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Chapter 515 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 2)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 515: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 2)

    “Give her thirty beatings, I want to see if you dare steal in the future!”

    “Peng, peng, peng!”

    She was accepting the previous host’s memories while being beaten in the scorching sun!

    God damn, did the system have a grudge against her?

    The pain continued as the memories were imported.

    How tragic of a story this was, so tragic that she even felt pain at the previous host’s destiny.

    The previous host was the Luo Family’s third daughter, born to a concubine.

    Forget being born to a concubine, she was born to a Luo Manor maid.

    A sparrow was still a sparrow, even if she flew up, she was still a sparrow.

    Although she was known as the third madame, she walked on thin ice in the Luo Manor.

    In the end, she was killed by the first madame and the second madame!

    The previous host’s mother died in June, she was filled with two wines mixed with poison and died in her room.

    There were snowflakes fluttering in the sky on that night. She stood behind the curtain as she watched her two aunts smile.

    Her mother was lying on the ground with dead eyes as her body kept twitching in pain.

    The previous host’s father was called Luo Yi, he was the minister of civil affairs in court with a doubtful personality.

    When her mother died, the previous host’s father didn’t investigate and rushed to drown himself in wine.

    After all, the Luo Family’s first madame was the number one talent of the capital, with skills and appearance.

    The Luo Family’s second madame was a county owner, having money and power.

    They both had a child who were boys, but since they were boys, naturally they were more important.

    Moreover, her mother was not someone with talent, appearance, wealth, or influence.

    However, the death of the previous host wasn’t related to the Luo Family, rather it was related to the supporting male lead Ning Wen Zhen.

    The current South Pacifying King, the most favourite son of the emperor.

    She met Ning Wen Zhen for the first time when she was being beaten, Ning Wen Zhen had saved her from her two big brothers.

    At that time, he was the most distinguished guest of the Luo Manor.

    If her sixteen years of pain could be exchanged for Ning Wen Chen’s love, the previous host was willing.

    But the ending was too different, Ning Wen Zhen only ever loved a single person.

    The daughter of the imperial tutor manor, Duan Yu Meng.

    But the one Duan Yu Meng loved wasn’t him. Everyone was humble when they met the person they liked.

    But in the end, no one received any response.

    The previous host knew that she wasn’t qualified, so she never forcefully chased.

    As for when the previous host died, Luo Yi wanted to compete with the imperial tutor to climb the large tree known as the South Pacifying King, so he gave the previous host to the South Pacifying King as a concubine.

    But the South Pacifying King didn’t spare her a single glance and sent her off the next day.

    In Ning Wen Chen’s eyes, he didn’t owe the previous host anything.

    She looked good, but it only ended like this.

    But it had to be known that after being sent back to the Luo Manor with divorce papers, the previous host’s life became even worse.

    Her two big sisters laughed at her and beat her.

    Her two big brothers bullied her and ravaged her.

    In the end, after being shamed again and again, she tragically passed away.

    Her body was covered in blood when she died and she was being played with by her big brother of the same father and a different mother.

    She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t make a sound.

    Everyone knew that she couldn’t even compare to a maid and was someone who could be freely bullied.

    From the high first madame of the Luo Manor to the lowest horse groom, they could all bully her.

    And she couldn’t resist at all…..

    Her heart was filled with regret when she died. If she had another chance, she would never give the love in her heart to a man who had never looked at her once.

    No matter how handsome, how cool, and how charming that person was.

    If he didn’t love her, he was nothing.