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Chapter 51

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 51: Large and Luxurious

    “Nuannuan, to be honest, I was mad that Big Brother Chi Yang chose you over me. I was upset. But after what happened yesterday, I know that I can’t force anything to happen. Don’t worry, I won’t seduce or flirt with Big Brother Chi Yang anymore. Please forgive my horrible intentions, okay?”

    If she could not win over Chi Yang, she would choose to destroy Zhong Nuannuan instead.

    She did not believe that Chi Yang would still want to treasure Zhong Nuannuan and her faded beauty.

    If she could not have him, neither can Zhong Nuannuan!

    Of course, Zhong Nuannuan did not believe a word Zhong Qianqian said. She knew how deep Zhong Qianqian’s love for Chi Yang was. She witnessed it herself in her past life.

    Zhong Nuannuan could only smile at what Zhong Qianqian said.

    “I’m so happy that both of you have managed to get everything out in the open. Hurry up and eat your breakfast. I’ll take you two to buy new gowns.”

    “Mom, I want to go to Tianheng Holdings! I heard from my friend that there are more first-tier brands there compared to Yuncheng Department Store. Plus, a lot of the first-tier brands over there offer customization. Yuncheng Department Store should step aside now that Tianheng Holdings is here. It’s been opened for more than a week and I haven’t been there yet!”

    Jiang Shuwan looked at Zhong Qianqian with a look of defeat on her face. “You’re like a money-burning machine.”

    Zhong Qianqian chuckled. “Don’t you and dad earn a lot of money so that Nuannuan and I could spend it? Am I right, Nuannuan?”

    Zhong Nuannuan smiled. She did not answer.

    After the three of them finished their breakfast, they went to Tianheng Holdings together.

    When they got out of the car, what they saw was a building fit for a king. Zhong Qianqian’s heart swelled with pride and confidence. She started to act as a guide to Zhong Nuannuan as if she was the owner of Tianheng Holdings.

    “Nuannuan, this place that we’re in is called Tianheng Holdings. You grew up in the farming district, so you won’t know about it. This place is the fashion leader of all the aristocrats in Hanlan. Even though it has only been around for five years, the socialites and successful people from Hanlan, even Emperor District, would feel proud to be able to step foot in Tianheng Holdings.

    It’s obviously a mall, but it’s like being transported to F country’s Champs-Élysées when you first walk in.

    Look at the tiles on the street, don’t they scream medieval European Renaissance to you? And now, look at the sides of the street. They’re so brightly lit and elegant. The buildings you see that look like European castles are all shops for branded goods.

    There’s an English lawn too that surrounds the rows of branded good stores. If you get tired from all the shopping, you can enjoy some authentic English high tea while relaxing on the lawn.

    The products that are being sold in this mall are all international branded goods. There are even customization services for the most premier first-tier brands. Tianheng Holdings really is a luxurious and elegant place. What do you think? It’s beautiful, no?”

    After talking for so long, Zhong Qianqian thought that she would be able to see the look of shock and wonder from a country bumpkin like Zhong Nuannuan, but who knew all she did was lift the corner of her lips just a little. She did not show any expression on her face.

    Zhong Qianqian pouted. She could only conclude that Zhong Nuannuan was indeed a country bumpkin. People like her would not know how to respond to this kind of luxury.

    “Mom, you must buy me a custom made gown today. It would be best if it’s from Venia.”