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Chapter 512 - Power user military commander Du Jiu Sheng’s side story (Part 2)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 512: Power user military commander Du Jiu Sheng’s side story (Part 2)

    Me bringing her home was a very…..decisive thing to do!

    This was because I wanted to know if I could become that kind of person Murong Xi described.

    As expected, it seemed to be like this!

    I liked keeping her by my side, following behind me as a fan as she described it.

    It wasn’t as the shadow organization’s number one agent, but she seemed to be quite interested in dangerous things.

    Sniping and defusing bombs, each one covered in me in cold sweat as I stood behind her.

    In the end, I decided that I would use my power to protect her…..

    After all, I began to feel fear…...

    I was filled with disdain for this Luo Zi Jun because I had researched her before.

    She had once taken seven bullets for this little sister.

    And this so-called little sister wanted her to die.

    This ambitious person broke into my manor, she really didn’t want to keep living.

    No, I didn’t plan on letting her leave alive.

    But it was a pity that Zuo Yu Chen came in the middle and saved her.

    Then I thought that Luo Zi Jun had died that night, perhaps we wouldn’t have reached that state of desperation later.

    I always knew that Murong Xi and I would fight until both sides were wounded.

    I wouldn’t lose, but I couldn’t kill him.

    But others could kill me, like Zuo Yu Chen or Luo Zi Jun…...

    When facing Zuo Yu Chen, she used a self harm method to force the other side to reveal their flaws and quickly end the battle.

    But we were still lacking in the end. When I watched her falling into my arms, I suddenly knew why my senior brother had Zhi Qing as his heart demon.

    This was because I felt I would have the same soon.

    In front of the Life Continuation Pool, I knew that I had to use the Destiny Life Map to let her leave safely.

    Because even if my willpower was firm, without muscles and blood vessels, it was impossible for me to carry her out of the Life Continuation Pool.

    I had to rely on the power of the Destiny Life Map to let her leave this place.

    At that moment, my heart was very calm.

    I knew why Murong Xi had been so desperate before, it was because he didn’t even have a chance to save Zhi Qing.

    If I was him, perhaps I would have done the same thing.

    But it was a good thing that I still had a chance.

    She was very light, like I could easily carry her on my back. I could feel her shallow breathing as she leaned on my neck.

    So warm, so comforting…..

    This feeling made me forget the pain in my feet and I just felt that it was good carrying her like this…..

    If there was an afterlife and if I was still Du Jiu Sheng, could I have a chance to love her again…..

    Because in this life, I didn’t have a chance to be with her before I had to say goodbye.

    When I carried her out of the Life Continuation Pool, I let out a long sigh deep down.

    It seemed like I had become old, I wasn’t that handsome and I had become ugly.

    I suddenly didn’t want her to see me like this, but I already didn’t have any strength….

    She used all her might to hug me as she cried. The warm tears fell onto my face drop by drop, feeling so hot.

    I didn’t want to see her like this because I felt like I had hurt her. I wanted to hold her in my embrace, but I couldn’t do it…..

    Softly closing my eyes, the short days we spent together appeared in front of my eyes.

    Although it was very short, it filled the blanks in my life I had about love.

    Thank you before walking this path with me, I’m sorry I’m selfishly throwing you away…...

    In the past, the trees were in full bloom.

    But now the trees were dead.

    Whether it was the past life or this life.

    This should be the final ending between me and her…..