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Chapter 221 - Jun Yichen’s Cultivation Path

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 221: Jun Yichen’s Cultivation Path

    “Let’s exchange for 100 bottles of Spiritual Beast Pills, then,” Jun Yichen demanded with an aggressive wave of his hand, his intentions blatantly obvious.

    He and Luo Tian were the only two Blood-clad Miao tribe members left.

    Luo Tian had already been sold into Ye Jiuge’s service, and the treasure map was useless to him. He might as well give it to Ye Jiuge.

    When she went searching for the treasure with his and Luo Tian’s help, they could trade for even more Spiritual Beast Pills with the treasures they found.

    In a nutshell, for them, Spiritual Beast Pills were the greatest reward.

    “It’s too troublesome. How about I give you the recipe for the Spiritual Beast Pill, and you can produce them to your heart’s content?” Ye Jiuge had already lost her patience after being hounded daily by Jun Yichen for Spiritual Beast Pills. It would save her a lot of trouble if she just handed over the recipe.

    “I have no interest in producing pills,” Jun Yichen rejected with a shake of his head. He had his eyes locked on Ye Jiuge’s ability.

    “Fine! A hundred bottles, then! But I have no time for pill production now. I’ll give you ten bottles first. The rest will have to wait until 15 days later.” Ye Jiuge shrugged in defeat.

    “There are also the ones you owe us from the sale of the Legendary Venomous Insects. Don’t forget,” Jun Yichen added seriously.

    “Even if I did want to forget, you would never give me a chance to!” Ye Jiuge was very upset.

    “Cough! Cough!”

    At that moment, Luo Tian suddenly covered his mouth and coughed a few times. Then, he made an offhanded remark: “If it is convenient for Eldest Miss, maybe you’d like to give me my monthly allotment of Spiritual Beast Pills at the same time?”

    The monthly one-bottle benefit could not be forgotten or scrapped!

    “Eldest Miss, what about my monthly remuneration? Can I change to Spiritual Beast Pills as well? Or, perhaps, I can buy them from you?” Ye Yu looked at Ye Jiuge carefully.

    Recently, he had received a lot of squeaking complaints from Black Dictator, griping about how Xiao Hong worked for its Master and was fed Spiritual Beast Pills for every meal. But it was only fed poison while working for him. He felt like it was about to go on strike soon.

    “Fine, alright, okay! You’ll all get them!” Ye Jiuge felt like she must have owed them a lot in her past life.

    “Thank you, Eldest Miss,” Luo Tian flashed her a reserved smile.

    “Don’t say your thanks too early.” Ye Jiuge glared at Luo Tian then turned to Jun Yichen and said, “If you want the Spiritual Beast Pills from me, you will have to help me with something first.”

    “What?” Jun Yichen looked at Ye Jiuge warily, then added, “You can forget it if it’s too difficult.”

    “It’s not difficult. There’s still a bit of king poison left from the Ice Snow Spider in the new Crown Prince’s body. I would like you to dissolve it.” Ye Jiuge felt that this request was not a tall order.

    Without her help last time, Jun Yichen would not have been able to obtain the drop of the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood essence.

    He would probably accept such a small request.

    “Piece of cake! I will go tonight.” Jun Yichen slapped his chest confidently.

    Ye Jiuge was taken aback. The way Jun Yichen was acting today was a little weird.

    In the past, Jun Yichen did not show much expression on his face. Today, the wealth of emotions that he was displaying was honestly freaking her out. Happiness, anger, sadness, and joy—it was all written on his face.

    “You’ve noticed that I’ve changed!” Jun Yichen laughed at Ye Jiuge. The row of sparkling white teeth that greeted Ye Jiuge was terribly shocking.

    “Can it be that you are possessed by something dirty?” Ye Jiuge looked at him in suspicion.

    “Curses! You are the one who is possessed!”

    Jun Yichen glared at Ye Jiuge with dissatisfaction, and then he continued gloating, “After I absorbed the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood essence, my cultivation improved by leaps and bounds. Now my soul is finally intact; this is how my real self is supposed to be.”

    His attitude was hard to accept and like!

    Ye Jiuge tossed Luo Tian a glance.

