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Chapter 222 - The Amazing Cherry Pill

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 222: The Amazing Cherry Pill

    Seeing that Ye Jiuge was about to flip out, Zi Shang wisely switched subjects. “If you are intent on helping him, why don’t you try producing the Spiritual Beast Pills with the White Bone Flame?”

    “Are you out of your mind? The White Bone Flame is a spectral flame that can only produce yin pills. I do not want the Legendary Venomous Insects to end up as spectral parasites.” Ye Jiuge thought that Zi Shang was trying to be funny.

    “The Legendary Venomous Insects are not spiritual beasts. Who knows? They might find the yin pills to be even better. Your Green Bronze Cauldron is special, and it can accept all heavenly and earthly energy. Perhaps you might be able to produce some unknown special pill. Why don’t you give it a try?” Zi Shang did not look like he was joking.

    Ye Jiuge thought about it for a moment. What Zi Shang had said made sense.

    Parasite witchcraft was an unearthly witchcraft to begin with. Perhaps, the yin pill might be more suitable.

    First, she would try her hand at producing the pills!

    As an Alchemist, Ye Jiuge did not lack in experimental spirit; she did not shy from trying new things.

    Besides using White Bone Flame, Ye Jiuge was also thinking about tweaking the recipe for the Spiritual Beast Pills.

    Previously, although the Spiritual Beast Pill contained pretty good Spiritual Power, it was very bitter. It was like eating poison.

    Once, Ye Jiuge had tried eating it. But the gagging taste was so off-putting that it had significantly reduced the effects of absorbing the pill.

    She had always wanted to change the pill’s taste and had done considerable research. Now, she had an idea of what to do, so she was going to take today’s opportunity to try tweaking the recipe.

    Ye Jiuge was planning to add two ingredients to the original recipe—Crimson Red Fruit and Orange Daylily.

    The Crimson Red Fruit, when its essence has been extracted, tasted very fragrant and sweet. It was well-loved by children.

    When she was producing the Vitality Strengthening Pill for Ye Ruyi, she had added some Crimson Red Fruit, and the result had tasted pretty good. Ye Ruyi had eaten the pills with relish.

    Later, she’d found out by chance that mixing a small amount of Orange Daylily into the Crimson Red Fruit could enhance the taste and make it sweeter and more fragrant.

    Ye Jiuge took out the Green Bronze Cauldron.

    Ever since the Black Fat Rat had gone into hibernation, the Green Bronze Cauldron had changed a lot. After channeling a bit of Spiritual Energy into it, the cauldron enlarged until its height reached an adult’s waist.

    Not only could it contain more Medicinal herbs, but its pill production speed was also increased. The probability of successful pills was also increased.

    In the past, the cauldron could only produce 20 Spiritual Beast Pills at a time. Now, 200 pills could be created in one go.

    Because she had this mythical tool, she’d agreed to Jun Yichen’s request. Otherwise, producing so many Spiritual Beast Pills would have run her ragged.

    Ye Jiuge placed the ingredients needed for the Spiritual Beast Pills into the Green Bronze Cauldron then summoned White Bone Flame and started her production.

    The bean-sized White Bone Flame appeared insignificant and small beneath the large body of the Green Bronze Cauldron. But its force was very strong.

    The medicinal herbs in the Green Bronze Cauldron quickly melted, turning into a lump of black liquid.

    Seeing it was almost the time for the next step, Ye Jiuge threw in the Crimson Red Fruit and Orange Daylily, using a one-to-five ratio.

    The Crimson Red Fruit and Orange Daylily melted into a deep red fluid, mixing perfectly with the Spiritual Beast Pill liquid. Finally, it formed into small Medicinal Pills the size of red beans.

    Ye Jiuge called upon a specific skill with a flick of her finger and uncovered the cauldron. Then, a pleasant and comforting scent drifted up to her nose.

    The cauldron’s green interior was filled with countless small pills in a delicate, pretty color as alluring as cherries.

    “Why does this pill look like candy?” Zi Shang raised his eyebrow.

    “That was my intention,” Ye Jiuge replied. She popped one into her mouth and started chewing.

    She found that the pills contained a Spiritual Power that was more concentrated than the ordinary Spiritual Beast Pill, and there was no hint of any spectral yin spiritual power.

    “How did this happen?” Ye Jiuge exclaimed in shock.

