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Chapter 155 - So Many Grievances in her Heart, So Upsetting

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 155: So Many Grievances in her Heart, So Upsetting

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    Qianmo hugged her aunt’s shoulders. “With men, if they’re working, they won’t be able to spend time with their family. If they’re spending time with their family, they won’t be able to support their family. It’s not easy for them, either.”

    Black brought out the loving supper that would not make one fat. Thanks to Qianmo, Mu Mianmian also had something to eat. Just then, Chen Baichuan came back. His entire body smelled of alcohol, and his eyes were hazy.

    “Why aren’t y’all asleep? What are you eating that’s so fragrant…” Chen Baichuan staggered towards them, swaying from side to side. Qianmo and her little aunt looked at him.

    “You drank so much again!”

    “Hehe…” Chen Baichuan smiled in a mysterious and happy manner.

    But whether this surprise would become a shock, no one knew.

    At night, Mu Mianmian took care of the drunken Chen Baichuan. Qianmo sat in front of her computer and wrote down her analysis of the girl’s family today. This was only half of it. She would make up the other half when she met Xia Fumeng tomorrow.

    After finishing the document, she sent it to her mentor to prove her capabilities.

    However, Qianmo was also a little worried. She had only mentioned that she was a student at the police school without specifying her year. If her mentor investigated and found out that she was just a freshman, how should she explain herself then?

    Tell her mentor, ‘Mentor, I was your apprentice in my past life. All my skills were taught by you’? Her mentor would probably splash a basin of dog blood and kick her out.

    But if she did not show her capabilities, she would not be able to pass her mentor’s test, and her mentor would not teach her how to treat Black. In that case, won’t she have eaten all of Black’s delicious supper with nothing to offer in return? The spicy prawn tonight was yummy.

    With difficulty, Qianmo diverted her train of thoughts away from food. In order to save Black, she did not even care about playing her last card. If her mentor really asked her about it one day, she would say that she had learned it herself by reading her mentor’s books. There was no problem with that.

    Qianmo struck a pose in front of the mirror.

    Suddenly, she recalled something interesting. She remembered reading a ghost story that mentioned that if one held a fruit knife in front of the mirror at midnight, they would be able to see their future husband’s reflection…

    Coincidentally, there was a fruit tray on the table, so Qianmo conveniently grabbed the fruit knife by its handle and stared at the mirror. She kept looking and looking, but it felt like something was amiss, so she held two small buns in her hand.

    Holding the knife, she lamented to the mirror, “It’s a little small…”

    “I think it’s quite good.”

    Qianmo’s knife fell on the ground with a clank, almost stabbing her in the foot. She was almost scared to death!

    Qianmo roared inwardly.

    She rarely behaved so foolishly and was caught in the act to boot. Her goddess image had collapsed!

    Qianmo pulled the window open angrily. “It’s the middle of the night! Are you trying to be a rapist?”

    Black put the cup in his hand on the window sill. “Drink some hot milk before going to bed. It’ll help you fall asleep.”

    “I saw you didn’t draw your curtains, so I guessed you haven’t gone to bed. Rest early, and don’t draw your curtains too late at night. Good night.” Mr. Diligent then stepped into the moonlight and left, leaving a gloomy Qianmo behind him.

    “Forget what you just saw. If you dare to talk about it, I’ll kill you!”

    “Okay, I won’t say anything. I’ll just secretly think about it.”

    Before she could kick him, he leaped down. As his back was facing her, she could not see how unbridledly he was laughing at that moment.

    It turned out that she was such fun in private. Black would remember this for his whole life.

    Qianmo grabbed her phone. She pondered over what message to send to threaten him to keep his mouth shut while sipping the good-night milk that he had brought to her.

    The cup was opaque, so she did not immediately realize it. This delicious and smooth taste should be a combination of a fresh avocado with pudding and milk. It was really fragrant… Fine, taking into account that he was a successful “breeder”, Qianmo decided not to threaten him.

    Capturing Qianmo’s stomach was equivalent to capturing her. No one knew this better than Black.

    The socializing app at the bottom right of her computer screen popped up at this moment. It was from Black… An elderly emoticon with a flashing heart coupled with the words’ good night’.

    The corners of Qianmo’s mouth twitched. She photoshopped a knife on the heart and sent it to him in reply.

    Then, one person giggled at the computer, while another laughed while holding the phone.

    In the bedroom downstairs, the little aunt was not so lucky. Chen Baichuan was retching, his vomit gushing out. She was bustling around to take care of him. After puking, Chen Baichuan became more sober. Leaning against the bedhead, he mumbled, “Wife, bring me a glass of water. A wife who doesn’t pour water for you is not a good wife…”

    Mu Mianmian gave him the cold-shoulder and asked, “What were you doing tonight? Little Yu is staying with us. You staying out all night is setting a bad example for the youngsters.”

    Even though she was angry, she still poured him a glass of water at just the right temperature. Chen Baichuan gulped it down and sprawled out on his back across the bed, a satisfied smile on his face.

    “Hehe, I was out discussing something big. My wife, my fat wife, you just wait to be delighted…” Before he finished talking, he started snoring.

    Mu Mianmian took off his shoes and socks. Even though she grumbled, her actions were very gentle.

    “What should I be delighted about? If you drink less, I will be burning incense in thanks. Already so old, yet still drinking so much. You’re going to drink your way to an alcoholic liver sooner or later—Argh, these feet, the smell…”

    Disgustedly pinching the socks, she threw them into the bathroom and washed them. When she returned, she saw that the phone was ringing.

    “Who is this, sending a picture to me this late at night…” The Internet was a bit slow. Mu Mianmian opened the socializing app, and the image slowly loaded.

    When they became clear, Little Aunt’s heart turned cold, and her phone clattered to the ground.

    Little Aunt was so furious, she wanted to shake Chen Baichuan awake and question him.

    But Chen Baichuan was already snoring thunderously by this time, and she could not wake him up at all. She wanted to settle the matter but felt that as Black was in their house, it was inappropriate to have him hear their fight.

    So many grievances in her heart, so upsetting, but no one to talk to…

    Mu Mianmian rummaged through the cabinets and drawers and found the passbook. Looking at the number, she sneered.

    She would spend all the money that was in the passbook tomorrow. She was going to take revenge on this cruel society and, more importantly, on this shameless and wild womanizer, Chen Baichuan!

    The screen of the mobile phone on the ground was facing up, and the loaded picture clearly showed Chen Baichuan walking side by side with a woman with a hot body. Their background was the largest hotel in the city.

    Mu Mianmian’s heart felt like it was on fire at the moment, and she had nowhere to vent. Looking at the snoring man, she was fuming mad. Clutching the passbook, her tears pitter-pattered down.

    The blissfulness of working hard together seemed like it was just yesterday. Why was it that as their lives got better and better, the man got wilder and wilder? This would not do. If she did not spend all his money, wouldn’t she seem like she could be easily bullied?