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Chapter 459 - I Wish I Had a Watermelon

Medical Master
     “It seems that I can only show my unique skills.”

    Knowing that neither the PD nor the VJ had a lighter, Fang Qiu grinned, put the washed fish aside, and cut two dry branches with a hoe.

    After sharpening one and digging a small hole in the other, he started to drill wood to make fire!

    “Will it work?” the PD asked.

    Everyone in Huaxia knew things like drilling wood to make fire, but few people knew how to operate it.

    Not to mention that Fang Qiu was just a student.

    And he was at the age of seventeen currently.

    In the eyes of the PD, who was nearly thirty, Fang Qiu simply could not do it.

    Not just the PD, the VJ thought the same.

    However, when both of them looked at Fang Qiu with suspicion, white smoke suddenly began to rise underneath Fang Qiu’s hands, which was twisting the dry branch.

    Then the white smoke grew more and thicker!


    Finally, there was a small kindling sound.

    Flames leaped from the dry branches.

    This scene suddenly shocked the PD and the VJ.

    Fang Qiu did it successfully?

    He really made fire by drilling wood!

    Moreover, it was a success.

    It took less than a minute from the begining to the ignition.

    With this speed, Fang Qiu was simply an expert of experts!

    How could that be?

    Watching Fang Qiu add more and more wood to make the fire bigger and bigger, the two of them froze.

    “The wind is not strong today, and there is a river nearby, so there is no potential safety hazard.”

    Fang Qiu looked up and said to the camera, “However, don’t light a fire easily if you go out into the wild. Mountain forests are particularly prone to fires, which can spread quickly and are difficult to extinguish, so please don’t imitate me. Even if you have to light a fire, make sure you do it somewhere safe, like a riverbank or a lakeside.”

    Fang Qiu had said it all before the PD and the VJ reacted.

    Looking at the way Fang Qiu skillfully skewered and roasted fish, they looked at each other.

    There was admiration in their eyes.

    Among other things, with this skill, even if Fang Qiu were alone in the wild, he would certainly be able to live very well!

    The fish was not thick.

    It didn’t take long to roast the fish.

    After fifteen minutes, Fang Qiu divided the cooked fish into three equal portions, and the three ate the fish together.

    Taking a bite first, Fang Qiu immediately looked at the PD and asked with a smile, “What about the taste?”

    “Not bad.”

    While eating, the PD said, “Although there is no salt, you washed the fish so cleanly that I can’t smell anything fishy. Moreover, the fish is tender, and it will definitely taste good with seasoning. What a pity!”

    The VJ aside nodded frequently.

    He had been shooting, keeping his hands on the camera, and even the fish was fed to him by the PD.

    “Mainly because the fish here are good.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “This is a place where nobody comes in a year or two. And with the good water in the river, the fish will naturally taste better.”

    The PD and the VJ immediately nodded in agreement.

    After all, they were the wild fish in the mountains and were completely different from those in the rivers and lakes.

    The three of them ate while chatting.

    Soon, the two big fish were eaten by three.

    Fang Qiu lay on the grass by the river, patted his newly-satisfied belly, and said with a look of enjoyment, “I really had a good time eating the fish, but it’s too hot. Now I wish I had a watermelon to relieve the heat.”

    Hearing that, the PD could not help but shake his head and chuckle after he had eaten so much.

    He thought, “You are indeed good at enjoying life.”

    You wanted to eat watermelon in this place?!

    Where shall I find you a watermelon in this wild forest?

    Fang Qiu stood up, looked around, and actually started looking for watermelons.

    “You think you’ll find watermelons here, don’t you?”

    The PD teased him.

    “Isn’t there a watermelon?”

    Fang Qiu pointed across the river.


    The PD suddenly stood up and looked in the direction Fang Qiu pointed.

    As he saw the watermelon, he was dumbfounded.

    No to mention him, even Fang Qiu was stunned at this moment!

    He just said that he wanted to eat watermelon off the top of his head. But he didn’t expect that there was a ripe watermelon on the other side of the river. The big watermelon was buried in a pile of plants.

    Fang Qiu was originally looking at how to pick the two medicinal plants across the river, but he didn’t expect to see a watermelon.

    “How, how is that possible?”

    The PD was dumbfounded.

    The VJ was also stunned. He even turned the camera towards the watermelon without even realizing it and gave the watermelon a big close-up.

    “Hey, I’m so lucky?”

    After feeling stunned for a moment, Fang Qiu could not help laughing.

    At this moment, he suddenly remembered that when he went to Mount Taishan in search of the Earth Treasure, all his wishes came true.

    He had to admit that he was really a lucky dog.

    “Wait for me. I’ll go and pick the watermelon as well as the two herbs.”

    Without further ado, Fang Qiu took off his coat and put his carry-on wallet and papers in his pocket. Then he carried the hoe for picking herbs, jumped into the river, and walked to the opposite side.

    The one-meter-deep river happened to reach the base of Fang Qiu’s thigh.

    The river in the mountains was cold.

    Fang Qiu, who couldn’t stand the blazing sun, jumped into the river, feeling very refreshing.

    He took a dip in the river.

    Then Fang Qiu walked across the river, dug the two medicinal plants, picked the big watermelon, and carried them back.

    “The watermelon is not bad. At least it’s four or five kilograms.”

    After putting the two medicinal plants in the basket, Fang Qiu put the watermelon in the river and chilled it for a few minutes.

    Then he took it out and dried it.

    He held it with his left hand and thumped it in half with his right hand.