    Was the Green Bronze Cauldron was so brilliant that it could transform Spectral Force into Spiritual Energy?

    “Nature exists in balance. Spectral Force is one of the heavenly and earthly energies. When you use the White Bone Flame to produce pills, it can trigger the Spiritual Energy concentrated in Medicinal herbs.”

    Zi Shang rested his head on top of Ye Jiuge’s and trained his eyes on the cauldron filled with Spiritual Beast Pills. He suddenly started drooling.

    “It sounds reasonable.” Ye Jiuge nodded contemplatively.

    She pinched another pill between her fingers, wanting to have another taste, but it was snatched away by Zi Shang and disappeared into his mouth.

    “If you want to eat, can’t you just help yourself?” Ye Jiuge condemned Zi Shang’s bad habit of snatching food from her hands.

    “Food is tastier when it is snatched. Do you want to have a try?” Zi Shang held a pill in his mouth and pressed his face closer to Ye Jiuge’s.

    “Disgusting,” Ye Jiuge pushed Zi Shang’s head away. She did not want to drink the demon’s saliva.

    But Zi Shang locked his hand behind Ye Jiuge’s neck, forcing his mouth on her, and pushing the pill that was in his mouth into hers. Then, he started kissing her deeply.

    It was a very, very sweet kiss.

    Especially once the Spiritual Beast Pill dissolved, the concentrated Spiritual Energy from the pill permeated from her mouth to her throat and stomach. It was warm and comforting.

    Her whole body relaxed, her mood became peaceful, calm, and satisfied. There was even a hint of reluctance to stop the kiss.

    Finally, it was Zi Shang who broke away.

    He did not tease Ye Jiuge like he usually would. Instead, he turned to the cauldron of pills and boldly declared, “This cauldron of pills belongs to me!”

    With that, he flicked his sleeve at the cauldron.

    The 200 Spiritual Beast Pills lying within the cauldron flew in a neat line into his sleeve and disappeared.

    “You just declared ownership and stole the pills. Did you ask for my permission?” Ye Jiuge objected.

    She would never admit that she was pissed at Zi Shang for kissing her then forgetting about it the next second.

    “Do you need another reminder from me about who you belong to?” Zi Shang blinked, his seductive eyes whispering, ‘If you do not understand, I will be happy to remind you.’

    “No thanks!” Ye Jiuge glared at Zi Shang.

    She clearly understood that she had been sold to Zi Shang a long time ago.

    “The pill wasn’t too bad. Its name sounded horrible.”

    Zi Shang threw a pill into his mouth, making his dissatisfaction known. “Calling it ‘Spiritual Beast Pill’ is too insulting for my demonic sensibilities. At least change it to ‘Unparalleled Pill’ or ‘Domineering Pill,’ or something of that sort.”

    “Dream on. I am hoping to earn money from this pill.” Ye Jiuge would not adopt such a lame name.

    More importantly, ‘Heavenly Spiritual Pill’ and ‘Domineering Pill’ did not match the medicine’s characteristics!

    “Then, let’s call it ‘Heavenly Dragon Pill,'” Zi Shang decided.

    “Heavenly Dragon, your head!” Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes at Zi Shang. She thought for a moment, then said, “Let’s call it ‘Cherry Pill,’ instead!”

    The pill looked like a small cherry, so the name ‘Cherry Pill’ was quite fitting.

    After she’d tried one just now, she’d realized that the pill had the same Spiritual Energy replenishing effect on humans too. They should not limit it to beasts.

    “Alright!” Zi Shang agreed reluctantly. Then he popped another in his mouth, relishing in the taste.

    Ye Jiuge couldn’t help but stare. She had never imagined Zi Shang to be a demon who loved sweets.

    Who knew? She could bank this knowledge to threaten and entice him into doing her bidding.

    While Ye Jiuge was secretly planning, her hands did not stop moving. Soon, she had produced another cauldron of Spiritual Beast Pills.

    This time, she did not wait for Zi Shang to steal them. She quickly stashed the Spiritual Beast Pills and started researching the new pill’s characteristics.

    After eating the first pill, she’d felt that it contained nothing but Spiritual Energy.

    The second pill had been disrupted by Zi Shang. The feeling of ecstasy was too prominent.

    With the third, Ye Jiuge finally found something novel about this new pill—it could calm the mind.