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Chapter 43

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 43: Bringing Milk

    Chi Yang did hear his room door being opened. He had wanted to put on his bathrobe and take a look outside but at this hour, the only person he could think of opening his room door was his future wife. No other people popped into his mind. After all, Zhong Qianqian was hugely embarrassed just now and was even berated by Zhong Kuijun.

    That was why he did not put on the bathrobe, which would have covered his entire body. Instead, he had put on a towel around his waist, just enough to cover the important parts. He had even specifically chosen a short towel and admired his naked torso through the bathroom mirror.

    A satisfied look flashed across his usually serious face and he walked out in it.

    His expected future wife was absent. In her place was Zhong Qianqian in a disgustingly revealing lace organdie dress that was almost see-through. She was standing in his room, creepily sniffing his military uniform.

    Chi Yang immediately felt the dignity of his military uniform being trampled on, it was a great affront to him.

    As a military man, the most unforgivable thing one could do to him was to insult his military uniform in any way. This was something he looked at that was more important than his own life.

    “What. Are. You. Doing?”

    Chi Yang’s voice seemed to be coming from the depths of hell. Zhong Qianqian screamed in surprise at the sudden outburst from him. When she saw the dark look on Chi Yang’s face, she felt uncomfortable all over.

    It was now mid-November and Jiang District’s warmest temperature was now lower than 15 degrees. During the night, it dropped a few more degrees and the Zhong family had already turned on their heater.

    However, Chi Yang was a physically strong person and was not afraid of the cold. He had turned off the heater the moment he entered the room.

    The temperature in the room was already low and Zhong Qianqian only had on a see-through lace dress. She was already shivering slightly from the cold, and now, she got the full blast of the wild rage that was emanating from Chi Yang.

    This aura was like a frozen lake that had been buried deep in hell for a million years, and Chi Yang was the Asura who walked out of the frozen lake.

    Zhong Qianqian felt her knees go weak as they shivered under Chi Yang’s death stare. But…

    Chi Yang had such a great body!

    When she had drugged Chi Yang the last time, she was knocked out before she could even see how he looked like without his clothes on. Now that she was seeing it, Zhong Qianqian thought that this was the best-looking body she had ever seen.

    How could a man be so outstanding?

    He had a promising career, was good-looking, had a flawless body and even treated his woman so well!

    She was willing to die at the feet of such a man!

    She thought about how Chi Yang treated Zhong Nuannuan, and wished that she was able to change Zhong Nuannuan into herself…

    Even though she was feeling extremely scared and could not stop shivering, Zhong Qianqian did not leave the room in embarrassment. She continued to stay brazenly on this one-way street.

    “Big… Big Brother Chi Yang, I’m here to bring milk to you.”

    “Get out!”

    Zhong Qianqian was shocked into bending slightly backward by his words.

    However, when she saw that he was staring deeply at her (he was staring at her like she was bacteria) as if he was about to walk forward and take good care of her (he wanted to strangle her on the spot), it gave Zhong Qianqian a lot of courage.

    Zhong Qianqian moved forward lightly on her feet toward Chi Yang…

    “Big Brother Chi Yang, I was worried you won’t be able to sleep well tonight, so I thought of bringing you this glass of milk. I… I would feel scared if you get mad at me like that.”

    Zhong Qianqian did not dare to look into Chi Yang’s eyes. She only dared to glance at his body once and again.

    His bronze skin, the clear muscular lines, his strong chest, the clear-lined six-pack on his abdomen, was just like a war god from ancient Greece. The strength and beauty gleaming from the muscles on his body infatuated and dazzled her.