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Chapter 68 - My Big Boss Has Been Switched Ou

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 68: My Big Boss Has Been Switched Out

    Aiden stared at Zhong Nuannuan in a daze. For a long time, the words were stuck in his throat.

    “What’s wrong?” Zhong Nuannuan curled her lips, looking at a dumbstruck Aiden.

    “No… Nothing. I’m just trying to see if you’ve been switched out. Judging from your external shell, you’re still my big boss, but inside, you’re already someone else.”

    Zhong Nuannuan smiled gently. She said seriously, “After getting back on the right track, I kept thinking that I needed to do something useful. Then, I had a earlier. A really long dream. After waking up from that dream, I decided to become a doctor who helps the dying and heals the injured.” Best if I could become a military doctor.

    She did not verbalize the last sentence at the end, though. She was afraid that she would frighten these little buddies.

    “…” Aiden was left speechless.

    “Look at your face, it’s like you’re saying that becoming a doctor isn’t a legitimate occupation. Think about it. I have a good grasp of pharmacology and know the acupuncture techniques too. Once I learn the ins and outs of surgical operation and how to be smart with my ability, when I become a famous doctor, if any of you falls sick or are injured, even if it is really serious, I will be able to treat you. Isn’t that good?”

    If she could become a highly-skilled doctor, she would be able to treat Chi Yang. She swore an oath that she must cure Chi Yang illness!

    “… Good!” Hehe. It was precisely because it was so good that he could hardly react.

    “Big boss, I can’t believe that you’re actually a lady who’s so… traditional and noble at heart!” Aiden nearly peed his pants from his big boss’ noble wil.

    Zhong Nuannuan gave him a huge grin in response. She patted Aiden’s shoulder, saying, “My life goal is to become a fine woman who has a distinguished career, can support my husband, and raise my children as well.”

    The corner of Aiden’s lips twitched violently, looking as if he had just seen a ghost.

    “Big boss, are you really so heartless that you don’t want your brothers anymore?”

    “Didn’t I already mention it earlier? When I become a highly-skilled doctor, you can come to me immediately when you’re sick! No matter how sick you are, I won’t charge you a cent. Brothers will stay brothers—forever!”

    Would not charge a cent?

    How generous!

    Aiden wanted to chuckle in Zhong Nuannuan’s face.

    But he did not dare.

    Seeing as if his spirit had left his body, Zhong Nuannuan talked sense into him patiently, “Aiden, I need to live my own life too! I will have a husband and children in the future. Although we can’t hangout like we used to, sticking together all the time, no one can change the fact that we’re friends forever—brothers for life. Once I’ve familiarized myself with this place, you can then infiltrate slowly.

    “From now on, we will watch out for each other from afar as we live our new lives. Isn’t that good? Don’t worry. If anyone is so bold as to mess with our hard-earned new lives, I will not balk at killing that person.”

    When she recalled the scene of her death, Zhong Nuannuan ordered, “Oh right, there’s one more thing. Find out about this woman with the code name ‘viper’. Look into list of international A-class assassins or mercenaries and see if you can identify this person. I’ll send this woman’s digital portrait to your email in a while.”

    Aiden nodded absent-mindedly. “What’s wrong with this person? Did she offend you, big boss? Why don’t I just issue an assassination order straight away and f*ck her up.”

    “This person is KE’s last surviving member.”

    “Surviving member? I’ve not heard of this person before! If she’s really KE’s last surviving member, how could she possibly make it to the A-class name list when I’ve never even heard of her before?”

    Zhong Nuannuan took a deep breath, then broke the tragic news to him. “King isn’t dead.”