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Chapter 27

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 27: Slap in the Face

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    "..." Zhong Qianqian was so stunned that she had nothing to say. Her face turned crimson red, but she knew she could not refute back. "I was just making an analogy. The goal was to tell you that you mustn't do things that aren't compatible with your status."

    "So, yours was compatible with your status?"

    Zhong Qianqian thought, ‘Why is this girl's mouth so wretched?'

    1"Oh, I get it now. Chi Yang was the one who took the initiative to hug me earlier, but you felt too embarrassed to say that his action was impertinent. That's why you had no other choice but to direct those words to me?"

    Zhong Qianqian turned anxious and said, "When did I say that Big Brother Chi Yang's behavior was impudent? Zhong Nuannuan, don't make inappropriate remarks!"

    "You don't think his action was improper, but you were talking about both of us. Then were you deliberately making things difficult for Chi Yang? Are you that upset with him?"

    Zhong Qianqian was instantly irritated. "Zhong Nuannuan, don't try to sow dissension. I'm clearly directing my words to you. As your big sister, have I lost all rights to educate you?"

    2"Educating me by saying I degrade the family's principle? Do you practice what you preach? Big sis, even if film school's acceptance scores are not as high as those of regular universities, I heard that film schools have been paying great attention to cultural achievements in recent years. You're using words so arbitrarily now that I'm feeling sweaty just thinking about your college entrance exam."

    Zhong Qianqian sneered in anger. "Your grades are still number one from the bottom. Even if my grades are horrid, a country bumpkin like you couldn't catch up to me even if you used a rocketship!"

    Zhong Nuannuan showed her a wicked smile. "It's no wonder big sis's grades are so poor. Your memory's quite horrible. If it wasn't because you asked me not to defeat you back then, would I actually be ranked last?"

    "When did I ever asked for you not to defeat me? How could you push the blame to me over your poor grades?" Zhong Qianqian was going insane from anger. She had surely never made that request!

    "Big sister is truly an eminent person that has a short-term memory. At that time, I had only returned home for about a month when I had to take the end of semester examination with you. You asked me how my revision was going, and I told you that it was going quite well. Then, you told me that you were not doing very well and was afraid that I would do better than you. You were worried that my mom was going to scold you. I let you defeat me due to sisterly affection. To be honest, I had no idea how sh*tty your grades were, so the only thing I could do was place last in my grades just to help you out. It was such a deep and moving sacrifice in the name of our sisterhood. Have you forgotten about it big sis?"

    After much thought, she really did pamper Zhong Qianqian in her past life. She clearly knew that she was using her. Yet when she thought about how the same blood was flowing inside their bodies, she felt that she would willingly let her do anything as long as she did not cross the line.

    "Zhong Nuannuan, how can you be so shameless? How could you blame me for your own poor grades!"

    "Tsk tsk… I didn't expect big sis to so speedily abandon me after achieving your goal. You're not even admitting to it now and you're even acting hostile toward me. Since you're having a hard time believing that I was just letting you win the other time, then be prepared to get a slap in the face during our end of term this time."

    Zhong Qianqian snickered and felt like she had turned into a f*cking dog. She had just been threatened by the person ranked last in the grade.

    "Slap in the face? Are you sure you can give me a slap on the face?"

    "Your face is huge, so how could I miss? Unless you decide to put your face on your ass. If not, how would I not be able to slap your face?"

    6Zhong Qianqian felt that her self-esteem and pride had been wholly trampled over by this sharp-tongued b*tch. After mentally preparing herself for the whole afternoon, it was once more declared a failure.

    "Zhong Nuannuan, what did you say? Say it one more time if you have the guts to!"

    "I thought you only had psychological problems this whole time, but it turns out that you have a hearing problem as well. If you have hearing issues, you should buy a hearing aid. Otherwise, you won't be able to hear clearly even if I repeat myself."