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Chapter 227 - Enhancing Strength on All Fronts

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 227: Enhancing Strength on All Fronts

    Black Dictator had just left when Ye Yu burst in, demanding hurriedly, “Have you seen Black Dictator?”

    “It claimed your remuneration and flew off.” Ye Jiuge pointed in the direction where Black Dictator had vanished.

    “That idiot parasite is one step ahead of me again.” Ye Yu was so angry that his face turned black.

    Black Dictator showed no self-restraint. Whenever it tasted something good, it wanted to eat as much as possible without thinking of the consequences.

    It could polish off a bottle of Spiritual Beast Pills in just 15 minutes. It was a classic example of living from day to day.

    When it ran out of food, it showed envy and jealousy toward Xiao Hong and the rest.

    Then, it would start pestering him to buy more Spiritual Beast Pills. It was very annoying!

    “Cough, cough…Do you want to bring it back now?” Ye Jiuge asked offhandedly.

    “It’s useless. Let’s talk about more important things first!” Ye Yu sighed.

    Ye Yu thought about Black Dictator’s big mouth. It had probably swallowed the entire bottle by now. There was no point in searching for it.

    “What important things?” Ye Jiuge went along with Ye Yu’s topic diversion.

    “The Spiritual Practitioner Alliance is in chaos, fighting about Great Master Dongfang’s Master Solidifying Pill. The sects have been sending their people into various factions of the battle. It’s getting out of hand, and the end doesn’t seem near. If we wait for them to settle their issues, we will have to wait forever.” Ye Yu did not want to delay; he didn’t have much time left.

    “Have they decided on a leader?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “Yes. It’s Gong Xifan from the Gong Clan,” Ye Yu confirmed.

    “So, it’s him!” Ye Jiuge remembered the suave uncle who had helped her out of a pickle. He wasn’t a simple person. If he were leading, the unrest in the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance would probably be quelled soon.

    “Gong Xifan, was it?”

    Zi Shang’s voice rang out coldly.

    Obviously, he remembered. This was the person who’d helped Ye Jiuge while he’d been in hibernation.

    “Get Dongfang Yao to put pressure on the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance. If their infighting isn’t settled within ten days, we should not wait any longer,” Zi Shang glanced at Ye Yu and ordered.

    “Is it alright if we do not wait for them?” Ye Jiuge did not think that just a few of them would be able to deal with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch alone.

    “The Bloodthirsty Patriarch has been preparing for the upcoming battle. With the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance in constant gridlock, we will have to assert some pressure to stop their infighting,” Zi Shang reasoned.

    Ye Jiuge thought that this was a good idea. She turned to Ye Yu and commanded, “Just do what he said!”

    “Yes, ma’am.” Ye Yu prepared to leave.

    A thought suddenly came to Ye Jiuge, and she hurriedly stopped Ye Yu from leaving. “Wait a second! First, let me draw a bit of your blood.”

    “Blood?” Ye Yu took a second look at Ye Jiuge, confused by her request to draw blood.

    “At your present cultivation level, heading to Bloodcloud Peak is too dangerous. I will be producing some secret pills that can boost your abilities for a short period.” The inspiration for such a pill had come from the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    His Blood Pearl caused the Sorcerers’ abilities to spike crazily for a short time.

    Using the same principle, she could also produce some secret pills, just in case her people were in a pinch. This could help prevent a repeat of the same scenario where Liu Yunfei had toyed with them.

    “Alright.” Having such an item could potentially be a life-saving boon. Ye Yu was all for it, and he stretched out toward Ye Jiuge without hesitation.

    Ye Jiuge sterilized a needle and tube before starting to draw Ye Yu’s blood.

    “Eldest Miss, you have been producing pills for us every day. Doesn’t this disrupt your cultivation time?” Ye Yu asked carefully.

    The thought had been gnawing at Ye Yu’s mind for some time.

    Other Alchemists and Spiritual Practitioners were always in retreat, continually improving and practicing their pill production abilities and cultivation. They were rarely distracted.

