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Chapter 157 - This Is a Rival

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 157: This Is a Rival

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Sister Luo, who is that b*stard flaunting his authority!”

    Zhang Dashan was seething. Fu Guisheng had splashed beer all over him over an altercation. His temper was not abated despite Xiao Luo immediately returning the deed and dousing the perpetrator with the drink he had in his hand. Zhang Dashan had a hot temper like Xiao Luo, and once angered, he would even dare to challenge the Jade Emperor.

    A middle-aged man stood close by observing them, and his countenance suddenly became dark.

    Xiao Ruyi, standing next to Zhang Dashan, sucked in her breath, and with a cold stare, whispered, “He is the Head of our department, Big-faced Zhang. Can you not stop your nonsense?”

    Xiao Luo shot a glance at Zhang Dashan, signaling him not to act rashly. The whole scene was turning out to be an embarrassment for his sister.

    Seeing that Zhang Dashan had now curbed his anger, Xiao Ruyi smiled sweetly and said to the middle-aged man: “Director, please try to be accommodating.”

    She was exercising her gender’s specialty – womanly wiles.

    The middle-aged man didn’t seem to respond to her charms, and with a stern face, he said stiffly, “No, this is a hospital gala. If everyone were to bring their relatives and friends as you did, wouldn’t it turn into a mess? Ruyi, you’re a senior member of the hospital, you should be taking the lead and setting an example for the others. Rules are rules.”

    “Oh, director, it’s not a big deal, can’t you just turn a blind eye to this,” asked Xiao Ruyi.

    “Say no more, tell them to leave immediately!” the middle-aged man said firmly.

    Fu Guisheng, standing by his side, chimed in, “Director He is right. It is our hospital’s mid-autumn gala. It’s not for any stray cats or dogs to freely come in.”

    “Damn it, are you looking to die?”

    On hearing this, Feng Wuhen blew up and grabbed Fu Guisheng by the collar, lifting both his feet off the ground. His shocking actions frightened the middle-aged man and everyone around them.

    “You, you… what do you want? Let go, let go of me!” Fu Guisheng cried in panic. He could feel the strength in Feng Wuhen’s large hands, wrapped around his collar like steel pliers. He tried hard he break free but was unable to.

    “What are you going to do if I don’t let go? Do you want me to teach you how to speak like a human being?” Feng Wuhen growled, tightened his grip on the collar, and lifted the poor man even higher.

    “You, you…”

    Fu Guisheng was indignant, but at the same time, overcome with an overwhelming sense of fear. He didn’t dare to make too much of a fuss, not when faced with such a fierce and robust thug like Feng Wuhen.

    “Xiao Ruyi, look at the people you’ve invited. They’re uncouth, and you can see that they’re up to no good. Security, security!” the middle-aged man said with contempt, calling for security to drive Xiao Luo and his friends out. He made his disappointment with Xiao Ruyi very clear.

    “Director, please don’t call the security. Aiya, all this is just…” Xiao Ruyi said, stomping her feet anxiously.

    “Sister Ruyi, what’s the matter?”

    Everyone turned to the direction of the voice. There stood Sun Yu. She was close by when she had heard the commotion and promptly came over. She had just finished putting on her makeup and costume backstage. Accompanying her was another lady who was also wearing a similar costume. They were going to be performing on the same stage later that evening.

    “Let go of him!”

    Zhang Dashan hurriedly called out to Feng Wuhen to let go of Fu Guisheng. As colleagues and part of Xiao Luo’s group, every word and action would be scrutinized by everyone present. He couldn’t afford to let Xiao Luo’s image suffer in Sun Yu’s presence.

    Feng Wuhen nodded and did as he was told, then made his way back to his seat. Before sitting down, he shot Fu Guisheng a dark, threatening look. It meant that to convey that if he dared to insult them again, he would kill him!

    “Little Sun, you’re performing in the first program. What are you doing out here and not preparing yourself backstage?” the middle-aged man asked curiously.

