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Chapter 156 - Fu Guisheng

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 156: Fu Guisheng

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    He seemed to be a man of culture, wearing a smart suit and an expensive watch. His face was long and clean-shaven. He had layered, wavy hair with a soft natural bounce, making him seem somewhat artsy. Overall, he gave off the impression of having good taste.

    1However, at this very moment, the man’s countenance was anything but! He was bursting with rage. His eyes smoldering, he looked so fierce that he seemed like an enraged wild stallion. His anger was directed at no other than Zhang Dashan.

    “Oh no, Brother Shan, that is Fu Guisheng, a young brain surgeon from our hospital. He is also the nephew of the Lawyer Fu Heyu!” said Tang Ren.

    WTF, what were the chances of running into him?

    Zhang Dashan’s face immediately turned apprehensive, then said in an accusing tone, “Brother, why didn’t you tell me earlier, had I known that Fu Heyu’s nephew is here, I wouldn’t have brought this topic up.”

    Tang Ren tried to explain, feeling somewhat wronged, “I was just going to tell you, but… Aiyah… ”

    He was totally focused on preparing for the exam for the Medical Practitioner’s Qualification Certificate at the moment and wasn’t keeping tabs with current affairs. He only knew Fu Heyu because of this man, Fu Guisheng. He had just joined the workforce after graduating from university and was still a houseman, so he had worked under Fu Guisheng for a while, and had only heard of Fu Heyu because of that.

    He really did intend to tell Zhang Dashan just now, but he didn’t get the chance to do so. How was he to know that Fu Guisheng was sitting not far away and had by chance heard Zhang Dashan bragging?

    Seeing how things had turned out, Xiao Luo was left speechless. He rolled his eyes at Zhang Dashan and reprimanded, “Can’t you be more low-key next time?”

    “Well, I’m being low-key enough by not going on stage with a microphone and loudly announcing my glorious history in court.” Zhang Dashan retorted in typical fashion.

    By now, the young doctor, Fu Guisheng, and a cohort of some seven or eight people from his table had already surrounded them, glaring at Zhang Dashan with deep animosity.

    “What did you say just now, I dare you to repeat yourself!”

    Fu Guisheng snarled at Zhang Dashan menacingly, seething with a look that could kill.

    Although Tang Ren still looked like a youngster, he had joined the workforce for more than one year and knew the ways of the world more or less. He immediately stood up and greeted the doctor with an apologetic smile. “Brother Fu, don’t take it to heart. He has been drinking and is just talking nonsense.”

    “Yes, yes, yes, don’t mind him, Dr. Fu. His personality is such, always boasting.”

    Xiao Ruyi followed her husband, Tang Ren, standing up apologetically, and spoke with a smile. Then, she looked at Zhang Dashan and signaled for him to apologize.

    Although Zhang Dashan was fierce, he wasn’t an unreasonable person. The other party was Fu Heyu’s nephew, and to put himself in that person’s shoes, had he caught someone badmouthing his uncle, he wouldn’t have been able to accept it as well. Besides, they were at the mid-autumn festival celebration held by Xiao Ruyi’s hospital, and it would be right to avoid trouble.

    He poured himself a glass of liquor and held it in his hand as he stood up. Turning to face Fu Guisheng, he said, “Brother, it is my fault, I shouldn’t sprout nonsense. Consider this glass of liquor, my apology.”

    Having said so, he tilted his head back and finished the glass of liquor in one go.

    Fu Guisheng recognized the man in front of him, as the one who embarrassed his uncle in court on that fateful day. The very d*ckhead that had personally ruined his uncle’s reputation forever. If it was someone else, he might have just let it go, but it was none other than Zhang Dashan, how could he let the matter go.

    He said coldly, “Isn’t one glass too little?”

    After he said that, the looks in the eyes of Feng Wuhen and Little Five, who had been eating up to that point, turned slightly cold.

    Xiao Luo paused slightly, and he glanced at the young doctor. Zhang Dashan had already apologized, if the other party intended to push his luck, Xiao Luo would not have let him have his way. Of course, he didn’t show it and continued eating his meal as if nothing had happened.

    “Brother Fu, do let it go, he is my friend, don’t…” Tang Ren said.

