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Chapter 69 - Kill Him Again

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 69: Kill Him Again

    “What?” This time, Aiden’s expression changed for real. A hint of trepidation was evident in his eyes. “How is that possible? We killed him with our own hands. We also blew up the entire island. How could he possibly survive that?”

    “Yeah. Why isn’t he dead?” This was something that even Zhong Nuannuan herself could not comprehend.

    “Big boss, are you mistaken?” Feeling rather defeated, Aiden asked.

    Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “King is indeed alive. This is a fact.” This was classified information that she had gotten in exchange for both her’s and Chi Yang’s life in the past.

    Nevertheless, Aiden did not ask Zhong Nuannuan how she could be so sure.

    This concerned their subordinates’ safety. Zhong Nuannuan would never joke about things like that.

    “If you want to find out about King’s whereabouts, you need to start with this viper woman. Be careful. Right now, we’re out in the open while they’re hiding in the dark. If you hit a wall, come back and report it first. Don’t confront them head on.”


    Seeing the dignified look in Aiden’s eyes, Zhong Nuannuan patted his shoulders once more and said, “Don’t worry so much. Even if he’s not dead, he must have turned into a crippled who’s knocking on death’s door after we blew him up real good. If we could kill him the first time, then we can kill him the second time. If he has nine lives, we’ll kill him ten times. Do you think he can still bounce around after all that?”

    Aiden’s morale was lifted by Zhong Nuannuan. “You’re right, big boss. He’s someone whom we will mop the floor with! Next time, I guarantee that he will die a clean death—a complete death!”




    “What’s up with the fiancé thing?” Aiden finally asked the main question.

    Indeed, this was ultimately the thing that he was most concerned about.

    Although the news that King was alive made him lose his head at first, Aiden returned to his unperturbed state after calming down. If the five of them could wipe out a massive organization such as KE, would they be defeated when facing a person who was teetering on the brink of death?

    “Do you really have a fiancé now? Are you planning to marry him after the engagement?”

    “Of course!” Thinking of Chi Yang and her life after marrying him, Zhong Nuannuan’s heart was filled with longing.

    Aiden saw the warmth in Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes. This was his first time seeing big boss filled with such deep affection toward a man. At once, a sense of deja vu arose in his heart, like a good white cabbage that had been dug up by a pig.

    “That pig… No, I mean, is your fiancé really in the military?”


    “But big boss, we’re…”

    Before Aiden could finish his sentence, Zhong Nuannuan gave him a gesture that forbade him from continuing. At almost the same time that Zhong Nuannuan asked him to stop talking, Aiden also sensed someone walking toward them.

    “My big sis doesn’t have a fiancé. If you want to court her, feel free to do it any time!”

    Aiden, “!!!”

    Jiang Shuwan walked over and heard these words.

    Previously writhing with anger, when Jiang Shuwan spotted Aiden, she was prepared to disgust him by talking about how great Zhong Nuannuan’s fiancé was treating her and how deep and profound their relationship was.

    After hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s words, however, her anger dissipated.

    As it turned out, Aiden pulled Zhong Nuannuan aside to ask about Qianqian!

    As for Zhong Nuannuan… Humph, consider herself sensible.

    She was already dating Chi Yang. Naturally, she was not supposed to have any wishful thinking about Aiden.

    Besides, Aiden was not a person who a country bumpkin like her had any right to contact.

    “Alright. I can only say so much. My mum is still waiting for me. I’m leaving now.”

    Having said that, Zhong Nuannuan headed back in the direction of the car.

    She had turned around when she saw Jiang Shuwan.