    Fu Guisheng fixed his collar and attempted a charming smile: “Yuyu, you’re looking great in that costume!”

    Sun Yu ignored Fu Guisheng and walked straight past him. She looked at Xiao Luo, then said to the middle-aged man: “Director He, they are all both mine and Sister Ruyi’s friends. I know it’s against the rules to invite them, but I do hope Director He could help by accommodating them this time.”

    On hearing this, both the middle-aged man and Fu Guisheng’s expressions changed markedly.

    Not waiting for the middle-aged man to respond, Fu Guisheng laughed: “Haha, Yuyu, you should have said so earlier they were friends of yours and Ruyi. We thought that they were just a bunch of gangsters here for free food and drinks.” He smiled at the middle-aged man before continuing: “Director He, it’s just a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding. Since they are Yuyu’s friends, what’s wrong with letting them have a meal here, right?”

    The middle-aged man shook his finger at Fu Guisheng without saying a word, and thought to himself, “The person who was asking me to chase them out was you, now the one asking me to let them in is also you. Do you have any opinions at all?

    “Huh, you really…!”

    After coughing a few times, he assumed the dignity of a director once again, and said in a friendly tone, “Since Guisheng said so, then stay. Ruyi, Little Sun, they are your friends, so on behalf of the hospital, do welcome them well!”

    “Thank you, Director!”

    Xiao Ruyi squinted her eyes and smiled, bowing to give thanks.

    The middle-aged man patted Sun Yu on the shoulders, turned, and left.

    However, Fu Guisheng did not leave. He kept ogling at Sun Yu, running his eyes all over her body with a creepy smile on his face.

    “Old Xiao, from my seven to eight years of experience of picking up girls, this dirty little f*cker has some not-so-proper ideas for pretty girl Sun,” said Zhang Dashan, whispering into Xiao Luo’s ears.

    Xiao Luo didn’t answer him, but he did notice and felt a little uncomfortable with it.

    The way Fu Guisheng stared at Sun Yu was a little disconcerting. Unless one were blind, it was clear to see that he was obsessed with Sun Yu. Otherwise, his attitude towards them wouldn’t have changed so quickly.

    “Ahem… Dr. Fu, don’t you think you guys should return to your tables?”

    Xiao Ruyi said, not hiding her disgust. Sun Yu was the girl that she had introduced to her brother, Xiao Luo. She had already regarded Sun Yu as her future sister-in-law, and Fu Guisheng’s fawning gaze made her feel uncomfortable.

    “Yuyu, please sit next to my brother!” With that, she took Sun Yu and placed her beside Xiao Luo.

    With Sun Yu reseated at the other end of the table, there was no reason to stay on any longer. Fu Guisheng then returned to his place but kept turning his head over every so often. He couldn’t help noting that the girl he adored was giving the person that he had splashed his beer on, warm, loving smiles “like the spring that came after winter.”

    Something seemed off!

    He realized that Xiao Luo was his love rival!

    He felt a tightness in his chest, realizing that he had allowed his love rival to stay on!

    He seethed with resentment as he stared at the couple, gnashing his teeth incessantly. As he looked towards Sun Yu again, he told himself, “Now there is a girl that qualified to be my girlfriend.”. Then, he clenched his fists tightly, as he saw her looking at Xiao Luo with those affectionate eyes. It drove him mad with jealousy.


    Fu Guisheng was thoroughly distraught. He sat slumped in his chair with a dark and brooding face.

    “Brother Fu, it looks like you have a serious competitor.”

    “Don’t panic, wait until you show everyone what you’ve got on stage, then confess your feelings to her. The early bird catches the worm.”

    “Yes, yes, yes, exactly. We will coordinate with you from our table. Let the audience loudly shout ‘say yes!’ and Sun Yu will definitely agree. Then you can bring her home share your pillow tonight.”

    The men at the same table spoke words of encouragement one after another.

    Fu Guisheng thought for a while, and realizing that what his friends were saying made sense, he drank the glass of wine in front of him and nodded: “Alright, we’ll do just as you said!”