    “Tang Ren, this has nothing to do with you, get out of the way!”

    Before Tang Ren even finished his words, Fu Guisheng pushed Tang Ren to the side roughly. Tang Ren being rather weak, fell to the ground.

    “Fu Guisheng, a gentleman uses his tongue but not his fists, how can you lay your hands on Tang Ren!”

    Xiao Ruyi reproached Fu Guisheng as she walked over and helped her husband, Tang Ren, up.

    Fu Guisheng ignored her and poured a new glass of liquor, holding it in front of Zhang Dashan and demanded with an impudent tone, “Drink it!”

    “Hey… You think you are somebody?”

    Feng Wuhen threw down his chopsticks and stood up, glaring at Fu Guisheng angrily. Zhang Dashan was his benefactor, and he relied on Zhang Dashan’s help during the days when he was recovering from his wounds. He couldn’t just sit by and watch Zhang Dashan get bullied.

    He looked every bit a gangster, and the seven or eight people around Fu Guisheng were taken aback slightly when he stood up.

    Zhang Dashan lifted his hand and motioned for Feng Wuhen to sit down. With a smile, he looked at Fu Guisheng and said, “Sure, I’ll drink, all the liquor on this table. It’s mine anyway, and it’s going to my stomach sooner or later!”

    He wasn’t afraid, but he didn’t want to cause trouble and ruin the pleasant atmosphere that was conducive for Xiao Luo and Sun Yu to develop their relationship.


    But just as he reached out to take the glass of liquor, Fu Guisheng, with no warning at all, splashed the alcohol directly into his face.

    “I forgive you now!”

    Satisfied, Fu Guisheng smiled darkly. He turned to go back to his seat.


    A calm, steady voice called out.

    Fu Guisheng snorted, stopping to turn around. Just as he turned, he was greeted by a large bowl of liquor sloshed right into his face. He was totally soaked, intuitively blowing out from his airways as he struggled to keep composure. As a small volume of liquor invariably got taken in, Fu Guisheng couldn’t help feeling like “two worms were desperately trying to make their way up to his nostrils,” making him cough uncontrollably.

    As he recovered, he took a good look and saw that it wasn’t the man who had ridiculed his uncle that had drenched him, but the man who had been eating quietly beside Zhang Dashan.

    A man who bore a smooth face, thick eyebrows, statuesque features… It was none other than Xiao Luo!

    Xiao Luo looked at him calmly. “I’m sorry, I poured the liquor by mistake. I thought it was a rubbish bin I was pouring into.”

    Rubbish bin?

    Fu Guisheng was raging inside, and one side of his face twitched insidiously. This man was clearly insulting him.

    “*sshole, you…”

    “Guisheng, what are you all doing?”

    Just as Fu Guisheng was going to flip, a middle-aged man walked over, a glass in his hand. His hair was well-oiled and combed back, to the extent that it was shiny; he had a large belly and a round face, his chin barely visible, but everything about him exuded the carriage of someone in a leadership role.

    Seeing the middle-aged man, Fu Guisheng immediately returned his vicious expression to a placid smile. “Director He, nothing much, it’s just that… “He gazed fleetingly over to Xiao Luo’s table, and said with unbridled scorn, “It seems that some irrelevant people have made their way into our hospital’s celebration. Wouldn’t it be better if we asked them to leave?”

    Of course, he didn’t explain what was actually going on. He did not wish to make publicly known what had happened to his uncle, especially not to his superior in the hospital.

    “Oh? Irrelevant people?” The middle-aged man’s gaze fell on Xiao Luo and his companions.

    Xiao Ruyi hurriedly went over to smooth things over. “Director, they are all my friends. I knew that we’d not have enough people to fill the seats for tonight’s celebration, so I invited them over to join in the fun.”

    “Ah, Ruyi, the celebration is just for the hospital employees, I’m sure you know that?” The middle-aged man spoke in an authoritative tone.

    Xiao Ruyi continued to explain, “Director, he is my brother, my brother by birth, they are not…”

    The middle-aged man waved his hand and interrupted her. “We can’t have them here even if he’s your brother. It’s against the rules, and you should ask them to leave.”