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Chapter 156 - Meeting Xia Fumeng Again

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 156: Meeting Xia Fumeng Again

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    The man sleeping on the bed like a dead pig had turned into a huge sweet potato to her. Mu Mianmian really wanted to throw him on the ground and stomp on him. So infuriating!

    No, tomorrow she would ask him clearly: who the hell that girl was, and why he had checked into a hotel room with another woman!

    Without getting to the bottom of things, it did not seem fair to sentence him just like that. The saddest thing in the world was for people to be alive but have no money. Their family still needed the cash to run things, so this passbook…

    Mu Mianmian looked at the passbook and was at a loss for a long time. Clenching her teeth, she took out 200 yuan from the cash pile next to the passbook. Tomorrow, she would spend a small sum first and use it to buy some lingerie for Qianmo. It was about time for Mo to get some new clothes…

    Hmph, if this heartless man was not able to explain clearly, she would spend a large amount then! This was not her being reluctant to spend money. Mu Mianmian struggled to find an excuse for herself.

    Qianmo was unaware of her little aunt’s intense emotional upheaval that night. The next morning, Mu Mianmian went to take revenge on society with her “large amount of money”.

    Chen Baichuan was nowhere to be found either. He might have gone to the farm or somewhere else. Only the two of them, Qianmo and Black, were at home. Qianmo simply assumed that there was an urgent matter at the farm and did not think too much about it. After eating breakfast, she went with Black to the police station.

    Someone had already given the police station prior notice, so after Qianmo showed her ID, she quickly met Xia Fumeng.

    After staying in there for a day, the girl did not seem affected at all and even had a sweet smile on her face. It was just that seeing this smile after seeing her true colors, it made people shudder in fear.

    When she saw Qianmo, Xia Fumeng was a little shocked but quickly calmed down.

    “Sister, so you’re a ‘strip’.”

    “No, I’m about to be a police officer. Also, don’t think it’s cool to learn a few slangs from TV series. Let me ask you, do you know why cops are also called ‘strips’?”

    Qianmo pulled out a chair and sat across from her, while Black waited outside with the other police officers.

    Xia Fumeng guessed that Qianmo had come to be her “psychological counselor” and had long thought of various ways to verbally attack her. She did not expect Qianmo’s move to be so unpredictable, however.

    “Why should I tell you?” Xia Fumeng’s train of thought was interrupted.

    Qianmo chuckled softly. “Because you don’t know. Let me tell you, this term, which is obviously derogatory, originated from Hong Kong films. When brought in for questioning, the gangsters over there must answer ‘yes sir’, and in Cantonese, the word ‘sir’ is similar to the sound of the Chinese word for snake. As the snake is a long strip, the term ‘strip’ came about in reference to cops. Little sister, you don’t even know this, yet you came out to commit crimes. You’re too inexperienced.”

    Xia Fumeng had not been afraid since she came in. She had researched and familiarized herself with the Law on the Protection of Minors. She clearly understood that she would not have to pay any price for her conduct. Therefore, she had no fear, even looking down on those in uniform from the bottom of her heart.

    What was so great about them? They were earning a meager salary to do dangerous and exhausting work. They could work hard for a year, and it would still not be enough for her wimpy mother to buy a bag.

    Exactly because Xia Fumeng disdained these people that all the police officers on this case who interrogated her, wishing to have a heart-to-heart chat with her to try to enter the inner world of this frighteningly unfeeling girl, had hit a brick wall.

    In the end, once Qianmo made her move, it forcefully struck at the heart of her inner world.

    “What do I need to know these for? Use it as food? Spend it like money? No,” she retorted Qianmo.

    Qianmo shrugged. “At least, you won’t be mocked by others. It’s terrible not to be cultured. You know, whatever you’re doing now is not even as good as mole crickets and ants. Even the beggars on the streets are stronger than you. You’re the most inferior existence in this world. Of course, we also have a more appropriate term to describe you—the dregs of society.”

    Several of her senior brothers watched on as she hurled insults at the girl. On the one hand, they felt delighted. Yesterday, all of them had been mocked by the terrible little girl inside. To be honest, had it not been for their professional conduct, they would really want to beat her up. She was just too infuriating.

    But on the other hand, they felt that Qianmo was really daring for saying that.

    Xia Fumeng was enraged. She sat upright, her face devoid of the nonchalant expression that condescended everything. Instead, it was full of rage. As soon as Qianmo saw her reaction, she knew that she had succeeded.

    Anger would weaken one’s IQ. Although this little girl was malicious enough, she was still a greenhorn. Had it been a few more years later, she would definitely not take the bait so easily. But Qianmo would not allow her to grow further. If this girl’s anti-social thinking was a malignant tumor, Qianmo would be the surgical knife and cut off the lesion.

    It was difficult for the law to punish minors, but she could interfere as a psychotherapist to prevent this child from deteriorating further.

    “Who do you think you are? You’re just someone whom I defeated. You couldn’t even see through my disguise. What right do you have to criticize me?”

    “What right do I have? Fine, let me tell you what right I have. Xia Fumeng, I am a mind-reader. Don’t you boast of having the IQ to mess with everyone? In that case, do you dare to listen to my analysis of your innermost being?”

    “Ha! Where are you, this bullsh*t expert, from? Do you think I’ll be scared of your post-mortem analysis that’s just a trick?”

    Unhurriedly, Qianmo snapped her fingers, and her assistant pushed the door to enter and handed her a paper and pen—Yes, her assistant was Yu Changmo.

    “Come on, I’ll draw your experiences while growing up.” Qianmo’s skills in the four arts could all be put to use. Besides, They were good enough to dupe people.

    Before she came, she had thought about how to break down the child’s psychological defense. It was true that this was an indifferent minor who lacked a sense of honor, shame, and responsibility, but still, she had not grown up yet. In order to communicate with children, just talking about principles and morals was not enough, as they would turn a deaf ear to them.

    Now that it was the information era, the children were all maturing at a young age. With the omnipotent Internet, these children could articulate chicken-soup-for-the-soul reasonings even more fluently than adults. Hence, Qianmo came up with this method to keep up with the times.

    It was making use of children’s curiosity. The curiosity of minors was a double-edged sword. If used in the wrong place, it would result in mistakes. If utilized properly, you could scrape their bones to cure the poison.

    Sure enough, Xia Fumeng was interested in what Qianmo had to offer. Although she still had a look of disdain on her face, her eyes were already staring at Qianmo’s paper and pen, eager to see what she was drawing.

    After her assistant, Black, gave her the pen and paper, he openly stood there and refused to leave, ignoring the jealous and envious eyes of the seniors outside.

    The senior brothers glanced at each other.

    Hence… The seniors took into account each other’s considerations and concluded,

    Calmly drawing her cartoons, Qianmo said, “Thanks to my father for sending me to learn the four arts since young, I know all of them. Black, aren’t I very talented?”

    “Yep,” her assistant replied sincerely.

    Qianmo sketched a cartoon doll. Her drawing style was like a simpler version of Japanese comics. The people she drew were all fantastic. A pretty little girl was sitting next to a piano. At the side were all kinds of talents, such as chess and Peacock dance.

    These were all the medals she had seen in the cabinet the night before.