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Chapter 11

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 11: The Vixen's Daughter

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    When she heard Jiang Shuwan busy shouting abuse, Zhong Qianqian felt even more indignant and promptly began crying even more profusely.

    "Shut your mouth! What is there to be complaining about?" Zhong Kuijun was feeling frustrated at her and finally snapped.

    Right now, Jiang Shuwan was behaving like a cat that had its tail stepped on. She was in full attack mode.

    "Oh, what's wrong? Are you unhappy because I mentioned your old lover? Are you feeling heartache for her? In that case, I should say something! She is a vixen who is only good at seducing another woman's husband! Any daughter she has is a good for nothing! They're all cheap whores who seduce other women's husband! Cheap whores! Lousy women!"

    1Zhong Kuijun was agitated by her.

    "No matter how lousy she is, you will still need to take it in your stride! If you had the courage to do something like what you did in the very beginning, then you should accept whatever responsibility that comes from the outcome. Even if it turns out to be a pile of shit, you will still need to smile and finish eating elegantly. No matter what, Nuannuan is still my biological daughter. You better watch yourself."

    1Zhong Kuijun then turned to Zhong Qianqian to warn her. "And you! You simply did not have enough in you to attract him. There's no one else to blame for that. He's submitted the marriage report which has been approved by our superiors, so he is now your brother-in-law. All you're doing is embarrassing me. Continue this and I will send you abroad!"

    Zhong Qianqian cried furiously after hearing these words.

    "Mum, I don't want to go abroad! I don't want to be sent out of the country! Why should I leave the moment Zhong Nuannuan returns?

    2"You're mummy's good girl! Don't be scared, your dad is just spouting angry words! No one is allowed to send you abroad! I'll make sure whoever sends you away will suffer an uncomfortable life!" Jiang Shuwan consoled her daughter whilst simultaneously threatening her husband.

    "But… But what am I going to do without Chi Yang? Mum, I really like Chi Yang a lot! I've never met a man as outstanding as him! I can't stand by and watch while Chi Yang is together with that whore! Mum, you must help! Please help me…"

    7Jiang Shuwan hurried over to wipe away Zhong Qianqian's tears after saying this. "Don't cry. Mommy will help you. I will make sure Nuannuan stays away from Chi Yang, okay?"

    "Mom… you promised."

    "Alright. I know. It's all that little b*tch's fault. Why didn't she die out there? She had already been kidnapped by human traffickers. Why did she have to come back? Such a cheap b*tch."

    7Zhong Kuijun glared at Jiang Shuwan through the rearview mirror and asked solemnly, "Did you have anything to do with Nuannuan's disappearance when she was three?"

    1Jiang Shuwan was furious. "Zhong Kuijun! Are you insane? I may not be a saint, but I wouldn't send a three-year-old child to a human trafficker! If I really wanted to get rid of her, she would have easily been able to find her way back!"

    3Zhong Kuijun chuckled coldly. "I hope you can always be so sure of yourself."

    "You're insane!"

    1Jiang Shuwan turned her head away to end the conversation with Zhong Kuijun.

    As for Zhong Nuannuan at this moment.

    She felt indifferent about this particular argument.

    1Zhong Nuannuan was standing by the car door as her heart beat wildly in her chest under Chi Yang's stare.