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Chapter 31

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 31: B*tch

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    "Alright," replied Chi Yang to Zhong Nuannuan's suggestion of washing hands together.

    Chi Yang's face was stern. It was like he had just hastily agreed to her request. However, he stood up before finishing his sentence. That execution…

    It did not matter if Zhong Kuijun could see Chi Yang's metaphorical tail behind him, but it was clearly wagging happily in front of Zhong Nuannuan.

    1Chi Yang's jagged image as a god of death was immediately shattered to pieces in front of Zhong Kuijun.

    Zhong Qianqian was still going on and on about the importance of road safety, but Chi Yang had already followed Zhong Nuannuan to wash their hands at the back. He did not pay any attention to her.

    Zhong Qianqian looked at her father with resentment. She wanted to seek comfort in him and wished for him to take her side, but the only thing she got was Zhong Kuijun's gaze that served as a warning.

    Zhong Qianqian could only take back her resentment. She turned around and smiled brightly. "Nuannuan, I'll wash with you."

    Zhong Nuannuan was speechless with Zhong Qianqian's change of attitude.

    "Nuannuan, I was wrong. I said the wrong things, I'm sorry. I hope you won't blame me for it." Zhong Qianqian was trying to ruin her relationship with Zhong Nuannuan before in order to make a move on Chi Yang, but now, she was trying to reconcile with Zhong Nuannuan instead.

    Looking at how thick-skinned Zhong Qianqian was, Zhong Nuannuan answered indifferently, "Of course not. I'm not petty. As long as you stop trying to steal my man away from me, I will not argue with you."

    My man…

    Zhong Qianqian's face changed when she heard what Zhong Nuannnuan said. Chi Yang, on the other hand, was smiling to himself at the side.

    Honestly speaking, he was intrigued by the two sisters' argument. He never wanted to kill Zhong Qianqian like the pesky fly that she was. He loved seeing Zhong Nuannuan getting jealous and protecting him against Zhong Qianqian's taunts.

    1"Chi Yang, let's wash together."


    Chi Yang happily accepted his wife's invitation.

    Initially, Zhong Qianqian wanted to spend some time alone with Chi Yang in the toilet after Zhong Nuannuan was done.

    Zhong Qianqian: …!!!

    Zhong Qianqian watched as Chi Yang stood behind Zhong Nuannuan with his arms around her in a hug. Both of them proceeded to wash their hands together with the soap. They even rubbed and helped to wash each other's hands. It was as if a flower could bloom from the way they washed their hands. Zhong Qianqian's mouth felt dry.

    3She felt like she was turning into a jar of dog food!

    After washing, both of them dried their hands and walked straight out while completely ignoring Zhong Qianqian.


    Zhong Qianqian quickly rinsed her hands with water before rushing out without even wiping her hands dry.

    Zhong Nuannuan brought Chi Yang to the dining table.

    There were five people at the dining table that comprised of her father, her mother, her, Chi Yang, and also Zhong Qianqian.

    There was a single seat reserved for the master of the house, and there were two seats on each side next to the master's seat.

    Her father would always sit on the master's seat, hence Zhong Nuannuan left the first seat on the left empty for Chi Yang. She would be sitting on the second seat herself.

    Just as Chi Yang was about to sit down, Zhong Qianqian sat herself down on his seat.

    Zhong Nuannuan: …

    Chi Yang: …

    "Nuannuan, both of us didn't talk for so long. Let's sit together today so that we can be closer to each other. I didn't see you for a month, I've missed you so much!"

    Knowing that it would be impossible for Chi Yang to sit with her, Zhong Qianqian decided to separate Chi Yang from Zhong Nuannuan.

    Zhong Kuijun stood up awkwardly and offered his seat to Chi Yang. He would then be sitting next to his wife, Jiang Shuwan.

    "Chi Yang, come. Sit here instead."