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Chapter 58

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 58: Dispute

    Zhong Qianqian did not want Zhong Nuannuan to use her mom’s money.

    They bought her a two-thousand-dollar dress just now, which Zhong Qianqian thought was already extremely excessive for a country bumpkin like her.


    “No! This is sis’s favorite brand. Although I don’t understand, I know that I won’t go wrong if I buy the same thing as sis. Moreover, mom said that I am the young miss of the Zhong Family. I am a noble debutante. So, I want a dress that costs millions to match my identity. As a debutante, I don’t want what’s best, only what’s most expensive!”

    Jiang Shuwan, “…”

    Zhong Qianqian, “…”

    Both of their faces were extremely dark at this point.

    The most expensive nightgown Zong Qianqian owned cost 700 thousand dollars, and the rest cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Jiang Shuwan only agreed to buy her the ones that cost a million after she had been wronged multiple times.

    Even though they had shares in the Cloud Group, the money was all in Zhong Kuijun’s hands. Their annual allowance was capped at two million. In the past, a one-million-dollar dress was impossible.

    However, she finally had the opportunity to buy it, but Zhong Nuannuan kept on interrupting shamelessly. This was so heartbreaking.

    If she really wanted to buy it too, then its value would be lowered.

    How despicable!

    Zhong Nuannuan did not care how Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian feel. In short, if they were unhappy, then she would be happy.

    When they got upstairs, everyone’s gazes were captivated by a present that was placed in the middle of the shop.

    It was a long ombre blue dress, with the skirt the color of mercury. Under the moonlight, it looked like a pool of mercury had spilled on the floor. The workmanship around the waist was delicate with silver patterns etched on it. From top to bottom, it looked like something from medieval European courts, such that one would be reluctant to divert their gaze away from it.

    “Mom, I want this dress.”

    “Mom, I also want this dress.”

    Although Lin Xin and Jiang Shuwan were best friends, Ye Mengxi and Zhong Qianqian were not friends. This caused some slight tension to form in Lin Xin and Jiang Shuwan’s relationship.

    Now, both of the girls had their eyes on this dress. Lin Xin and Jiang Shuwan’s best friend status was being challenged.

    “Shuwan, look at Qianqian. Even though she lost some weight, I’m afraid it will be difficult for her to wear this dress. Why don’t you let Lil Xi have this dress instead? Lil Xi is thin, she can wear this.”

    Jiang Shuwan’s expression changed when she heard this. “What do you mean by that? Are you saying that Qianqian won’t be able to wear this? Why don’t we settle it this way? Let Qianqian try it on. If she can wear it, then it’s ours.”

    Lin Xin’s expression changed too. “What’s the point of that, Shuwan? Even if Qianqian can wear it, it will barely be satisfactory. This nightgown must be expensive, why don’t you just get something that fits her? Look at Lil Xi, I know this nightgown will suit her with just one look”

    “Lin Xin, I’ll be frank with you, so don’t be mad at me. Lil Xi is indeed very pretty, but aside from that face, the other parts of her body have not yet fully developed. Look at this dress. It’s so thin and fitting, I’m sure she won’t be able to support it, especially around the chest area. If she wears this, I’m afraid her entire belly will show.”

    Lin Xin and Ye Mengxi’s face darkened. They had been angered by Zhong Nuannuan just now, and now Jiang Shuwan was attacking them indirectly. Lin Xin’s face contorted into an ugly shape, and she retorted, “It’s better than the nightgown bursting open!”