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Chapter 246.1 - Endearing Pet Name

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 246.1: Endearing Pet Name

    Chi Yue’s actions came so suddenly which caused the two other people to be surprised for a moment.

    Lou Jun Yao looked at the woman out of the corner of his eyes with an almost unnoticeable smile on his face, his voice calm. “You know who I am?”

    His voice was tinged with the same familiar danger.

    Qing Yu tugged at the man’s sleeve and whispered: “No need to be so tense. She’s on our side.”

    Lou Jun Yao lowered his head to look at Qing Yu, his eyes filled with distrust towards that woman.

    Upon seeing that, Chi Yue curved her lips up into a smile and said: “The Dark Lord must not remember me anymore as you were just a young youth back then, but that pair of violet irises you possess would be impossible for anyone to forget.”

    “Just who are you really?” Lou Jun Yao’s brows creased together. Hearing the woman’s words, it seemed like she really knew him from before.

    Chi Yue gave a soft laugh, the sound carrying a self mocking tinge. “Right, in today’s Bright Moon Temple, everyone probably only remembers the one person who stands above all but one, the Grand Priest Cang Jian. Who among the people now knows that back when our god was still here with us, the man Cang Jian….. was just a nobody that no one had ever heard of before.”

    [And she, had been one of the ten Grand Priests with an unlimited future ahead of her, but had now had all her cultivation destroyed, so weak and vulnerable, a useless good for nothing where even strong sunlight could destroy her.]

    It was as if memories of the past had flooded her heart in an overwhelming surge, which made Chi Yue suddenly feel so incredibly tired. She bent her back and bowed slowly before the two people, before she made herself fade away, disappearing from sight.

    “Her name is Chi Yue. She was once my mother’s most trusted attendants.” Qing Yu went on to explain.

    She had naturally believed Chi Yue’s words. It was probably because she had seen so much of people throughout her two different lives that enabled her to be able to better discern between hypocrisy and sincerity coming from a person.

    From the moment when the woman had first appeared outside that worn and broken palace, Qing Yu had seen the woman’s eyes that were dead as burnt ashes come to shine with a glimmer of hope, a kind of joy and thankfulness that could only possibly come from deep inside one’s heart.

    After hearing Qing Yu explain, Lou Jun Yao then slowly began to relax his guard a little. His eyes narrowed as he swung his gaze over to the spot where the woman had disappeared from, looking like he suddenly realized something. The expression on his face was a little surprised as he asked: “Her flesh body….. has already died?”

    Actually, from the moment that the woman appeared, he should have noticed that something was not right. But his wariness had diverted his attention away from it and it was only now that he realized.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu quickly went on to say: “I had wanted to ask you about this earlier. In situations where one has whittled away under the power of a curse, is there any chance of recovery at all?”