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Chapter 72 - Asking For Money

My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
     Chapter 72: Asking For Money

    “Mum, what’s there to be annoyed at? I’m going to date Aiden soon. If I can become his woman, we no longer need to live on anyone else’s terms anymore.”

    “Even if you date Aiden, I don’t want to see her married to Chi Yang, or the smug look on her face anymore! A sl*t’s daughter is also a sl*t! Since she’s a sl*t, she should remain in the mire all her life, never to rise again!”


    “Alright, alright! I can only vent my frustrations behind her back. I’ll still be a loving mother when I’m expected to. Honestly… she was abducted by the traffickers so many years ago, why is she back now?”

    Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian were watching television in the living room. Seeing Zhong Nuannuan coming downstairs, Jiang Shuwan immediately broke into a grin, saying, “Nuannuan, there are fruits here. Come and eat some, quick.”

    “I’ll pass. I’m going out to get some things done. Mum, please give me ten thousand bucks.”

    Ever since she discovered that making Jiang Shuwan spend a lot of money would drive her insane, it had become Zhong Nuannuan’s favorite thing to do.

    Sure enough, upon hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s demand for ten thousand bucks as soon as she opened her mouth, Jiang Shuwan nearly choked on the fruit in her mouth.

    “Ten thousand?” Jiang Shuwen’s tone went up two decibels. “Why do you need so much money when you’re only a student?”

    Zhong Nuannuan felt wronged. “Mum, my phone is wrecked after it was smashed to the ground earlier; I have to buy a new one! Also, I’m starting school next week. It’s compulsory to live on campus at Jia Yong. I can’t go on without money!”

    “And you need ten thousand for all that?” Jiang Shuwan was rendered speechless.

    “I need at least five to six thousand to get a new phone, right?”

    “Five to six thousand? What kind of phone are you getting?”

    “S5! I heard that while I was in prison, the S5 has appeared on the market in Camino. The remaining money will be my pocket money.”

    Jiang Shuwan was so mad that her head hurt.

    “You’re just a student. Why do you need to use such a sophisticated phone?”

    “Big sis is using S5, isn’t she? Why is big sis allowed to use one but I’m not? Isn’t big sis a student too?”


    “And you can spend more than 4000 bucks of living expenses in a week?”

    “Big sis has never gotten less than 10 thousand bucks a week in pocket money!”

    “… !!!”

    This move simply worked like a charm every single time.

    Thus, Jiang Shuwan was forced to fish out 3000 bucks from her purse. “I bought you a 300 thousand gown today. I don’t have a lot of money with me anymore. You can buy any phone you like with this money. The remaining money will be your pocket money for next week. Don’t keep comparing everything with your big sis. Your big sis’ results are better than yours, and your big sis is more sensible than you, so why haven’t you mentioned these things before?”

    Zhong Nuannuan held the 3000 bucks in her hand. Only after she had put them in her purse did she say, “Big sis seduces my man and stirs up trouble for the family. How is that sensible? How stingy! When dad comes home at night, I’ll tell dad that you’re ill-treating your own daughter!”

    After saying this, Zhong Nuannuan turned around and went upstairs.

    “Hey, aren’t you going to buy a phone?”

    “How am I supposed to buy a phone with this little money! I’d rather just go back to sleep!”

    Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian stared at her disappear in bewilderment. Even Aunty Zhao could not help walking out of the kitchen.

    “Madam, why do I have a feeling that there’s something wrong with Second Miss?”

    “Did you realize it too, Aunty Zhao?” Zhao Qianqian said, as if she had just seen a ghost, “Ever since Zhong Nuannuan went to prison, her entire demeanor has changed.”

    Jiang Shuwen echoed, “Last time, she was always cold and distant. She obeyed whatever we told her and didn’t like to argue with others. She accepted the pocket money no matter how much I gave her. Before she went to prison, I hadn’t given her any pocket money for two months, but she didn’t even ask for any. How did she turn out this way after going to prison?”