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Chapter 70 - Expert At Smearing Subordinate’s Name

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 70: Expert At Smearing Subordinate’s Name

    “Mum, why are you hear?”

    Jiang Shuwan was grinning from ear to ear and was in high spirits. “I’m planning to organize a banquet party at our place this weekend. It may not be some kind of a grand banquet, but didn’t Aiden just arrive in Jiang District and, thus, not have many friends here? Aiden, if you don’t mind, feel free to join us this weekend.”

    “Can I?” Aiden asked in delight.

    “Of course you can! If you can come, your presence will certainly brighten up our humble dwelling!”

    “Alright! I’ll make sure to drop by then.”

    “Mm. You have Qianqian’s phone number anyway. I’ll ask Qianqian to contact you when the time comes to let you know about the specific time and address.”

    “Alright. Madam Jiang, Miss Nuannuan, take care and goodbye.”

    “Madam Jiang? It makes us so distant when you address me that way, don’t you think? Just call me Aunty Jiang next time.”

    “Alright, Aunty Jiang.”

    “I can’t thank you and General Manager Wu enough for accompanying us today.”

    “Don’t mention it. Goodbye, Aunty Jiang.”

    When Jiang Shuwan led Zhong Nuannuan back in the car, the look on Zhong Qianqian’s face was one that could not wait to chop Zhong Nuannuan into pieces.

    Afraid that Zhong Qianqian was going to do something awful again, the first thing Jiang Shuwan did when she climbed into the car was grin and say, “Qianqian, do you know why Aiden pulled Nuannuan aside just now?”

    “…” She did not want to know! She did not have even the slightest interest to know!

    “Just now, mum went there and overheard Nuannuan telling Aiden that you don’t have a fiancé, then asked Aiden to pursue you freely.”

    Turning her head at breakneck speeds, Zhong Qianqian was loss for words. “Really?”

    “Of course.” Jiang Shuwan turned to look at Zhong Nuannuan. “Nuannuan, what exactly did Aiden tell you just now?”

    “Nothing, really. At first, he was concerned about my going to prison. Then, he congratulated me for gaining freedom. Afterward, he complimented sis and my good looks, saying that it’s a privilege for him to meet us. After exchanging conventional greetings for a very long time, he finally asked me if big sis has a boyfriend or fiancé. Foreigners are really annoying. They should get straight to the point if they want to ask something. Why go in one big circle. So exhausting!” Zhong Nuannuan climbed inside the car and smeared her subordinate’s name without batting an eyelid.

    After hearing what she said, Zhong Qianqian was completely over the moon.

    “What do you know? That’s him being polite. He can’t be pulling you aside and asking you directly if I have a boyfriend or not, can he? How rude will that make him look? Ugh, you won’t understand even if I explain it to you. Anyway, this is the mandatory social procedure and basic gentleman behavior of the upper class.” Zhong Qianqian put in a good word for Aiden.

    Seeing Zhong Nuannuan’s disapproving look, she could not help thinking of her unsophisticated ways.

    “Nuannuan, I think both you and Chi Yang look pretty good together, actually.”

    Of course, as soon as Chi Yang was mentioned, Zhong Nuannuan showed no humility. “That much is obvious! Chi Yang is my fiancé. If we’re not a match, then is he supposed to be your match?”

    Zhong Qianqian’s temper immediately flared. However, when she recalled that the international group Tianheng Holdings’ General Manager Aiden had actually fallen for her, all her grievances suddenly seemed to be bearable.

    “As a solder, Chi Yang may be exceptionally good-looking, classy, and has a bright future ahead of him, but he’s doomed to be a rough man for the rest of his life due to the nature of his job. You, on the other hand, grew up in a farming district, so even though you can’t pick up the many aspects of etiquette and nobility, a man like Chi Yang will surely look past that. Hence after thinking about it, both of you are truly a match made in heaven.”

    Did this woman describe her ridiculously good-looking prince charming, the Chi family’s one and only crown prince, as a rough man? Zhong Nuannuan really wanted to spit in her face.