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Chapter 65 - Big Boss, Please Praise Me

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 65: Big Boss, Please Praise Me

    “Don’t forget that Chi Yang has already reported his marriage to the military, so it’s officially a military marriage now. If Zhong Nuannuan dares to solicit other men outside and ends up getting caught by military officials, she’ll have to face time in prison!”

    Zhong Qianqian also understood this, but she could not help but feel angry as she burst into tears. “But Aiden doesn’t know all of that, and it’s so obvious! Aiden likes her! When you told him that she’s engaged, he was so shocked he dropped all the shopping bags. Woo… Mother, Zhong Nuannuan is truly my nemesis. She’s always out for every man I set my eyes on. I don’t care, I don’t want her to steal my men anymore. Aiden’s mine!”

    Although Jiang Shuwan remained collected on the outside in the hopes that Zhong Qianqian would calm down, inside, she was boiling with rage to the point that her hands started trembling in anger.

    She could understand her daughter’s feelings at the moment because she had experienced the same thing before too. Back then, Pu Yu had once snatched her man away from her. How could she forget the extreme pain that ached to her very bones?

    Jiang Shuwan let out a grim laugh. “Qianqian, just wait for a little while longer. I will make sure she loses all dignity and completely embarrasses herself. I’m sure that will show her. Don’t worry, Aiden will be yours.”

    With that, Jiang Shuwan opened the door.

    “Mother… What are you doing?” Zhong Qianqian grabbed Jiang Shuwan’s hand nervously. “I know I acted too rash toward Chi Yang last time, and that’s why he got so disgusted with my desperation. I can tell now that although Aiden likes Zhong Nuannuan, he’s still on the fence when it comes to me and Zhong Nuannuan because she has a fiancé. I can’t repeat the same mistake again. This time, I’ll make sure Aiden will come to me on his own volition!”

    Jiang Shuwan patted her daughter’s hand and reassured, “Don’t worry, let Mother handle it this time. This is their first time meeting, so what’s the need to speak alone? All you have to do is remain the poised and elegant woman that you are and wait for him to ask you out. I refuse to believe that this b*tch has the audacity to seduce another man in front of her mother. Besides… Don’t we have a banquet this weekend? Imagine having the General Manager of Tianheng Holdings on your arm—you would straightaway become the number one socialite of Jiang District!”

    Zhong Qianqian’s eyes widened when she heard the words “number one socialite of Jiang District” and a dazed look clouded her eyes. When she finally regained her composure, there was a different kind of sparkle in her eye.

    “Mother, it’s up to you then! You must make Aiden fall for me! If I can marry Aiden, forget being the number one socialite in Jiang District, I even stand a chance of being the number one socialite in Camino! Both of us will never have to live under Father’s scrutiny anymore.”

    “Yes, that’s right! When my darling Qianqian becomes the wife of Tianheng Holdings’ General Manager, I can do whatever I want, and I don’t need to be worried about what your father thinks of me anymore. Just you wait and see, Mother will go and stir something up.”

    “Yes! Mother, you can do it!”

    Elegant and poised, Jiang Shuwan stepped out of the car and walked toward Zhong Nuannuan and Aiden.

    At that moment, both figures were blocked by the trees around the corner. From Jiang Shuwan’s angle, it was impossible for her to spy on them.

    As for the two people who were currently hidden from the public eye, their roles have completely reversed.

    Aiden who had remained a top-class gentleman in front of others was now looking at his big boss with a sneaky grin on his face, looking like a large dog eager to be praised and petted.

    The conversation between the two was open and frank.

    “Big boss, what do you think? I performed quite alright in front of your mother and sister, didn’t I?”