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Chapter 55

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 55: Face Smacking

    “What other choice do we have? When this child got incarcerated, we could only sit and wallow in our misery at home. In the end, it was Chi Yang who came up with the idea.”

    “Chi Yang? That young man from the military base that old man Zhong wanted to introduce to Qianqian? The one with a higher rank than old man Zhong even though he’s only 26?”

    “Sigh, stop talking. Chi Yang is Nuannuan’s fiancé now.”

    Through this conversation, they were indirectly saying that not only was she the one who had murdered Zhou Jinhui, but she was also the woman who had snatched her own sister’s boyfriend. The thing Zhong Nuannuan could not tolerate was that they were referring to Chi Yang as though he were someone who acted freely by abusing his power.

    “Shuwan, I didn’t mean to say this, but we’ve been friends for so long. Even if some of the things I say are a bit harsh, it is for your own good.

    “Nuannuan was kidnapped when she was small, and during this whole time, she grew up in the countryside. It is one thing that she does not have the temperament of a socialite, but as a mother, how can you let her steal her own sister’s boyfriend? This is too disgusting.

    “She stole her sister’s boyfriend at home, and she snatched the title of the prettiest girl in school from Lil Xi. This was all fine, but I heard that she’s been going around flirting with other boys, especially the seniors in the undergraduate course. She has been amorous with a lot of boys.

    “Shu Wan, you carried her in your belly for 10 months, so how could you just leave her be after she had suffered in the countryside for so long? You’re just harming her!”

    Jiang Shuwan looked at Zhong Nuannuan. She was surprised. “Nuannuan, are you still flirting with other boys in school?”

    “Still? Mom, when you said ‘still’, you’re indirectly supporting Aunty Lin’s slander. You’re also agreeing that I snatched sis’s boyfriend!”

    After hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s quibble, Lin Xin was unhappy. “What do you mean by slander? I’m telling the truth, okay? In our circle, who amongst us doesn’t know that you stole your sister’s boyfriend?”

    “Chi Yang is my fiance. We’re in love. After feeling so strongly for each other, Chi Yang drafted a wedding report for the military base. What does my sister have to do with this? What do you mean by me stealing my sister’s boyfriend? Aunty Lin, please don’t just spout nonsense like this to ruin one’s name and reputation.”

    After hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s reply, Lin Xin was furious. She smirked coldly. “You’re truly from the countryside. What a sharp tongue—you’re able to lie through your teeth.”

    “It looks like Aunty Lin has a lot of misconstrued preconceptions about me. Aunty Lin is my mother’s best friend, and you already have such deep misunderstandings of me, so, what more of other people?”

    “If you know other people have bad opinions of you, you should change. Don’t use that slutty face to flirt with other men. It’s important to behave with dignity.”

    Zhong Nuannuan smiled lightly. “It looks like everyone has misunderstood me. What a coincidence the banquet is this weekend, since it looks like I have to clarify the situation between me and Chi Yang, the situation between Chi Yang and sis, the situation between me and Zhou Jinhui, and also the situation between Zhou Jinhui and sis to everyone. This is so that everyone will stop misunderstanding me.”