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Chapter 163 - Is That Person Lu Yao or Jian Qi?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 163: Is That Person Lu Yao or Jian Qi?

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    They were instantly confused.

    Three people?

    Weren’t there supposed to be only two?

    Did they find another person on their way?!

    Three against three was just nice!

    The hunter did not move.

    He did not know that Lightning and Feng Yi were there.

    He thought that he was facing three other people by himself.

    Since he had found three of them, he could not let any of them get away!

    Even though they were hunters, they were training with the freshmen as well. They had more weapons than the freshmen but they had the same amount of food supplies as the freshmen.

    They were considered wasting their energy if they were not able to find any of them as well.

    They had to go through the woods to eliminate all the freshmen that they could locate with their trackers.

    And if they could not finish their task in three days, they would have greatly intensified training waiting for them.

    All they hoped for was to finish their task within three days.

    The hunter took out a grenade and was ready to eliminate them!

    Jian Qi frowned and was upset. Was he going to let her get a taste of the grenade as well?

    This would be awkward…

    Lightning and Feng Yi saw their teammate pulling out a grenade, and this made them want to clap in joy!

    This was just the revenge that they needed!

    Meanwhile, at the control room, Crocodile had just returned, dragging along his body that no longer felt like his. He saw the scene through the video being broadcasted.

    He went over to the screen and smiled. “It’s a three against three!”

    Tang Jinyu replied calmly, “It’s three against one!”


    Crocodile was confused. The hunters’ signals were all there, and the three of them were relaying the same feed at the same time.

    He even saw Lightning’s face!

    Plus, there were three red dots as well, how was it not a three against three?

    Everyone around them was confused too.

    How was it not three against three?

    Crocodile wanted to ask more questions but everyone did not dare to say a single word. Clearly, they were afraid of Tang Jinyu.

    They knew that there were a few of them who had been mercilessly ordered to do extra training today.

    Tang Jinyu looked away from the screen and glared at everyone.

    “Can anyone tell me about the time when Lu Yao and Jian Qi saved Mu Zi?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Crocodile did not have a clue since he had been in training.

    So the third person was Mu Zi.

    A man beside Tang Jinyu replied, “Jian Qi looted all of their supplies and took one of the hunter’s jackets.”

    “What else?”

    “Mu Zi was injured when they got to her. The other freshman was eliminated when he tried to go back and save his teammate. There were only three of them at that time,” another man added.

    Tang Jinyu turned back to the screen. He stared at the screen coldly and said, “Mu Zi was injured. But these three people had been moving around a lot since the start of the day. The indicators were even grouped together, in sync with each other. Even when they stopped for a rest, they were all stuck closely together. Would you have done that?”

    Everyone shook their heads, of course they would not have done the same thing.

    If they were grouped together, they would be eliminated easily if they were surrounded.

    However, if they split up using the supplies that they have looted they could eliminate their opponents faster.

    Crocodile instantly understood the situation.

    “Boss, do you think this person is Lu Yao or Jian Qi?” Crocodile asked.

    If they were to catch this person, all three of them would be eliminated at the same time.

    Indeed, the signalling devices were like their very lives. Once the signal was sent out, that would mean that they were eliminated!