    He then divided half of the watermelon into three pieces.

    After giving the PD and the VJ one piece each, he held the last piece and the other half.

    “This watermelon tastes good with mushy pulp, and it can be considered a miracle for it to grow so large in the wild.”

    Fang Qiu talked to the camera as he ate the watermelon.

    The PD was gorging himself on the watermelon as well.

    The VJ even carried the camera with one hand and gulped the watermelon.

    Fang Qiu finished gobbling his portion.

    Seeing that the PD and the VJ were still eating, and looking at the remaining half of watermelon in his hand, Fang Qiu smiled and asked, “Have you ever been to the countryside?”

    Both of them shook their heads at the same time.

    “Do you know where it is easiest to grow watermelon seedlings and produce watermelons in the countryside?” Fang Qiu asked again.

    They shook their heads again.

    “How about this?”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “When you’re eating watermelons one day, you eat the seeds too. Then you find a bush by a stream and empty your bowels. Come back in a year and you’ll see watermelon seedlings and maybe a big watermelon.”

    Hearing that, they opened their eyes wide!

    “So, why is there such a big watermelon in this place?” Fang Qiu asked with a smile.

    The PD and the VJ looked at each other and looked at the watermelon in their hands at the same time. They felt nauseous and almost vomited.

    “Fine, fine.”

    Seeing that, Fang Qiu laughed. “I lied to you. Some travelers came here and ate watermelon. They left the seeds here, and the latter took root and germinated. That should be the origin of the watermelon. And when I went to pick it just now, I saw the marks of the watermelon rind over there.”

    The two were speechless.

    At the same time, they glanced at Fang Qiu fiercely.

    “We’ve had enough to eat, and it’s time to get down to business.”

    Fang Qiu stood up.

    “What do you keep half of it for?” the PD asked.

    “We should share each other’s fortunes. Now that we’ve eaten, we’d better save some for someone else,” Fang Qiu replied with a smile.

    With a little bit of perception, Fang Qiu caught Jiang Miaoyu’s breath in a moment as he spoke.

    “Let’s go and continue to pick up medicinal herbs.”

    Fang Qiu stepped towards Jiang Miaoyu’s location.


    After a while, Fang Qiu waved and shouted as he was a few meters away from Jiang Miaoyu.

    Jiang Miaoyu looked up.

    At this point, she was sweating like a pig, and her hair was wet.

    “Here you are.”

    Fang Qiu came up and thumped the remaining half of the watermelon into two halves. He handed one half to Jiang Miaoyu and then divided the other half into two pieces. After that, he handed them to Jiang Miaoyu’s PD and VJ respectively.

    The distribution was uneven, but in this case, there was a watermelon, which already surprised the two of them. Moreover, the watermelon belonged to Fang Qiu, so how to divide it was up to him. They felt happy about having the chance to eat it.

    “The program group treats you so well and even sent you a watermelon?” Jiang Miaoyu asked in amazement while eating the watermelon.

    “The program group is so stingy. How could it send me a watermelon?”

    Fang Qiu sighed and said, “I’m a lucky dog. I found it over there, and it’s pure wild.”

    Hearing that, Jiang Miaoyu and the other two were stunned.

    “Beep, beep, beep…”

    At this time, text messages came.

    The two PDs fished out their phones at the same time, and the two VJs also turned their cameras to the phones at the same time.

    Both of the PDs received a text message from the director group.

    “The rankings have been updated.”

    Fang Qiu’s PD said, “You’re in second place.”


    Fang Qiu took the phone curiously.

    As he took a closer look, he found that the first place was Luo Jie, the apprentice to Holy Doctor Chu!

    He had collected 13 herbs in total.

    Fang Qiu himself ranked second and had picked 12 herbs in total!

    “Why did it happen to be him?”

    Fang Qiu frowned, saying, “Looks like I need to speed up.”

    “Come on.”

    Jiang Miaoyu urged him.

    She knew the competitive relationship between Fang Qiu and Luo Jie, so she was worried about Fang Qiu, for fear that he would lose to Luo Jie at this part.

    “Okay, then I’ll go first. Be careful, take a break when you are tired,” Fang Qiu said with concern.

    “I know.”

    Jiang Miaoyu nodded.

    Then, the two parted again.

    Obviously, Fang Qiu did not take special care of Jiang Miaoyu. With his eyesight and perception, if he wanted to help Jiang Miaoyu find medicinal herbs, it would be effortless. As long as he was with Jiang Miaoyu and gave her some instructions occasionally, Jiang Miaoyu would soon find all eighteen herbs.

    But Fang Qiu did not do that.

    He knew that Jiang Miaoyu also had her pride.

    After parting with Jiang Miaoyu, Fang Qiu walked quickly through the jungle, collecting medicinal herbs.

    An hour later, he successfully collected all eighteen medicinal herbs.

    Carrying a basket full of herbs, Fang Qiu returned easily and happily along the way.

    On the way, he encountered many contestants.

    Everyone was surprised to see Fang Qiu walking back.

    “He can’t have done his job, can he?”

    “So fast?”

    “No way! Why was he so lucky?”

    Soon, everyone received a text message.

    First place: Fang Qiu, 18 herbs.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu had really done his job, everyone was nervous and started to hurry up.

    Deep in the forest, Jiang Miaoyu smiled with relief after seeing the latest ranking and then secretly cheered herself on.

    Currently, she had only picked 12 herbs, while Luo Jie, who came in second, had already picked 15 herbs.