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Chapter 820 - Wen Xinya Intervenes to Keep the Situation in Control

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     :Chapter 820 Wen Xinya Intervenes to Keep the Situation in Control

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    “In that case, take yourself and the child to hell!” Wen Xinya barked with an austere and icy cold expression that was enough to send shivers down her spine.

    Everyone shuddered involuntarily.

    Wen Xinya strutted towards them in her sky-high heels under the accompaniment of Secretary Cao, appearing fierce and domineering.

    Her long pastel green dress, which cascaded onto the ground, and her cream-colored cardigan made her look demure and elegant. Her hat covered her eyes and gave her a mysterious appearance. She stood quietly on the spot with her back as straight as a ruler, exuding a unique aura.

    At this moment, Wen Xinya appeared rather threatening like a condescending queen!

    The reporters seemed to have lost their rationality and began snapping away at Wen Xinya!

    The topic of Wen Xinya being heartless would be a newsworthy topic.

    Wen Haowen and Yang Ziyu also recovered from the shock.

    Wen Haowen wished that Wen Xinya’s appearance would distract the reporters and take the attention away from him.

    Yang Ziyu yelled agitatedly, “Shut up! I’m pregnant with the Wen Family’s flesh and blood.”

    Wen Xinya adjusted her cardigan nonchalantly and questioned coldly, “You said that you’re pregnant. Where’s the evidence? Which hospital did you get the checkup done at? What’s the name of the doctor who conducted the test for you? Show me the doctor’s diagnosis report.”

    A sullen expression formed on Wen Haowen’s face. He did not think about that at all.

    Meanwhile, Secretary Cao and the reporters could not help but be in awe of her wit.

    Yang Ziyu could not answer her at all. However, she tried to defend herself insistently. “I have the doctor’s report, but I didn’t bring it with me today. Anyway, I’m pregnant with your family’s flesh and blood. Believe it or not, it’s the truth.”

    Wen Xinya stared at Yang Ziyu coldly and said, “Fine! Let’s take it that you’re really pregnant. However, what evidence have you got to prove that you’re really pregnant with the Wen Family’s child? How can you prove that you’ve really had intercourse with my father? Are you going to make these claims on the basis of the ruckus you’ve caused today?”

    The reporters looked at each other in shock and dismay. Once again, they were shocked by Wen Xinya’s shrewdness.

    Moments ago, Yang Ziyu was just making a din and making the security guards and Wen Haowen feel incredibly helpless. Yet, she suddenly quietened down as soon as Wen Xinya appeared and got the situation under control.

    That required so much power and dominance!

    Secretary Cao was just contemplating if he should inform Old Mr. Wen about the matter. If something were to go wrong, the Wen Family’s reputation would be ruined as well.

    Yang Ziyu glowered at her and exclaimed, “You… shut up… you’re the heiress of the Wen Family and the successor of the Wen Corporation. You refuse to accept the child I’m carrying because you’re afraid that you’ll no longer be the only successor of the Wen Family!”

    Wen Xinya ignored Yang Ziyu’s screeching and walked towards her. “Yang Ziyu, put the knife down. Don’t think that you can threaten me, my father, or my family just by killing yourself. Honestly… even if you’re really pregnant with my father’s child, we won’t acknowledge him or her. We may have a lack of descendants, but we’re not that shameless as to raise an illegitimate child, though we can afford to. However, we won’t accept your child because you plotted against us, and we can’t afford to suffer that embarrassment.”

    Yang Ziyu could not help but widen her eyes in shock.

    Wen Xinya continued, “Don’t blame the Wen Family for being cold and heartless. Everyone has to be responsible for their own actions. You should not be forgiven for your sins!”

    Wen Xinya’s words rendered the reporters speechless. As a child, her actions would be considered cruel, but as a member of the Wen Family, her actions were reasonable.

    Yang Ziyu watched as Wen Xinya walked towards her slowly. Although she was walking at a very slow pace, she looked rather commanding and threatening.

    She could not help but take a step back. She pointed the knife at Wen Xinya before placing it on her neck again. “Don’t come closer…”

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “Fine, we’ve already talked about your pregnancy. Isn’t it time we talk about whether or not you’re really pregnant?”

    Although Yang Ziyu could not understand what she was trying to do, her heart pounded rapidly beyond her control.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “Miss Yang, Ning Shuqian has faked her pregnancy before this. Do you really think I’ll let you manipulate me? I wonder if you remember that you had been knocked unconscious in the morning after you had intercourse with my father…”

    Yang Ziyu’s eyes widened in shock and she pointed the knife at Wen Xinya again. “You… how did you know? You…”

    Wen Xinya smiled calmly and said, “Yes, at that time, you had some emergency contraceptive forced down your throat, so… you’re definitely not pregnant.”

    The first thing Wen Xinya did when she received Zhou Tianyu’s call was to ask where Yang Ziyu was. She definitely couldn’t allow Yang Ziyu to be pregnant with the Wen Family’s child. Hence, she called Si Yiyan, who immediately understood what she meant.

    She did not expose Yang Ziyu immediately because Yang Ziyu was rather agitated and emotionally unstable at this moment. She even slit her own neck. Clearly, she was not putting on an act. Hence, Wen Xinya had to find a way to keep the situation under control.

    “I…” Yang Ziyu’s arm dropped a little. She had merely wanted to embarrass the Wen Family and did not think that things would blow out of proportion.

    1The shocking twist of events shocked everyone, including Secretary Cao.

    He did not expect that she would have considered all the factors in such detail. No one would pay attention to Yang Ziyu since she was not the focus of attention in the case of Wen Haowen’s adulterous affair, let alone care if she was pregnant or not…

    However, Wen Xinya had thought about it and took preventive measures immediately.

    The reporters were dumbfounded. They initially thought that it would be a piece of groundbreaking news, only to realize that it was just nonsense.

    Wen Xinya could not be bothered to worry about what others thought about her. Yang Ziyu was felt dejected. Before she could even react, Wen Xinya snatched the knife from her and said, “I’m going to confiscate this knife. Your life belongs to your parents. I hope you’ll stop taking your life as a joke.”

    Her swift actions shocked everyone.

    Yang Ziyu fell onto the ground and began bawling.