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Chapter 28

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 28: Eyes Would Sting

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    In the eyes of the current Zhong Nuannuan who had given up on all familial affection in this lifetime, Zhong Qianqian meant nothing to her now.


    Zhong Qianqian rushed up the steps and raised her hand up in an attempt to slap Zhong Nuannuan in the face.

    When Chi Yang saw this, he stepped forward immediately.

    However, just as he was about to move, he felt a tight squeeze on his hand.

    The moment Chi Yang's body halted, Zhong Nuannuan had already grabbed Zhong Qianqian's hand.

    Zhong Qianqian was shocked to discover how exceptionally strong Zhong Nuannuan was. The hand that managed to stop her slap couldn't be budged in the slightest. She couldn't strike Zhong Qianqian now and nor was she able to pull her hand back.

    1Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan heard the quarrel between the sisters. They hurriedly walked out to where the sisters were. After catching sight of her parents making their way over, Zhong Qianqian felt that she had been wronged and her eyes immediately turned red.

    "Nuannuan, I'm your big sister. How could you treat me this way?"

    When Jiang Shuwan came near and saw the situation, she immediately sided with Zhong Qianqian's by saying, "Nuannuan, what are you doing? Qianqian is your big sister. How could you treat your big sister that way?"

    1Zhong Nuannuan felt like she was getting lightheaded looking at Zhong Qianqian exerting all her strength wailing golden beans out. (TN: Golden beans are used to describe a rich young lady's tears.)

    "Big sis, why are you crying? You're the one trying to hit me. I didn't even lift a single finger on you. If someone were to cry, it should be me instead. Why are you feeling wronged that you couldn't hit me?"

    After speaking her thoughts, she looked at Jiang Shuwan. "Mom, I really don't get it. Are you my birth mother or are you Zhong Qianqian's birth mother? You can still see from Zhong Qianqian's hand that she was the one who was about to slap my face, so how could you subconsciously think that I'm the one at fault? Can't you see who's the one that's really suffering here? Or are you saying that our family only allows the big sister to slap the little sister, but doesn't allow the little sister from defending herself from getting slapped?"

    4Once her voice quieted down, Zhong Nuannuan let go of Zhong Qianqian's hand. She secretly exerted a little bit of strength to lightly push her.

    Zhong Qianqian became unstable from the invisible trick and took a few steps back.

    "Be careful!"

    Zhong Kuijun rushed forth to catch his daughter, but Zhong Qianqian's feet bent over and she immediately fell down the flight of steps.

    The steps were not that high, and it was only about five steps down. However, the impact of falling from behind forced Zhong Qianqian into a perfect 360-degree rollover once she had reached the last step. She was sprawled out on her back after falling to the ground, and even her underwear was exposed.

    Under the flaming red short dress, Zhong Qianqian was actually wearing a pair of pantyhose that did not cover her buttocks. Her fair buttocks were exposed, and it was covered in a black lace T-shaped panties thinner than her little finger.


    Zhong Nuannuan was utterly speechless at the sight.

    What was she planning to do while wearing those obscenely exposing underpants at home?

    "Don't look, your eyes will sting." Zhong Nuannuan turned her body at once. She stood on her tippy toes and reached out her hand to cover Chi Yang's eyes.


    1Chi Yang was extremely obedient in front of his wife. When Zhong Nuannuan was covering up his eyes, he simply stood there and did not move an inch.

    It was just that when his eyes were blinking, his long eyelashes flicked on her palms from time to time. It gave Zhong Nuannuan a slightly unbearable itch.

    Looking at the sight of Zhong Nuannuan covering up Chi Yang's eyes, Zhong Qianqian felt like she was really out of luck today.

    2Whether it was her appearance or reputation, they were all thrown out the window in front of Chi Yang.

    As for that initiator of evil who caused her to lose face in the first place, she was currently acting like a proud princess. Embraced in her parents' love and protection while being with the man who was supposed to be her fiance. She was standing high up on the steps and flashed a smile that was filled with mockery toward her.

    3Zhong Qianqian felt sore from head to toe after the fall. Her black pantyhose was ripped, and blood was seeping out from her knees and elbows.