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Chapter 35

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 35: Who Said There’s No Love Between Us?

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    But Zhong Qianqian went all out to let Chi Yang see Zhong Nuannuan's real intentions. She was not afraid of Zhong Nuannuan's taunts.

    "Who said that there's no love between me and Chi Yang? The reason I was so against Chi Yang before was that big sister also liked him. You even asked me to give up on him while crying uncontrollably. You told me not to fight you for him. You told me to pretend that I hated him and was annoyed by him to make him stop pursuing me so that you'll have a chance, right?"

    4Everyone's expression changed after hearing Zhong Nuannuan's words.

    Zhong Qianqian's face turned pale with a disbelief expression as she looked at Zhong Nuannuan who had completely betrayed her.

    At that moment, she could not meet Chi Yang's burning gaze on her.

    She felt like she was locked down under his gaze as if she was trapped under an iceberg in the North pole while at the same time, she was being burnt with fire in the 18th level of hell. She felt uneasy. She almost burst out in tears.

    2When Zhong Nuannuan noticed that Zhong Qianqian was at her breaking point, she stopped and explained, "But after being imprisoned, I realized that Chi Yang is someone that I could trust and love with my whole heart. That's why I decided not to hide my fondness toward him anymore and to do whatever I want.

    Why should I give up Chi Yang and my aspiration just for yours, big sister? At the end of the day, there's nothing between you and Chi Yang. Chi Yang doesn't like you, and you can't force something like that to happen. So please stop going after Chi Yang. Isn't it shameful going after someone like that even though he made it clear that he doesn't like you? You're someone who grew up in the riches of the Zhong Family."

    1Zhong Nuannuan retorted back.

    "...!!!" Zhong Qianqian's face turned green but she could not bring herself to say anything back.

    Jiang Shuwan wanted to scold Zhong Nuannuan for going too far, but she did not have the guts to do so and could only say, "Nuannuan, do you hate your sister because we didn't go and visit you? You can't blame your sister for this.

    Your grandmother was sick, so I asked your sister to take care of her, that's why we didn't visit. You two were so close. Don't treat your sister as the enemy just because of something so minor. Chi Yang has nothing to do with this. You can't give up your happiness just to piss off your sister. Being in a relationship is a serious thing."

    "Mom, you're overthinking this. We're just sisters with the same father but with different mothers. If there's mutual affection, we can continue our relationship; if there's none, then we'll just be strangers. Why would I give up my own happiness just to piss her off?

    My attitude towards Chi Yang changed because I think he's someone that I can give my life to. Plus, I like him from the start. So, from this day on, I won't hide my feelings anymore and that's it."

    "Listen to yourself! You only like Big Brother Chi Yang because you're angry with me. It was so obvious that you hated Big Brother Chi Yang, how is it possible that you liked him in secret? Nuannuan, if you wanted to make me angry, then it's better if you scold me or hit me. I can take it. But please give up on Big Brother Chi Yang. He deserves to be treated better and more sincerely," Zhong Qianqian said, acting upon what was being said. Teardrops formed in the corner of her eyes. She looked like she was willing to risk everything for Chi Yang.