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Chapter 33

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 33: Peeling Crayfish

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    He only noticed this when he saw Chi Yang taking food with his left hand. Did he also fire his gun with his left hand?

    Zhong Nuannuan who was eating while feeling touched at the same time, "…!!"

    Chi Yang was not left-handed. He could not use his right hand because he was holding her hand the whole time, and that was why he was holding his chopsticks with his left hand instead.

    "I'm ambidextrous." After saying that, Chi Yang took another slice of braised pork for Zhong Nuannuan.

    Since there were not a lot of people eating and the braised pork was very fatty, there were only a few pieces left on the plate. Chi Yang kept taking the braised pork for Zhong Nuannuan. When Zhong Qianqian wanted to eat the braised pork, the plate was already cleared.

    Zhong Qianqian was speechless after seeing Zhong Nuannuan chewing a piece of braised pork while having three more on her plate.

    "Nuannuan, don't you like to eat crayfish and hairy crabs? Why are you not eating them?" Jiang Shuwan asked curiously.

    "Mom, did you not notice that they were holding hands this entire time? Big Brother Chi Yang was afraid to let go of her, which is why he has been eating with his left hand."

    "Nuannuan, stop clinging to Chi Yang. The hairy crabs and crayfish won't be delicious anymore when they're cold."

    Zhong Nuannuan looked at the hairy crabs and crayfish greedily. However, she prioritized Chi Yang's happiness more. Hence, she continued to hold on to Chi Yang's hand and gave up on the hairy crabs and crayfish.

    2"Mom, I'm a bit heaty recently, so it's okay if I eat something light."

    "I have some tea in my car that can help combat the heat. I'll get it for you later. Your favorite foods are crayfish and hairy crabs, so I'll peel them for you."

    Even though he wanted to keep holding his wife's hand, he could not watch her acting like that toward her mom. In the end, he let go of her hand and grabbed a crayfish.

    His bony fingers pinched the crayfish's head, body, and tail. He then removed the head and pulled on the tail. A big chunk of meat was pulled out from the hard shell. Everyone was amazed by his tactics.

    Zhong Nuannuan swallowed her saliva after seeing the white meat of the crayfish that was covered in red oil broth.


    Chi Yang placed the crayfish meat into Zhong Nuannuan's bowl. She picked it up immediately and ate it in one bite.

    The delicious juice and soft meat exploded in her mouth. This was like heaven on earth for her.

    When Zhong Qianqian saw Chi Yang picking up another crayfish with his hand, she said, "Big Brother Chi Yang, your skills are amazing. I want to eat the crayfish that has been peeled by you too! Look at me, I always eat directly with the shell on and meat in my mouth. I can never taste the freshness and softness of the crayfish. I would always end up cutting my tongue from the shell too."

    7Chi Yang ignored Zhong Qianqian. He peeled another crayfish from the big bowl and placed it in Zhong Nuannuan's bowl. After that, he picked up a hairy crab and started peeling again.

    He was peeling fast enough so that Zhong Nuannuan could take her time to enjoy eating. She could not catch up with Chi Yang's speed even if she tried. After just a short while, there was a mountain of crab and crayfish meat on Zhong Nuannuan's plate.

    Zhong Qianqian was being completely ignored. She had been lovingly calling him Big Brother Chi Yang from the beginning and was incessantly talking to him.

    4However, he treated her like she was the air around him. He did not pay any attention to her. Even though Chi Yang was in front of her parents, he would still not even pretend to be polite to her.

    Frustrated, Zhong Kuijun said, "Qianqian, Chi Yang is Nuannuan's fiance. Why are you still clinging onto him? If you want to eat it, peel it yourself. If not, don't eat. What are you trying to achieve by clinging onto Chi Yang?"