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Chapter 162 - Three Against Two Is Not Very Fair, Is It?!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 162: Three Against Two Is Not Very Fair, Is It?!

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    Jian Qi looked around her surroundings.

    She had to find a well-hidden spot!

    If they were to ambush her from the back she would become a human punching bag and it would be dangerous!

    Jian Qi chose this mountain top because the back was literally a broken cliff.

    It would be risky to come from the top. They might get injured or even die!

    Since this was just an assessment, it would be way too dangerous just to get someone eliminated!

    Of course, that was merely her own point of view.

    Now that the two of them had not shown up, she was afraid that they might take the risky way!

    If they did come from the back, her current position was a very dangerous one.

    But as dangerous as it seemed, she did want to properly fight with these two men!

    However, she was also holding two other people’s signalling devices. If she were to be eliminated just like that, would it be too despicable on her end?

    After all, accidents happened all the time!

    No one would be able to predict it!

    After contemplating for a while, Jian Qi decided not to fight them!

    She promised Mu Zi that she would be able to walk till the end of the test!

    She would feel very guilty if she were to be eliminated just because she wanted to fight!

    She should wait until the last day!

    Those who were able to remain alive till the last day should be considered as having passed the test!

    They had been eliminating a lot of people!

    Jian Qi finally made up her mind and was about to leave the place.

    It was not safe for her anymore since it had been exposed.

    Just when she had gotten up on her feet, she heard footsteps approaching her.

    Jian Qi smiled.

    It seemed like she was not able to run now!

    She had to fight them!

    These two were fast!

    Jian Qi hid herself properly and focused on observing her surrounding sounds.

    She heard the footsteps getting nearer and nearer, but it also became softer and softer to the point where she could no longer hear anything. Jian Qi knew that they had found a spot to hide themselves.

    There were two of them. If she were to shoot one of them down then she would expose herself and the other one would immediately know her exact location and take her down as well.

    Hence, she must locate their exact position and set up an escape plan!

    At the same time, the both of them in hiding were trying to locate Jian Qi as well!

    They were all wearing the same outfits so it made it even more difficult for them to look for each other!

    Just when the three of them were in a difficult situation, one hunter was trying to locate Jian Qi’s signal that came from the signalling devices.

    Jian Qi noticed the approaching hunter and she could not help but curse deep down.

    ‘Does it really need to be like this?’

    ‘It’s three against one!!!’

    ‘Even the gods above don’t care about her anymore?’

    The tracker that Lightning and Feng Yi had was broken by Lu Yao but the hunter that appeared had a functioning tracker.

    That person was like a support from God for the hunters!

    Feng Yi and Lightning smiled.

    Three against two was not really fair, was it?!

    This was definitely help from God!

    Jian Qi slightly pursed her lips as she gripped her sniper gun.

    The more she felt nervous, the more excited she became. It felt as if her brain was flying high up in the clouds.

    “Three of you in front get up now. We’ve found you!” The hunter looked toward Jian Qi’s direction and shouted.

    Lightning and Feng Yi glanced over in the same direction, and Feng Yi quickly searched for Jian Qi’s location.