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Chapter 819 - Yang Ziyu Is Pregnant?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 819: Yang Ziyu Is Pregnant?

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    At this moment, a terrifying scene took place in the lobby of the Wen Corporation office tower.

    A woman dressed in white pajamas and wielding a shiny fruit knife was getting into a scuffle with the security guards in the lobby, her long and wavy tresses draped messily across her chest.

    The woman was none other than Yang Ziyu.

    Wen Haowen committed adultery because of Yang Ziyu’s set up. After the news was exposed, Yang Ziyu was given lots of nasty labels. For example, she was castigated and labeled as a “shameless homewrecker”, “brazen hussy”, “shameless slut”…

    Yang Ziyu had also been fired from the Wen Corporation because of the scandal and even got blacklisted in the industry. Her reputation had truly been ruined.

    “Where is Wen Haowen? I want to see Wen Haowen. Hurry and get him to come here,” Yang Ziyu yelled at the top of her voice while swinging the knife in front of the security guards.

    The captain of the security team had never experienced anything like that before. He immediately broke out in cold sweat and said, “Miss Yang, please calm yourself down. Let’s put the knife down and talk things over calmly, alright? This knife looks very sharp. Be careful not to injure yourself.”

    It was the day of the product launch and hence, they had already arranged for the security to be tightened by increasing manpower. Yet, there was still an unexpected incident. If the product launch were to be affected because of that, the security team would definitely be severely punished.

    He had already found out from one of the security officers that Yang Ziyu had turned up with an invitation, and the security officers did not recognize her. Although she looked peculiar, they decided to let her in because she had an invitation!

    Yang Ziyu swung the knife again agitatedly and shrieked. “I told you to get Wen Haowen to come here. Did you hear me? I won’t put the knife down unless I see Wen Haowen.”

    The captain of the security team wiped the sweat off his forehead and tried to approach Yang Ziyu. “Miss Yang, don’t get too agitated. Let’s talk things over calmly. Put the knife down. Let’s talk properly…”

    Yang Ziyu suddenly pointed the knife at the security guard and warned. “Don’t approach. If you come any closer… if you come nearer… I will… I will…” She suddenly placed the knife on her neck.

    Frightened out of his wits, the security officer hurriedly retreated and raised his arms. “Fine… I won’t go near you. I won’t. Let’s talk things over calmly. Don’t get too agitated. Calm down, calm down… don’t hurt yourself!”

    Yang Ziyu yelled, “Hurry and get Wen Haowen to come out and see me. I must ask him… just why he pushed the blame to me when we were both willing parties? He made me lose my job and get labeled as a homewrecker, while he… became the victim. Why does he deserve to continue enjoying glory? Why?”

    During this period of time, she had been criticized in public, and there were even people who threw eggs and rotten vegetables at her, insulted her and berated her. Even her relatives and friends avoided her. She was in such a pathetic state… why did Wen Haowen deserve to live well?

    The captain of the security team began to breathe irregularly and stared at the knife which had already slit her skin open. Feeling at a loss for what to do, he said, “Miss Yang, you want to see Mr. Wen, right? I… have already asked someone to bring him over. Put the knife down first…”

    Yang Ziyu gripped the knife tightly and barked. “If you’ve already called him, why isn’t he here yet? Is he not willing to come and see me? You… tell him that I’ve already gotten pregnant with his child. If he still doesn’t come and see me, I’ll take his child to hell with me.”

    The captain shuddered in fear as soon as he heard her words!

    Wen Haowen happened to hear Yang Ziyu’s words when he arrived at the scene with his secretary. He stopped in his tracks and asked in disbelief, “What did you say?”

    Yang Ziyu got extremely agitated when she saw Wen Haowen. “Hao… Haowen, you’re finally here to see me.”

    Wen Haowen questioned sternly, “You said that you’ve gotten pregnant with my child. Is that true?”

    He remembered that he had gotten high off alcohol that night and did not use any contraceptives. Could it be that he had hit bull’s eye with just one shot?

    He immediately felt conflicted, partly because he wanted a child, especially since he had been looking forward to having one for more than a decade. However… the person carrying his child was Yang Ziyu. It would be a stain in his life. What should he do with her? Was he supposed to make her get an abortion?

    Yang Ziyu nodded profusely and said, “Haowen… I’m pregnant with your child. I came to look for you just so I could tell you this news. However, they recognized me when I reached the lobby and forbade me from entering. That’s why I…”

    She waved the knife in her hand.

    Wen Haowen hurriedly tried to comfort her. “I know. Put the knife down first. Let’s talk things over calmly.”

    Yang Ziyu flew into a rage after hearing his words and shrieked. “You’re lying to me… you’re lying to me. You’re just trying to force me to abort the child, aren’t you? I’m telling you… forget about it. I won’t be duped by you.”

    All of a sudden, the reporters swarmed towards them and began snapping away.

    The security guards recovered from the shock and quickly stopped them. “Don’t take photos… stop!”

    Wen Haowen did not expect that the reporters would be alarmed. He asked in frustration, “What do you want, then?”

    Yang Ziyu screamed, “I want you to divorce Ning Shuqian and promise to marry me in front of the reporters.”

    Wen Haowen retorted without hesitation. “You must be crazy!”

    Even if he could divorce Ning Shuqian, he would not marry a woman like Yang Ziyu. She would forever be a stain in his life. She almost caused his reputation to be ruined.

    “If you don’t agree, I’ll take our child to hell with me. Guess what others will say about you. They’ll say… that you caused the death of your own child.” Yang Ziyu pressed the knife against her neck again and slit her skin, causing blood to ooze out. It formed a terrifying sight.

    Wen Haowen got a great shock. He said in a mellower tone, “Don’t get too agitated. Don’t worry… I won’t make you get an abortion… let’s talk things over calmly!”

    With so many reporters around, he definitely wouldn’t tell her get an abortion.

    The reporters broke into commotion and continuously pushed the security guards while snapping away, causing the camera shutters clicking to fill the air. It was a piece of groundbreaking news.