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Chapter 38

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 38: Feed

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    She knew Chi Yang would not pay attention to her, so she went upstairs after she finished talking.

    Zhong Nuannuan sensed that something was not right, but after contemplating for a while, she felt that Zhong Qianqian would not do anything to Chi Yang's room, so she let her be.

    4Half an hour later, Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian came downstairs and told Chi Yang that his room was ready. Zhong Kuijun did not want to stop Chi Yang from resting so he stopped talking to him.

    There were three floors in the Zhong Mansion. On the first floor, there was the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the butler's room. Zhong Nuannuan and Aunty Zhao's rooms were on the second floor, Zhong Kuijun and his wife and also Zhong Qianqian's rooms were on the third floor.

    1Naturally, Chi Yang followed Zhong Nuannuan onto the second floor.

    "Chi Yang, your room is on the third floor. The second floor is Nuannuan's room," Jiang Shuwan reminded him.

    "Mom, my room is on the second floor. Why did you arrange his room to be on the third floor?" Zhong Nuannuan continued asking, "Are you thinking of arranging Chi Yang's room next to my big sister's room?"

    Jiang Shuwan got a little awkward with the questions.

    When she was met with her husband's icy stares, Jiang Shuwan's heart was beating like drums in her chest, but she had to pretend to be calm on the outside.

    "Aiya, the condition of the room on the second floor is so bad. You're living opposite Aunty Zhao, and on the left is Qianqian's piano room, and on the opposite of Qianqian's piano room is her study. How can we arrange for him to stay on the second floor?"

    "But the room to my right is empty."

    "No way! That room is next to the stairs, plus the shape of that room is very strange. I can't let Chi Yang stay in a weirdly shaped room the first time he comes over to our house, right?"

    "At least it's better than staying next to big sister. Chi Yang is my fiance, not hers, but you arranged his room next to my sister's. Mom, you're obviously trying to snatch Chi Yang away from me and feed him to your own daughter."

    3Since Jiang Shuwan was being shameless, Zhong Nuannuan decided to be straightforward with her.

    Jiang Shuwan became resentful and it showed on her face after being scolded by Zhong Nuannuan, but she was older and more experienced, so she remained elegant and calm even though Zhong Nuannuan was being straightforward towards her.

    "What do you mean feed her? Look at you, where are your manners? The only thing I did was arrange Chi Yang's room next to Qianqian's, I didn't arrange for them to sleep in the same room. There's a lot of stuff on the second floor, and Aunty Zhao's also sleeping on the second floor too. How would Chi Yang sleep? He may be your fiance, but you two are not married yet, no? Since you're not married, then he's our guest and he's also the leader of your father's military base. How can we arrange for him to sleep on the second floor?"

    Zhong Nuannuan was dispirited by Jiang Shuwan's words.

    She felt that she must have been blinded with the term ‘family affection' in her previous life. That was why she would always treat them passionately even though they would just give her the cold shoulder in return.

    "Uncle Zhong, when Nuannuan said that she might not be your daughter, I thought she was only being petty. But after spending time with you guys today, even I'm starting to question whether Nuannuan is your real daughter?"

    Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan's faces changed after listening to what Chi Yang said.

    "Chi Yang, Nuannuan is indeed our daughter. You can't deny this! Just look at Nuannuan and her mother. They look the same. Isn't this enough to answer your question?"