt definitely did not know that the “good kid” she talked about had asked her out to stargaze just now.

    “It would be nice if your dad could take care of the family like Little Yu. Look at the time now; he’s still not back…” Mu Mianmian stared at the clock on the wall in a daze.

    “Mo, what do you think has been happening these past few days? My heart keeps palpitating, and I feel like something bad is going to happen.”

    “…Could it be that you’re too fat, and your heart can’t take it anymore? You should lose weight.”