    She felt that the cause of Jun Yichen’s changed attitude wasn’t so simple as he’d described. Luo Tian evaded Ye Jiuge’s eyes and remained silent.

    Although he had been sold into Ye Jiuge’s service, he still kept quiet about Little Master’s secret.

    Seeing their exchange, Ye Jiuge did not force the issue. She started on another topic. “Since we have decided to go to Bloodcloud Peak to deal with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, we should start making plans now.

    “I will oversee the Medicinal Pills we need. You guys will oversee gathering information about the Bloodcloud Peak and any movements within the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance.”

    Ye Jiuge finished, then turned to Luo Tian. “Both of you should be familiar with Bloodcloud Peak. Is there anything that we need to be careful of?”

    “It has been three years since we left Bloodcloud Peak. Over the past three years, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch has never stopped expanding. We have to investigate the changes that we made,” Luo Tian said prudently.

    “Then investigate as you make preparations!” Ye Jiuge was not too worried.

    After facing Sorcerers like Liu Yunfei head-on, they had a bit of confidence and expectations about what they would be facing.

    For now, the Legendary Venomous Insects were the greatest weapon they had against the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    As she thought about it, Ye Jiuge turned to Jun Yichen. “You should cultivate more Legendary Venomous Insects during this period, just in case we need them.”

    “Did you think the Legendary Venomous Insects are cabbages? They are not easy to cultivate, and you need resources to do so.” Jun Yichen’s eyes shifted around. He wanted to take the opportunity to request more Spiritual Beast Pills, but Ye Jiuge squashed his ambitions. “If you don’t want to cultivate the parasites, that’s fine. But you will have to take revenge yourself!”

    The request for more Spiritual Beast Pills that had already reached the tip of Jun Yichen’s tongue was swallowed back in. He glared daggers at Ye Jiuge.

    Luo Tian quickly played the mediator. “Rest assured, Eldest Miss. Little Master is aware of the situation. He has been cultivating Legendary Venomous Insects all this while. He even harvested a batch recently.”

    “That’s good.” Ye Jiuge did have some trust in Luo Tian.

    Seeing that the hour was late, Ye Jiuge rose from her seat. “If there is nothing else, we will leave it at that! Dismissed!”

    “I will take my leave now.” Ye Yu rushed off to gather information about the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance.

    Luo Tian and Jun Yichen left shortly after. They had an even more critical role. Cultivating Legendary Venomous Insects was not an easy task.

    After Ye Jiuge sent them off, she came to the Pill Production Room to start producing pills.

    She had just gotten the herbs for the Spiritual Beast Pills out when Zi Shang suddenly spoke up: “Something’s up with the brat, Jun Yichen.”

    “What’s the problem?” Ye Jiuge stopped moving and looked up at Zi Shang.

    “The parasite witchcraft that Jun Yichen practices and cultivates is very dangerous. First, the person has to leave a fragment of his soul with his Life’s Origin Parasite. When the Life’s Origin Parasite cultivates a humanoid form, there is a breaking-in period.

    “His cultivation did indeed improve by leaps and bounds after absorbing the blood essence of the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. But something happened during the breaking-in period. Didn’t you notice how he was too lively?” Zi Shang asked.

    “Now that you say it, it does seem like that was the case.” Ye Jiuge thought that Jun Yichen’s childlike behavior had just been breaking loose. The thought that his cultivation had become unstable had never once crossed her mind. She grew nervous. “What should we do?”

    Jun Yichen was their secret weapon against the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. It would be troubling if something happened to him.

    “It’s his cultivation. It’s all up to him,” Zi Shang replied carelessly.

    A word of advice was already extremely benevolent of him.

    As for helping—he wasn’t that kindhearted.

    “He’s still so young, so how could he have gotten past this obstacle on his own?” Ye Jiuge frowned with worry.

    Despite how he made himself look mature, Jun Yichen was still only 11 years old. Ye Jiuge did not think that he could handle the situation alone.

    “Don’t talk dirty,” Zi Shang chided seriously.

    “Stop it! What kind of relationship are we having now that you can still make these kinds of unwelcome jokes?” Talking dirty? She felt like blasting dirty cannons!