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Chapter 47

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 47: Allergic

    Zhong Nuannuan focused on wiping him clean while being lovingly concerned. “Silly fellow. Did you think I wouldn’t know what had happened here if you threw her down? Why didn’t you just kick her out rather than dirty your hands only to end up feeling disgusted with yourself? At the very least, you wouldn’t have needed to touch her with your bare hands and feel so repulsed by her.”

    She finished wiping one hand and started on the other.

    After she was done, she turned to Chi Yang and asked in concern, “Where else do you feel uncomfortable? Let me wipe you clean.”

    He suffered from allodynia. Whenever he was touched by a woman he did not like, he would get an allergic reaction. A mild condition would just make him feel disgusted, but if it was serious, he would throw up and his blood pressure would increase.

    Chi Yang stood stunned. He must be hallucinating.

    She should have been hating and despising him right now. She should have treated him coldly while he attempted to explain the situation to her.

    After she was done wiping his hands and arms, Zhong Nuannuan spotted a few rashes appearing on Chi Yang’s arms.

    “Aunty Zhao, please bring the allergy medicine over.”

    Aunty Zhao may have always looked down on Zhong Nuannuan, but at this point, she did not dare say much and quickly passed Nuannuan a tube of medicinal paste.

    Zhong Nuannuan squeezed out the paste and patted it on the rashes that have appeared on Chi Yang’s arms.

    His heart that had been lingering in death has now returned to safety. Chi Yang tried his best not to reveal the warmth he felt in his heart and how elated he actually was. He asked carefully, “How… How did you know?”

    “Oh, are you allowed to get to know me, but I’m not allowed to extend the same courtesy to you? I know that you get an allergic reaction whenever you’re touched by people you don’t like. Don’t worry, I won’t misunderstand you. You’re disgusted by her physically and emotionally, so how could there be anything between the both of you?”

    Jiang Shuwan was furious at those words. “Chi Yang, the Zhong family has treated you well. We introduced Qianqian to you, but you forced yourself on Nuannuan instead. Now that you and Nuannuan have submitted the marriage report, you turn around to treat Qianqian this way. What do you have to say about this?”

    Chi Yang’s eyes narrowed dangerously…

    Zhong Kuijun wanted to shout at his wife in terror, but Zhong Nuannuan spoke first.

    “What do you mean by that? Mom, what do you want Chi Yang to say?”

    “Nuannuan, can’t you see? They were alone in a room together and Chi Yang was completely naked. Shouldn’t he have something to say to Qianqian?”

    “Mom, are you blind? This is Chi Yang’s room. What was Zhong Qianqian planning by dressing the way she did? If a rapist was to commit the same crime by sneaking into someone else’s house in the middle of the night, would the police blame the person who got raped because they were wearing revealing clothes? Should the victim be the one to give their rapist an explanation?

    Mom, you’ve always despised the fact that I grew up in the farming district and often reprimanded me for not being dignified enough. When you berated me for having no self-respect, I thought that high society women from rich families such as you and Zhong Qianqian were people with class. Now, it turns out that you were just blindly following the rules! It’s obvious who the real victim is in this situation, but you’re forcing Chi Yang to explain himself as if he’s the perpetrator. What is there for him to say? Do you need Chi Yang to get the police to come over here?”

    “Zhong Nuannuan! Qianqian is your sister. How could you say this about her? All she did was bring Chi Yang some milk and you’re accusing her of being a rapist?”

    “Does she need to sell her body while delivering milk? Have you seen any delivery person wearing revealing lace dresses while making their rounds? Even those women selling themselves in night clubs wouldn’t dare to wear something as revealing as what she’s wearing now to get clients. She’s plotting something under the guise of bringing milk to him. Is she delivering a glass of milk or delivering her breast milk?”

    Jiang Shuwan, “…!!!”