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Chapter 147 - Wild Imagination

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 147: Wild Imagination

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    “Alright, I took it, so what?” Zhang Xiqing snatched the photos back. “My cousin came to pick me up on the registration day. My family wanted to see how everything went, so they asked him to bring a camera to take pictures. On the way back, I saw you getting into a man’s car at the gate, so I took pictures of you!”

    “Miss Zhang, it’s amusing how your mind works. When I go out with a camera, I will take pictures of the flowers, the scenery, and the people I’m with, but I’ll never take pictures of some random strangers on the streets.” Jiang Yao smiled and asked, “Miss Zhang, do you know the man who spoke to me in the photo?”

    “Of course, not! Why would I befriend someone so disgusting!” Zhang Xiqing quickly disputed as she sensed that Jiang Yao was about to do something cunning.

    “If you don’t know him, why are you so certain that he is my sugar daddy? I thought you knew him since you were confident, perhaps even knowing the ladies whom the man is dating!” Jiang Yao smirked. She was waiting for Zhang Xiqing to say she didn’t know Zhou Weiqi. She figured that no matter how influential Zhang Xiqing was, she couldn’t possibly know Zhou Weiqi who stayed in Jindo all year round.

    “Oh yes, that sounds plausible. Miss Zhang, if you don’t know the man, how can you be so convinced that Miss Jiang Yao has that kind of relationship with the man in the photo?” the director of the Academic Affairs Office added, seeing how the scene twisted and unfolded beyond his anticipation. He deduced that the matter was not as Zhang Xiqing had accused as he saw how calm Jiang Yao was. “Although Jiang Yao can be seen getting into the man’s car in the photo, they behaved appropriately. Their actions do not seem to be intimate and over-friendly. Is this how you’ve verified their relationship?”

    In an instant, Jiang Yao realized that the director was taking her side.

    “Miss Zhang, your cousin came to pick you up on the registration day, so why can’t I have friends or relatives sending me here? If you don’t know the man who was with me, how did you come to the conclusion that I’m his sugar baby? How can you be so sure that your speculation is absolutely correct? Is it because of the value of the sports car? Or is this from your wild imagination?” Jiang Yao grinned. “For your information, there are a lot of fancy cars in the world, and this is not the most expensive one that I’ve ridden in!”

    The more boisterous Jiang Yao’s laugh was, the more afraid Zhang Xiqing became. She slowly felt that her action of accusing Jiang Yao based on the photos might be a little too reckless.

    “So what? Looks like you have a few sugar daddies, do you think it’s worth showing off?” Hu Yuan began to feel nervous as she watched Zhang Xiqing’s sudden change of expression. She was afraid that Zhang Xiqing would vent all of her frustration on her when this matter went haywire, so she quickly ridiculed Jiang Yao with all her might.

    “I have a sugar daddy simply because I got into a fancy car?” Jiang Yao huffed in amusement. “A taxi is worth about tens of thousands of dollars, isn’t it? Are you saying that the taxi driver is my sugar daddy every time I take a taxi? What about the bus? I bet the bus is more expensive than the taxi. I took the bus every day when I was in high school. Are you saying that the bus driver was my sugar daddy in high school? I came to Nanjiang City by train, are you saying that the train operator is my sugar daddy? Wow, that’s very impressive. If I take a flight home the next time, are you going to accuse me of being the pilot’s sugar baby? Or the airline’s sugar baby?”

    Laughter echoed across the campus as soon as Jiang Yao finished. Even the director laughed out loud and said, “Well, it seems that I was the bus driver’s sugar baby this morning.”