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Chapter 161 - Can’t Be Too Brutal With My Goddess

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 161: Can’t Be Too Brutal With My Goddess

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    Jian Qi shifted the sniper gun in her hands and aimed it at the two approaching men.

    The men were moving faster and faster.

    When she could finally see their faces through the scope, her smile deepened.

    It seemed like these two were starting to get serious. They were able to find her hiding spot really fast!

    This was what she was talking about, things were about to get interesting!

    Before that, those two were not being serious and clearly were not paying attention as well.

    Hence, it would not be as interesting if she had eliminated them earlier on!

    If she had decided to be here, there had to be something here that was worth her attention and admiration!

    Special soldiers from A Nation should not be of that standard from before!

    The range of Jian Qi’s sinper gun was not that wide. She could only see them but could not hit them yet.

    They were not within her shooting range!

    If they were to come any closer, she would certainly not hold back!

    As she had said before, if they could find her then they could challenge her one-on-one!

    They did not continue running after a while. They stopped and found a spot to hide themselves.

    The place that they stopped at was exactly outside Jian Qi’s observing range.

    She looked around for a while and still could not get sight of them.

    Lightning and Feng Yi had been comrades for years. They were really good partners.

    They understood each other well and had great chemistry working together.

    Whenever there was a mission, they would always be assigned to work with each other. They were both very good snipers as well. Feng Yi would be the one observing while Lightning would be the sniper.

    They had a good partnership and were the fastest ones to complete their missions.

    They were all good at concealment, when crawling on the ground, they would blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

    Feng Yi took out his binoculars and looked toward the mountain top not far away.

    The position on the mountain top was easy to defend and hard to be attacked by others, hence it was a perfect hiding spot.

    They knew all about the sniper model they had and it was impossible for the opponent to shoot at them from that distance.

    They knew that their positions were safe but they could not exclude the possibility that Jian Qi and the others might get to them first!

    “It’s safe!” Feng Yi put down his binoculars and said seriously, “We can move forward!”

    Lightning looked around and put away his sniper gun. “We’ll go around that area and move from behind!”

    Feng Yi looked toward the direction he was pointing at and said, “You are really being serious with them now huh!”

    “No sh*t! I don’t want to get beaten up by Boss when we are back!” Lightning gritted his teeth.

    Actually he just wanted to reclaim his pride.

    “But you can’t be too brutal with my goddess!” Feng Yi said.

    “You should pray that she wouldn’t be too brutal with you!” Lightning reminded him, “You have never lost in her hands that’s why you don’t know how sly she is. You better be serious or she will just end you with one shot!”

    “Chill dude, it won’t happen” Feng Yi smiled cheekily. “I said I would prove myself to her. I would never let our team down!”

    They took their gears and went toward the mountain top on the opposite side by going around the sides.

    Jian Qi stayed there for almost half a day yet there was not a single movement.

    Her lips twitched lightly.

    They were nowhere to be found.

    This was interesting!

    Based on the situation now, did it mean that she should retreat?

    Or should she fight them head on?

    With that said, it would be a two against one fight. The risk would be high!

    In fact, it seemed like they were up to something!

    There had been no movement for way too long. They must have found a dead corner that she could not observe!