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Chapter 45

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 45: Chi Yang Wants To Kill Me

    “Even though this matter isn’t too serious, the fact that you entered a man’s room in the middle of the night with just a sleeping robe on does not seem appropriate. Old man Zhong, am I right?”

    When Zhong Kuijun heard this, he did not think much of it because it really was just a small matter.

    “Nuannuan and Chi Yang’s marriage report has been approved by superiors. Since it’s something that is already bound to happen, it’s really a little too much of you to be restricting her so much.”

    As he said so, he turned to Zhong Nuannuan and continued, “Even though you may think that your mother is being a little too strict right now, it is important for a girl to have some self-respect. It’s already so late at night and Chi Yang has been busy the whole day. He needs his rest. We still have to return to the military base first thing tomorrow morning. If you really want to have a chat with him, just chat for a short while, okay?”

    Jiang Shuwan began to feel anxious when she saw that her husband was about to let Zhong Nuannuan into Chi Yang’s room.

    She did not expect that Zhong Nuannuan would remain where she was. She turned towards Zhong Kuijun who was about to take his leave. “Since mom is being so strict, is it possible for you to tell her that she should teach Zhong Qianqian a lesson as well? Even though Zhong Qianqian is not her real daughter, but at the very least, she grew up with her and calls her mom. As a mother, she is obligated to teach Zhong Qianqian to have some respect for herself and her body.”

    Zhong Kuijun stopped and turned. He frowned. “What’s going on?”

    “Dad, I think I just heard a scream coming from Chi Yang’s room. It must be Zhong Qianqian.”

    “What?” Zhong Kuijun’s expression darkened as he looked at Jiang Shuwan. He saw a flash of anxiousness on her face.

    “Dad, I understand Chi Yang’s character very well. When Zhong Qianqian attempted to seduce Chi Yang by taking off her clothes in front of him, he did not take advantage of Zhong Qianqian. This is why I believe that even if Zhong Qianqian was in Chi Yang’s room, he would never do anything to her. But Zhong Qianqian has been attempting to seduce my fiance multiple times over and this really is the last straw for me.

    If chatting with my fiance late at night is considered as a sign of no self-respect, then shouldn’t Zhong Qianqian’s act be even more shameless and despicable? I have been giving in to her all this while because she is my sister, but there is a limit to my tolerance. This is why I hope that mom and dad would discipline that improper daughter of yours. After all, she is the young mistress of Jiang Group. When she is in public, doesn’t every word and action of hers represent the Zhong and Jiang family?

    Of course, if mom and dad don’t have the heart to discipline that daughter of yours, I’ll just move out. I believe that the military base would provide for me, seeing as I am a future military wife.”

    Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan’s faces darkened.

    Zhong Kuijun was angered by Jiang Shuwan and his daughter while Jiang Shuwan was angered by Zhong Nuannuan’s words.

    This was an unveiled threat!

    If she really did move into the military base, that would mean that Zhong Qianqian would lose her opportunity!


    A scream could be heard from the room.

    Zhong Kuijun heard it and his face turned as dark as the bottom of a pot. He pushed open the door in a fit of rage.

    When he saw what was going on in the room, his face turned from dark to pale white.

    “Chi Yang, stop!”

    Jiang Shuwan screamed and ran toward the person that was being held up high by Chi Yang.

    “Chi Yang, what are you doing?”

    A flash of rage could be seen in Chi Yang’s eyes the moment he spotted Jiang Shuwan rushing toward him. He threw the person in his hands down on the floor like a bag of trash. They landed with a huge crash.

    Zhong Qianqian’s eyes were filled with terror. She did not even care for her pain after being thrown from such a height as she fearfully clutched on to Jiang Shuwan.

    “Mom… Mom, save me! Save me!! He wants to kill me, sob sob sob…”