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Chapter 157 - Used Everything She Saw

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 157: Used Everything She Saw

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    Using everything she saw, she caught up with the latest trends and grabbed Xia Fumeng’s attention successfully.

    “What the hell are you drawing…” Xia Fumeng kept looking at it although she was complaining. She didn’t realize that Qianmo was sketching her.

    “This little girl had to learn non-stop while others were playing outside. However, she was smart and soon got many awards…”

    Qianmo drew as she described. A few trophies appeared on the paper.

    “Everyone has thoughts like this, and this girl is no exception. One day, she asked herself why was she working so hard? She knew that by doing this, her father and mother would be pleased. Thus, all of her efforts were meaningful.”

    Xia Fumeng’s expression suddenly changed. “Shut up!”

    Even a fool would have noticed what Qianmo was saying by now. The little girl that Qianmo was drawing was Xia Fumeng.

    The stuff she believed she had hidden well was revealed so directly by Qianmo. Xia Fumeng felt uncomfortable and emotional, wanting to stop Qianmo.

    But with only one sentence from Qianmo, she sat down again. “Why are you so agitated? You think I am drawing you?”

    One of the psychological characteristics of juvenile delinquency was ego.

    Sure enough, Xia Fumeng sat down again. She turned her head to a side with hatred in her eyes.

    “Your refusal to look means that you are guilty—Oh, so our little sister, who is a highly intelligent criminal, feels guilty about something too.”

    “I am not!”

    “Then, you can continue to show me.” Qianmo’s performance almost brought the other seniors in the room to tears.

    This indifferent girl was brutal. She created so much trouble, and yet, they couldn’t do anything to her.

    One of the seniors suddenly mumbled, “It indeed takes a villain to subdue a villain.”

    Black coldly looked at him and cracked his fingers.

    “No, I mean… Junior is really good…” The senior was a coward.

    “The little girl was thinking, ‘Father would definitely reward me for my hard work, right? Mother would be delighted, right? Maybe one day, they will make time for me.’ Who knows about the lonely child inside that genius little girl?”

    “I am not lonely at all. I have money, my family has lots of money. I can do anything I want!”

    “Am I talking about you?” Qianmo gave her a glance. Seeing Xia Fumeng clench her fists, she smiled.

    She got back at her today for what she had lost yesterday.

    “But, why did the adults disappoint her when she had done all that they had expected of her?”

    Qianmo changed to a new piece of paper and continued drawing. The style was no longer as cute as before. It became cold and gloomy.

    “No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t even get a look of concern from them. All they could give was money and only money. What’s the use of having so much money?”

    There were many pearly white bones under a pile of banknotes. Xia Fumeng’s breathing began to hasten. Others in the room found it difficult to understand Qianmo’s words because she was describing the deepest thoughts in Xia Fumeng’s heart.

    “They never do what they promised. No matter how hard she tried, all she got was an empty compliment, ‘You are so good, hoho.’ They couldn’t spare some time for her even after all her efforts. What’s so good about it?”

    After Qianmo drew the white bones under the banknotes, she suddenly drew a cross on top.

    “No, no. I have to control the demon inside my heart. I cannot do that…”

    There was a dazed look in Xia Fumeng’s eyes. Yes, she did hesitate too.

    Actually, Qianmo was only half-sure when she said that.

    She wasn’t entirely confident whether Xia Fumeng was cruel and cold because of an innate personality defect or influenced by her family environment. It was a risky statement to make.

    Although it looked like a simple comic, it was actually a psychological battleground. It was filled with gunpowder fumes, and there could be a trap under every step taken!

    One wrong step, and all the foreshadowing done in front would be wasted.

    If this girl wasn’t influenced by her upbringing and was a person with an innate personality defect, Qianmo would have exposed herself with that sentence. The other party would extricate herself from the maze that she had set up. Qianmo wasn’t supposed to do that in the first place.

    But there was an important reason that prompted her to voice it out.

    When she had lifted the piano cover yesterday, she saw a cartoon sticker in an inconspicuous position under the cover.

    It was a family portrait of Doraemon. This little cartoon gave Qianmo a daring association of ideas. A person with an innate personality defect should not have such a strong desire for a family.

    However, it was too arbitrary to deduce everything based on a sticker. Therefore, the decision Qianmo made was laden with risks. She heaved a long sigh of relief when she observed Xia Fumeng’s dazed microexpression.

    She had made the correct bet.

    Although this was a dicey move, its effect was also astonishing. She had guessed correctly: Xia Fumeng didn’t have an innate personality disorder. Instead, she was influenced by her family environment. Then, it would be easier to solve.

    “The little girl wanted to suppress the demon inside her that was getting more and more rebellious. She suppressed her impulse, thinking that as long as she continued to strive, maybe she could have the family warmth she yearned for someday. They say parents are the best teachers, but why did this child have the worst demonstration in life?”

    Qianmo flipped over to a new piece of paper and drew a man that resembled a father. He threw the heart that the little girl gave him on the floor, shattering it to pieces.

    Qianmo didn’t know the reason that caused the deterioration of her state of mind, but from the information she got when she eavesdropped yesterday, it was definitely connected to her useless parents.

    Therefore, she used the shattered heart as a metaphor vaguely.

    “He’s not worthy; they are both not worthy! What rights do they have to be parents! What rights?! A father who only knows how to drink, indulge, and womanize every day, and an empty mother who only knows how to play mahjong, cry, and vent her anger on her. Useless, they are both useless!”

    Xia Fumeng told the truth under Qianmo’s influence. Behind Qianmo, the row of “cheerleaders”‘ mouths became O-shaped.

    “But he did provide you with a good life, didn’t he?”

    “Damn that good life!” Xia Fumeng swept the drawing tools on the table onto the floor. Black swiftly stepped forward to block Qianmo from them. How painful she would be if the tools hit her tender skin.

    “My parents are hypocrites! They told me to be an open and upright person, but they do all the despicable deals secretly. Do you know what I saw them do? You couldn’t even imagine it! My parents—yup, the private entrepreneurs that are always featured on local TV channels—drugged my favorite tuition teacher in front of me. He slept with my tuition teacher!”

    Xia Fumeng clenched both her teeth and fists.

    Nobody was concerned about her.

    There was only fame and fortune in her parents’ eyes, and she was only a tool to show off to outsiders.

    ‘My daughter has already achieved piano grade ten at eight years old. She is also an Olympiad champion and a grade ten Latin dancer…’

    Did anyone notice that she was also a real person behind all these honors?