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Chapter 71 - Young Mistress of Tianheng

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 71: Young Mistress of Tianheng

    “Long story short, thank you for putting in a good word for me in front of Aiden today. When I become the young mistress of Tianheng Holdings in the future, any clothes that you want to buy, as long as within reason, big sis will wrap up for you.”

    Zhong Qianqian saw herself as magnanimous. After how Zhong Nuannuan had treated her, she could just about bring herself to repay her injury with kindness after rising to power.

    In reality, she relished watching Zhong Nuannuan using things that she had so generously offered her. This would greatly satisfy her vanity.

    Of course, the most expensive item could not exceed 2000 bucks. Anything more than that and it would be out of bounds! However, for this country bumpkin, this was already the greatest gift she could receive.

    As soon as they were home, Zhong Nuannuan was just about to bring the clothes that she had ripped off of Jiang Shuwan into her room before the latter stopped her.

    “Nuannuan, don’t be so quick to put that gown away.”


    “Mum thinks that the gown’s color doesn’t match you well. Bright red matches Qianqian’s skin better. Why don’t you give it to Qianqian and mum will buy you another new gown tomorrow?”

    Aiden was watching earlier, therefore Jiang Shuwan could not say anything. She could only resign herself to buying Zhong Nuannuan a 300-thousand-buck gown.

    Now that they were home, it was easier to reason with her. She could not bring herself to give Zhong Nuannuan 300 thousand just like that. Later, if the dress was not a good fit for Qianqian, she would immediately sell it off.

    The tag was still attached and the dress was in pristine condition. Even in the worst case scenario, she could still get a 250 thousand refund, right?

    “Mum, big sis’ skin is darker than mine. I should be the one who looks better in red, right? Or perhaps you think that only clothes that cost two thousand bucks fit me better, hence expensive clothes are all out of my league?”

    “Look at you, little brat. Why are you acting all defensive like a hedgehog? So prickly toward everyone in your way!”

    “Mum, you’re the one who’s pushed me to the edge, no? Clearly, I’m the star this weekend, but the gown that big sis bought today is twice as expensive as mine. I’ve swallowed the humiliation and accepted it without a protest, yet here you are, extorting this 300 thousand dollar bargain from me and attempting to switch it out for a street stall good.

    “Mum, how virtuous of you to pile all the best and most expensive things on dad’s ex-wife’s daughter. You don’t flinch even if it means turning your own daughter into a beggar.

    “Oh dear, you’re even comparing me to a hedgehog now… So, are you saying that I’ve gotten the wrong idea? That you’re aware of your being biased, hence you’ve decided to buy me another gown that costs more than 700 thousand bucks? If that’s the case, I’ll give this gown to big sis immediately.”

    Jiang Shuwan, “!!!” What should I do, I want to strangle her to death so bad!

    “Nuannuan, mum was initially planning to do exactly that. You walked in first just now while mum was talking about it to me in private. She does think that your gown is a little too cheap and feels awful about it. She wants to buy you another piece that’s much more expensive. But, since you like this piece, just keep it then. I have too many red gowns. I think this one looks good on you too.”

    Zhong Nuannuan rolled her eyes at Zhong Qianqian, turned, then went upstairs.

    “Hey, did you see the look on her face? It’s like I’m indebted to her.” Only once she heard the sound of the door on the second floor closing did Jiang Shuwan utter those harsh remarks.

    “Mum—Don’t forget that you’re her biological mother! It’s normal for her to feel crossed at your biasness.” With her heart brimming with love, Zhong Qianqian’s EQ had also seemed to have kicked up a notch.

    “I really don’t understand your dad. That woman died so long ago, and her family members never came to look for her. Is it necessary to go so far as to make me her mum? He’s always asking me to be her mum. I’m sick to death of it!”