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Chapter 57

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 57: A Smack in the Face Again

    “Auntie Li, I’m sure you don’t know about Ye Mengxi’s secret that was exposed in the school forum. She was so young, and yet she was so naughty. She even learned how to flirt with multiple men at the same time from those horrible women. It’s hard carrying a child for 10 months, right? Well, she’s your daughter, so how could you let her learn to be so despicable? You should lecture her properly. Tell her not to use that slutty face to flirt with other men. It’s important to behave with dignity.”

    Zhong Nuannuan said what was on her mind and sarcastically repeated what Lin Xin had said to her without missing a word.

    Lin Xin had always been arrogant. All of the upper-class women would smile and greet her whenever they saw her, but now, she was being slapped in the face. Feeling frustrated, Lin Xin raised her voice a few octaves. “What the hell are you saying? Do you think I can’t also sue you for slander? Do you think that you’re the only one with an education? My husband is the chairman of the board. If you continue spewing bullsh*t, I’ll ask him to expel you!”

    “Aunty Lin, I’m saying this because I care. Ye Mengxi is the daughter of my mom’s best friend after all. I don’t want to see the daughter of my mom’s best friend becoming a bad apple. Like the idiom says, correct mistakes if you have committed them and guard against them if you have not. How can you treat me so acrimoniously? You even want to get the chairman of the board involved in this. Could it be that you want to use the public office to avenge private wrongs? Would the chairman agree to this?”

    Again, Zhong Nuannuan repeated what Ye Mengxi had said back to her.

    If slander means that you care, then enjoy a taste of your own medicine.

    Lin Xin’s chest was heaving from Zhong Nuannuan’s words. Her usual aristocratic demeanor had disappeared. “You b*tch, you have such a smart mouth. Let me give you a piece of advice, behind an able man are other able men. No one can avoid wetting their shoes if they are always walking along the riverbank.”

    Zhong Nuannuan chuckled coldly. “What a lady. There are only course words coming out from your mouth. There’s no difference between you and those uncultured women in the countryside. So, don’t pretend like you’re better than everyone else. You’re just using your position to bully others. Let me give you a piece of advice, don’t be so unkind to other people, you have to learn to be a docile woman. No one can avoid wetting their shoes if they are always walking along the riverbank. In the end, not only will you not be able to seduce any man, but your man will be easily seduced by other women.”

    Lin Xin kept on saying that her husband was on the school board, but perhaps she was unaware that her husband was already having an affair with her own sister.

    Lin Xin and Ye Mengxi’s faces were red after hearing Zhong Nuannua’s scathing words. They were speechless. It was so difficult to hold in their anger that tears even fell from Ye Mengxi’s eyes out of frustration.

    Jiang Shuwan was astonished. She did not understand why there was such a big change in Zhong Nuannuan after being in prison for only a month.

    Before this, she would just ignore it when people were talking bad about her. How did she become such a smart mouth after one month in prison?

    “Lin Xin, don’t be mad. Nuannuan…”

    “Hmph!” Lin Xin scoffed and pulled Ye Mengxi away.

    “Lil Xi, let’s go. Aunty Jiang is unavailable as she brought something shameful along with her today. Let’s just shop on our own.”


    The enraged mother and daughter refused to listen to Jiang Shuwan’s explanation as they turned around and left. However, they did not exit Venia as they instead walked upstairs.

    “Nuannuan, you fought with Aunty Lin, so it’s not appropriate to go upstairs right now. Why don’t you wait here, I’ll go upstairs and look around with Mom. We’ll come down after seeing if there’s anything suitable.”