    But Eldest Miss was very hands-on in a lot of situations. She frequently joined them at the forefront and fought together with them.

    When did she have the time for cultivation?

    “Don’t you worry about it. I know my limits,” Ye Jiuge could not possibly tell Ye Yu that it wasn’t her choice not to focus on cultivation and advance in the ranks. It was because she had the lethal Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison in her body. If she tried cultivating, she could easily explode her Elixir Field.

    By that time, she wouldn’t even know how she’d died.

    Speaking of which, the last time she’d met with Ye Yuxuan, she had forgotten to ask if he was the culprit who had poisoned her with the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones.

    Honestly, Ye Jiuge did not think it was Ye Yuxuan.

    She had been very young then. It would have been easy for Ye Yuxuan to take her life, so there was no need to poison her with such a complicated and unique toxin.

    Still, she wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

    Although Ye Jiuge was lost in her thoughts, her hands did not stop moving. Soon, she had drawn a bottle of Ye Yu’s blood.

    “Is that enough?” Ye Yu was so excited. He hoped that Ye Jiuge would draw more blood so that she could produce more secret pills for him.

    “That’s more than enough.” The secret pills were to be used as a last resort. They weren’t meant to be eaten as a meal replacement.

    Ye Yu adjusted his sleeve, then curled his fingers into his mouth, and whistled.

    Swiftly, Black Dictator appeared clutching a jade bottle and swaying from side to side as it flew. Its engorged stomach sagged downward.

    Black Dictator, who had claimed his Master’s remuneration, was a classic example of one who lived from day to day. The jade bottle in its grasp was empty.

    “Let’s go,” Ye Yu huffed to Black Dictator. Then, he stuffed it into his pocket before taking his leave of Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge stored Ye Yu’s blood and turned to Zi Shang to discuss the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison.

    “I already asked for you. It wasn’t your rotten father who did it.” Zi Shang’s reply took Ye Jiuge by complete surprise.

    “When did you ask?” Ye Jiuge stuttered.

    They had been together all this while. When had Zi Shang found the time to question Ye Yuxuan?

    “Is that important?” Zi Shang raised his eyebrow.

    “No, it isn’t important. But if it not Ye Yuxuan, then who?” Ye Jiuge could not think of anyone else.

    “I suspect it was your mother, Yun Qiaoqiao,” Zi Shang threw another bombshell.

    “You mean to say that my own mother poisoned me?” Ye Jiuge was so ruffled, and she was about to go ballistic on Zi Shang.

    Besides having a rotten father, did she also have a wicked mother?

    “I guess that your mother knew about your rotten father’s sinister intentions even then. She poisoned you in the hopes that it would give you a chance to lie low and seek an opportunity to survive!”

    If Ye Jiuge had been the main wife’s daughter with limitless potential, most likely, she would have been killed by Ye Yuxuan. Becoming a loser was the only way to survive.

    So long as she was alive, it meant that there was a chance to strike back.

    Ye Jiuge thought silently for a moment. Although she did not have many memories of her mother anymore, Qing Mama used to say that while her mother’s appearance was gentle, she had a decisive and strong personality. It was possible that she would have done such a thing.

    “Although you are unable to forge ahead in your cultivation now, once the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison is removed, you will be reborn. You will have a Spiritual Dictator’s Body,” Zi Shang told her.

    Having a Spiritual Dictator’s Body was not only good for body cultivation, but it was also the ideal body for spiritual advancement.

    “But how do I remove the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison?” Ye Jiuge was anxious for the solution to her problems.

    It did not sit right with her, knowing that there was a time bomb planted in her Elixir Field.

    “Cultivation should not be rushed. First, you should connect all your meridians. When we dual cultivate, I will help you force out the second type of poison.” Zi Shang was not anxious at all.

    He had already achieved a humanoid form and could provide Ye Jiuge with round-the-clock protection. She could take all the time in the world.