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Chapter 48

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 48: Beating Up A Woman

    “Mom, do you know that the law will now also convict female rapists? What difference is there between the conduct of a female rapist and what Zhong Qianqian has done? She should consider herself lucky that Chi Yang is not going to sue her and have her reputation ruined. Yet here you are still demanding for an explanation.”

    “Zhong Nuannuan!” Jiang Shuwan was so mad that she shouted out Zhong Nuannuan’s full name. She could no longer continue the pretense of being a loving mother.

    “Enough! Isn’t all this embarrassing enough? I’ve been shamed by both of you and that daughter of yours. How do you still have the galls to continue with your loud demands?! Take her with you and get out!”

    Zhong Kuijun could no longer take it and roared out his orders, containing the situation. The room fell silent.

    “Zhong Kuijun, Qianqian is your daughter! Your daughter has been beaten up by a man. Not only did you not stand up for her, but you’re also yelling at her. Are you fit to call yourself a father?”

    “Chi Yang did not beat her up,” Zhong Nuannuan defended Chi Yang.

    “Did not beat her? Are you blind? Can’t you see that your sister’s whole face is bloody?”

    “Just because she’s bleeding, does it really mean that he beat her up? You have your period every month, does that also mean that you were stabbed by dad?”

    “Zhong Nuannuan, what are you talking about? Is that the attitude you should have when speaking to your mother?”

    “What’s wrong with my attitude? Do you see any wounds on Zhong Qianqian’s face? She’s isn’t even hurt, yet there’s blood all over her face. One look and it’s obvious that she had a nosebleed. As for why her nose was bleeding on this freezing night in a room with no heater on while being so scantily-clad, well, only she knows the answer to that. As for the way I’m talking to mom… Dad, you kept claiming that she is my real mother, but just look at her. How is she, in any way, acting like a real mother?!”

    By now, Zhong Kuijun was already having a headache from these strong and obstinate women battling it out with each other. It made things worse for him when Zhong Nuannuan had uttered that last sentence.

    “Zhong Nuannuan, is this the right conversation we should be having now? Qianqian is your sister. Now that she’s beaten up, aren’t you feeling even a little upset about it?” Jiang Shuwan knew that matters were taking a turn for the worse, so she immediately changed the topic and tried to play up their family ties.

    “I’m not upset at all! I think she deserves what she got. She warranted this outcome, and I believe that one should always pay for their wrongdoings. Also, I’ve just mentioned that the blood is from Zhong Qianqian’s own nosebleed. It wasn’t because she was beaten up. Don’t malign Chi Yang for it.”

    While Zhong Nuannuan was busy arguing with Jiang Shuwan, Chi Yang had put on a pair of gloves he had taken out from his bag. He walked past Zhong Nuannuan and got in front of Zhong Qianqian.

    Zhong Qianqian had been frightened into a daze when Chi Yang attempted to throw her down from the second floor. When she realized that Chi Yang was coming toward her, she had totally forgotten about her previous intentions. She went pale with fear and quickly bundled up into a ball behind Jiang Shuwan.

    Chi Yang was filled with rage. His deep, dark eyes seemed to form a bottomless vortex that sucked in every inch of the space around them.

    Jiang Shuwan, who had been demanding and yelling for an explanation from Chi Yang, felt a strong murderous intent exuding off Chi Yang. She could not help but feel chilly all over as she stuttered, “What… What… What do you want?”

    “I told you that I didn’t beat her up, which means that I really didn’t lay a finger on her. If you insist that I’ve beaten her up, then I shouldn’t be carrying this crime to my name for nothing.”

    Just as he finished his sentence, he reached out his hands that were now covered by those white gloves and grabbed Zhong Qianqian by her long hair. Everyone in the room was shocked at the sight, but before anyone could stop him, he knocked Zhong Qianqian’s head violently against the cupboard with a loud bang.

    The bang from the cupboard was really loud, and before Zhong Qianqian could even scream, she passed out from the sheer force of the concussion.