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Chapter 56

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 56: Still Face Smacking

    Jiang Shuwan remained quiet by one side. After Zhong Nuannuan threatened her good friend, she finally explained to her, “Lin Xin, there are some misunderstandings regarding this. It’s just as Nuannuan had said, nothing is going on between Chi Yang and Qianqian. Nuannuan never stole her sister’s boyfriend. Initially, her father only wanted to introduce Qianqian to Chi Yang, but, in the process, Chi Yang unexpectedly fell for Nuannuan.

    “Furthermore, the court has already come out with a verdict regarding Zhou Jinhui’s death. He suffered from epilepsy, and when he fell, it was because of his condition. His family even admitted this.”

    Zhong Nuannuan lifted the corner of her lips in satisfaction. Her eyes were glistening as she stared at Lin Xin provocatively. Her face made it seem as though she was poised to attack at any moment; she looked like an elf under the moonlight from every angle.

    “Did you hear that, Aunty Lin? That’s the truth. The final verdict of the court was to clear my name and acquit me. Yet, you’re insisting that I killed Zhou Jinhui. If this isn’t slander, what is it?”


    “Moreover, Chi Yang is my fiancé. It is right and proper for him to help me discover the truth and clear my name. He’s a soldier, and to protect the country and its people, he took part in hundreds of battles before he turned 26. He has all kinds of scars and wounds on his body, and used his life and passion to gain success. I won’t let anyone question or slander him.

    Aunty Lin, since you’re my mom’s friend, I won’t look into this. But if I hear you slandering and defaming my fiancé again, I will lodge a complaint to the military court. If you suspect my fiance, then we should just let the military court decide if he’s innocent or not. However, if you lose that case, prepare yourself, Aunty Lin. I’m afraid you won’t be able to come to such a luxurious place to buy clothes again.”

    Lin Xin’s face became red and then turned pale from Zhong Nuannuan’s words, but she could not find the words to retort. She almost started bleeding from biting her tongue so hard.

    “Nuannuan, my mom said this because she cares. You’re Aunty Jiang’s daughter after all. My mom doesn’t want her best friend’s daughter to become a bad apple. Like the idiom says, correct mistakes if you have committed them and guard against them if you have not. How can you treat my mother so acrimoniously?”

    Lin Xin’s daughter was also one of the beauty queens in Zhong Nuannuan and Zhong Qianqian’s school. Oh, more like ex-beauty queen. Ye Meng Xi spoke up and began to talk some sense into Zhong Nuannuan while maintaining the image of an elegant noblewoman who had been wronged.

    Zhong Nuannuan smiled and replied, “Oh, then I have to ask you this. In the school forum, the ex-beauty queen of Ye University was caught looking at the most handsome boy in school, Leng Qirui, with hearts in her eyes. She even gave him a love letter. However, behind his back, she held hands with the young master of Tianke Video and hugged the young master of Changyang Technology. There’s also a picture of her kissing the young master of Xiaolong Real Estate. Are all those fake?

    “Even though I have no idea who defamed me behind my back and claimed that I was amorous with a lot of boys at school, no matter how soiled my name is, at least I never got caught. I was never photographed doing despicable things that would disgrace my family name!”