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Chapter 67 - Nuannuan’s Great Ambition

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 67: Nuannuan’s Great Ambition

    “Yes.” Nuannuan nodded. “Nangong Yu was the Nangong family’s only beloved daughter, but she vanished 20 years ago. After passing through many places, she finally showed up in Jiang District and was rescued by Zhong Kuijun, whom she later married. It’s not clear if she lost her memory, or if she was fleeing from being hunted down and killed, but she changed her name to Pu Yu later on. If my guess is right, this woman is my biological mother. The only thing is, Nangong Yu died not long after giving birth to her child. This is why I want you all to investigate what happened in the Zhong family that year and what caused Nangong Yu’s death. I also need a photograph of Nangong Yu.”

    “That’s far too despicable! If that’s the case, big boss, isn’t it possible that back then, someone deliberately plotted to have you abducted and sold? Was it that Jiang Shuwan?”

    Aiden did not seem particularly concerned that his own family’s big boss might be the elder miss of the Nangong family. His focus was entirely on the matter of the big boss’ abduction as a child.

    After all, in his eyes, his family’s big boss was herself a top international tycoon. Regardless of whether her identity was ultimately that of the humble Zhong family’s beautiful daughter or the Nangong family’s aristocratic debutante, she was still his wise and resolute big boss who was more awesome than anyone else!

    Seeing the hate that filled Aiden’s eyes as if it had been his own mother who had been maliciously driven to her death and he had been the one abducted and sold by human traffickers, Zhong Nuannuan could not help chuckling in amusement.

    “Big boss, what are you laughing about?”

    Zhong Nuannuan winked at him. “So now do you still want to be my brother-in-law? If you really like Zhong Qianqian, I might take into consideration your relationship as my brother-in-law and won’t exact retribution on my family if justice demands it!”

    Aiden was rendered speechless by this. What was he to do, now that he no longer wanted to speak to Zhong Qianqian any longer?

    “Big boss, this family of yours is so vile, why do you still persist in remaining as part of them? You’re even going to school! Isn’t it enough to have a free, happy life with the few of us brothers?”

    When he remembered how he had sent the big boss home six months ago and how he had stared blankly upon seeing her in a school uniform with a very short skirt, her hair in a ponytail and a school bag on her shoulders for class—Aiden could not bring himself to meet her gaze at all.

    “If any outsiders find out that you’re in a small provincial town like this in Jiang District going to high school, I can predict they’ll be so shocked even their teeth will fall out! Big boss, the few of us siblings won’t be able to live it down you know!”

    Zhong Nuannuan was dumbfounded. “You do whatever you like; I do whatever I like. We stay in contact and we don’t get in each other’s way—what’s wrong with that? It’s not that I’m not acknowledging all of you anymore. However, if you feel I’m an embarrassment, you can all choose not to acknowledge me.”

    “You like going to high school?” Aiden’s voice rose higher in pitch; he could not help it. Who would have thought that the big boss had such abnormal tastes!

    “You wouldn’t understand; I’m a person with dreams,” Zhong Nuannuan replied in all seriousness.

    “Big boss, you’re already an extremely wealthy woman. Not just you, but the few of us siblings who have been with you and Big Brother—even if we just lie idle and squander that wealth, we’ll never be able to squander it all. What other dreams do you have in mind? Just say the word and all of us brothers will go through fire and water to make it come true.”

    The big boss’ dreams were their dreams too; Aiden did not consider this to be a laughing matter.

    “I’m the only one who can achieve my dreams,” Zhong Nuannuan told him.

    “Well, tell me about them then.”

    “My dream is to become a doctor. I want to take the entrance exam for the best medical school in the country so I can be admitted to the best medical research institute.”

    “…What?” Aiden thought he had misheard.

    “In a nutshell, I want to become a highly-skilled doctor who can contribute to society!”

    Aiden’s jaw dropped in astonishment.