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Chapter 17

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 17: Once I Have My Sights Set, You're Mine Forever

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    She wanted to say ‘I don't hate you, in fact I like you too. I love you!'

    But she could not bring herself to say it.

    Afterall, they were not getting along well at all in the past, and she could not have possibly changed that much in just a month.

    Thus Zhong Nuannuan did not say anything. She decided that she would take things slow. Since Chi Yang was very smart, he would be suspicious if she suddenly liked him and fell in love with him.

    1"Um… why don't we call the police first and let them handle this." Zhong Nuannuan broke the awkwardness in the car.


    Noting that Zhong Nuannuan was embarrassed, Chi Yang grinned softly. He would go with whatever the wife said.

    3After calling the police, Chi Yang gave his subordinate Ning Wenhao a call and asked him to give them a ride.

    After hearing that his boss got into an accident and that he crashed into a tree on the opposite lane, Ning Wenhao was confused and asked, "Boss, are you sick? Did you have a headache?"

    Chi Yang's eyes became dark. He was afraid Zhong Nuannuan would hear the conversation, so he turned his body slightly and said in a low voice, "Just come if I tell you to!"

    "Yes, I'll come immediately."

    They were close and Zhong Nuannuan's hearing was good.

    So, he really did have an outburst just now.

    Did his head hurt when he had an outburst?

    No wonder his eyes would not be as bright as before after a period of time. His cloudy eyes would be heavily bloodshot.

    1Zhong Nuannuan felt her heart getting tight. She got so worried when she thought about his condition.

    Both of them sat in the car silently waiting for the arrival of the traffic police.



    Suddenly, both of them decided to break the silence at the same time.

    The air in the car turned awkward again. Zhong Nuannuan said, "You go first."

    "Ladies first. You speak first."

    Zhong Nuannuan did not argue with him further, and asked directly, "What illness do you have? Will you head hurt?"

    "It's nothing major. It's just that I get sick sometimes."

    "Chi Yang, we're engaged, right?"

    Chi Yang was startled with Zhong Nuannuan's serious questions. He answered solemnly, "Yes."

    "Then we'll get married in the future and we'll build a family. And then we'll have children, right?"

    Chi Yang's heart skipped a beat with Zhong Nuannuan's words. His heartbeat rate increased, and he immediately nodded, "Yes."

    Chi Yang was excited about his future life when he imagined the family Zhong Nuannuan and he would build. Other than that, he was also excited with the fact that he would be able to sleep with his wife in his arms every night.

    1Not to mention, his wife would give birth to a child that look like both of them.

    It would be best if that child was a girl so that she would be just like her mother. Her hair would be in a cute bun, and mother and daughter would dress in identical clothes. He would be bringing the both of them that looked the same out in the streets.

    6Chi Yang felt his heart getting warm thinking about that scenario. He felt so happy he could explode.

    "Then you would want to stay with me for a very long time and not abandon me after a few years, right?"

    Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan and with a serious look on his face, he promised her, "The word divorce doesn't exist in my dictionary. If we're together, then it's for life."

    This was the exact thing that Chi Yang would say to her numerous times when she had wanted to end their marriage and when he caught and captured her in their previous life. Now when she listened to it once again, she did not feel disgusted, but instead, she felt that this was the most romantic words in the world.

    Zhong Nuannuan smiled, "I'm just like you. Once I've made my choice, then it would be forever."

    Chi Yang squeezed his eyes shut and he felt his throat getting tighter.

    She chose him!

    "That's why I hope to stay with you for a long time. Just now, I heard the person on the phone asking if your head is hurting.

    I would worry about you if you continue to be like this. I would be even more worried when you're going on missions or doing some other dangerous things. It would be so dangerous if you suddenly have an outburst.

    Chi Yang, can you tell me what illness you have? So that I can be with you while you recover."

    Chi Yang stared at Zhong Nuannuan for a long time, until Zhong Nuannuan was about to believe that it was a taboo to ask and that he would not want her to know when he finally opened his mouth to speak.

    "I was critically injured three years ago."