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Chapter 513 - Little theater side story

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 513: Little theater side story

    In the Chaos Space, the bronze was smokey and was somewhat different today.

    [Hello, master!]  The system said in a respectful voice without any of the fun from before.

    “Un.”  He softly replied in a cool voice.

    [Master, please don’t be sad!]

    “Un.”  He replied with the same cool voice!

    [Does master want to participate in the ten question session?]  The system was a bit crazy, but it was also very afraid!

    “Ask!”  He said with a soft laugh, “What am I afraid of?”

    [Yes!  You will destroy the system!]  The system honestly replied!

    “I won’t for now!”

    [Then let’s give the warmest, warmest applause to welcome the tenth world’s Du Jiu Sheng!  The ten question session will begin now!]

    [“First question: What did you feel when you first saw the host!”]

    “Looks good and not a bad figure.”

    [“That is natural!  This high stat panel was all because of the system!”]

    “Stop boasting…..”

    [“Alright, master!”]

    [“Second question: Why did you like her?”]

    “Love at first sight, losing my heart at second sight, and love and death at third sight!”

    [Ke, ke, is there a need to be so romantic?  The host can’t hear this.”]  The system made a face with its non-existent face.

    [“Third question: Did you understand what your senior brother felt afterwards?”]

    “I did, but I couldn’t accept it.  I was different from him, he did whatever he wanted for his goal, but I couldn’t kill my master for what I wanted.”

    [“Fourth question: Why didn’t you tell her the use of the Destiny Life Map?”]

    “There was no meaning.  If she knew, I wouldn’t have been able to save her.”

    [“Fifth question: What was the most shocking thing she did?”]

    “At the Magpie Bridge during the Qixi Festival.  She asked me if I was willing to die with her.  My heart was stunned in that moment, I was more nervous than any other time.”

    [“Ah!  The system also feels the host was quite handsome!  But….the system couldn’t appear!”]

    [“Sixth question: Who do you hate the most in this world?”]

    “Luo Zi Jun.  I felt pain for her since she did all those things for her sister, but not a single one was worth it.  I’m not willing to share her love, no one is worthy of her.”

    [“Ze, ze, ze, so handsome!  There is the feeling of an overbearing director!”]


    [“Seventh question: Why did you reject Zhi Qing so decisively back then?  This system feels that no one can reject a girl this decisively.”]

    “Because I never believed that love existed in this world.  I always felt that this thing was fleeting, it didn’t give the same sense of security as powers.”  He continued with a smile of self ridicule, “But it turns out I was wrong.”

    [“Eighth question: When did you think that she was the cutest?”]

    “When the glass shattered and she opened her eyes as she happily drank the orange juice…..”

    [The system doesn’t understand master’s thoughts!”]

    “Un humph?”

    [“The system’s meaning is that the system’s brain is too lacking compared to master’s!”]


    [“Ninth question: In front of the Life Continuation Pool, were you afraid?”]

    “Yes.”  He almost blurted it out, “I was afraid that the Destiny Life Map’s power wasn’t enough for me to carry her through the Life Continuation Pool, I was afraid I couldn’t save her……”

    [“During small theaters, the system never needs to eat anything!”]

    [“Tenth question: Say something to the host!  This is her first time experiencing this kind of world, not growing old together…..”]

    “Wait for me, see you in the twentieth world!”

    [Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 10/100]