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Chapter 225 - The Reward: Ye Yunzhi

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 225: The Reward: Ye Yunzhi

    If the Bloodthirsty Patriarch didn’t have to worry about whether killing Su Junqing would affect the disciples’ morale, he would have killed him for use in his cultivation.

    But this was a crucial time, and they had to fend off the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s attacks. Besides keeping that brat appeased, he’d also had to reward him so that the rest of his subordinates knew that they too would be rewarded if they performed well.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had an idea. Rising from his position in the Blood Pond, he called for Shou Hou.

    “What are your instructions, Patriarch?” Shou Hou bowed and asked eagerly.

    “Su Junqing has performed well this time. Bring out Blood Slave 13 and gift it to him.” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch took out a red flower imprint and threw it in Shou Hou’s direction.

    Shou Hou’s heart skipped a beat as he received the flower imprint. Blood Slave 13 was Ye Yunzhi!

    Years before, to suck up to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, Su Junqing had offered Ye Yunzhi as a gift.

    Now, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was regifting Ye Yunzhi to Su Junqing. What did it mean?

    “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch looked at the silent Shou Hou. His voice carried a trace of suspicion.

    Shou Hou immediately snapped out of his daze and replied, “Your Subordinate couldn’t remember who Blood Slave 13 was.”

    “It’s the one with a red mole on her forehead.” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch remembered clearly who Blood Slave 13 was.

    “Oh! That one!” Shou Hou’s face showed an expression of epiphany. Then a vulgar yet regretful smile came upon his face. “My fellow brothers thought that Blood Slave 13 would end up in the Blood Brothel. They are going to be so disappointed.”

    “What’s there to be disappointed about? Relay my message. When the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance attacks are fended off, my Blood Slaves will be available for their enjoyment,” the Bloodthirsty Patriarch generously offered.

    “Thank you for your generosity, Patriarch.” Shou Hou was over the moon, and he started sucking up to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch again. “Patriarch is wise and almighty. With you here, we will be able to defeat the useless Spiritual Practitioner Alliance for sure. And this victory will provide the Bloodthirsty Sect with even more blood materials for his cultivation.”

    “Enough with your sucking up. Get lost and go back to work!” the Bloodthirsty Patriarch waved his hands at Shou Hou impatiently.

    “Yes, yes, yes, sir!” Shou Hou bowed and retreated in a hurry.

    He did not dare dally and headed directly to the Hundred Flower Palace with the imprint.

    Ye Yunzhi had been secretly cultivating. When she heard that Shou Hou was looking for her, her heart skipped a beat.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch should have been cultivating during this time, so, usually, no blood slaves would be summoned. Could it be something terrible had happened?

    Her heart felt heavy, and her expression revealed some of that heaviness.

    The moment she saw Shou Hou, she asked nervously, “Brother Shou Hou, did something happen?”

    “The Patriarch wants to gift you to Su Junqing,” Shou Hou replied in a muted tone.

    “To whom?” Ye Yunzhi thought that she had misheard.

    “Su Junqing,” Shou Hou repeated, stressing the name slowly.

    “Why is he here?” A cold chill enveloped her body. It made her blood run cold.

    At the same time, her heart lit with an intense fire. It was so strong that she had to breathe slowly to prevent herself from dying of suffocation.

    Shou Hou was aware of the sour relations between Ye Yunzhi and Su Junqing. He could fully understand her pain. So, he decided to inform her of how Su Junqing had brought his grandfather to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch to seek meritorious gains.

    “He did not even spare his grandfather. Su Junqing is crazy ruthless,” Shou Hou sighed.

    Although he wasn’t a good man and had also harmed many people, even he wouldn’t hurt his own family. He would also do his best to protect the people he wanted to protect.

    Not Su Junqing. Besides himself, he thought nothing of sacrificing others. That was terrifying!

    “Su Junqing,” Ye Yunzhi muttered under her breath. She uttered the name as if she wanted to crush it to shreds and swallow it with his blood.

    “Don’t do anything rash.” Shou Hou was very worried that Ye Yunzhi make a wrong move by acting rashly.

    “In my predicament, what right do I have to act rashly?” Ye Yunzhi laughed in distress, looking exceedingly sorrowful.

    “You do not have to be too worried. You are the Patriarch’s gift. Su Junqing will not dare kill you,” Shou Hou told her gently.

    “I would rather he did kill me.” Ye Yunzhi sounded distressed, and tears flowed down her fair, flawless cheeks.

    There was sincerity in those tears. Even more importantly, it was there for Shou Hou to see.

    As expected, Shou Hou’s heart wrenched at this sight. He rushed to console Ye Yunzhi, “I know that you feel wretched inside, but don’t worry, Su Junqing will not be alive for long. After the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s attacks are fended off, the Patriarch will not spare him. Of this, I’m sure!”

    Shou Hou had been serving by the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s side for many years. He was very in tune with the Patriarch’s moods, so he knew that the Patriarch would not accept Su Junqing’s failure.

    “Hopefully, I’ll still be alive then!” Ye Yunzhi wiped away her tears. She took out something from her pouch and handed it to Shou Hou. “Brother Shou Hou, thank you for looking after me all this time. I have nothing to offer you, but please accept this token as a remembrance!”

    Shou Hou took the item and glanced down at it. It was a small wood carving of a vivid and realistic monkey.

    “I will rescue you.” Shou Hou grasped the wooden monkey tightly, as if swearing an oath to Ye Yunzhi.

    Ye Yunzhi only laughed in reply. Her face displayed helplessness and gratitude plain for Shou Hou to see.

    “Let’s go!” Shou Hou squashed the surge of emotions in his heart, then turned in the direction of Su Junqing’s cave-dwelling.

    Ye Yunzhi followed him silently. They soon arrived at a somewhat worn out cave-dwelling and knocked on the wooden door.

    “Who is it?” Su Junqing’s voice rang out.

    “Brother Su, it’s me. Shou Hou!” Shou Hou’s voice sounded normal—his tone was not off in the slightest.

    Su Junqing quickly opened the door and invited him in warmly. “Brother Shou Hou! What can I do for you?”

    As he spoke, he glanced behind Shou Hou. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a slim Blood Slave. Her head was down, and her long, black hair covered both sides of her face. It was hard to see her features.

    “Blood Slave 13 has been gifted to you by the Patriarch.” Shou Hou took out the red imprint that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had given him. He pretended to sound envious. “You little brat! You are now his favorite. Don’t forget to give me a hand when you’re accomplished!”

    “What is Brother Shou Hou saying? Little Brother has to rely on you more in future,” Su Junqing replied humbly in haste.

    “Alright. Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Store this imprint well. Place a drop of blood on it, stamp it on the blood slave’s body, and she’ll be yours. This is the Patriarch’s personal gift. so you better enjoy it well!” Shou Hou clamped down the pain in his heart and presented a happy and envious image. He handed over the imprint to Su Junqing, continued praising him for a bit, then bid him farewell.

    “Take care, Brother Shou Hou.” After Su Junqing sent off Shou Hou, he held the blood imprint in his hand and looked toward the blood slave that the Patriarch had given him.

    Although the blood slave’s head was down, her figure wasn’t too bad. Her blood and flesh looked plump, so she should not have been harvested for too long.

    Su Junqing knew that the Patriarch kept blood slaves for their blood only. He never copulated with them, so this blood slave’s body should be quite clean.

    “Raise your head and let me look at you.” Su Junqing’s voice was as gentle as if he were speaking to his lover.