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Chapter 158 - Anxious for you

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 158: Anxious for you

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Pretty girl Sun, wow, your costume looks great! It shows off your slim waistline and makes you look terrific.” Zhang Dashan said, in blatant flattery, then immediately asked, “So, what’s the name of the beautiful lady standing next to you? Please introduce her to everyone. Other than Old Xiao, the rest of us are bachelors.” Zhang Dashan wiped his face with a paper towel as he took on the role of creating an amicable atmosphere at the table.

    “It’s fine. I’ll introduce myself instead.”

    The girl cordially introduced herself, “I am Hu Shuirong. I entered this hospital in the same batch as Yuyu.”

    She didn’t look as stunning as Sun Yu, but she was the sweet-looking and slender.

    “That’s a good name, ‘Like a lotus flower breaking the water’s surface.’ I’m Zhang Dashan, what a pleasure to meet you.” Zhang Dashan said, standing up and extending his hand to Shuirong.

    Hu Shuirong shook his hand warmly and greeted him with a smile: “Hello, Brother Shan!”

    The sound of “Brother Shan” pleased Zhang Dashan, appealing to his vanity and ego. He turned glancing over at Xiao Ruyi conspicuously, then said sarcastically, “Look, look how polite she is. She’s unlike some people who give unpleasant nicknames all the time.”

    On hearing this, Xiao Luo and Sun Yu couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.

    Xiao Ruyi reacted [TN: the original phrase is an idiom that means “slap the table and stand] by throwing a chopstick towards Zhang Dashan in mock anger, saying, “Big-faced Zhang, it’s like you want to get whacked again, right? What are you in trying to insinuate?”

    “Oh my, little sis, I’m just saying this in jest! You know how helpless I am when you act like this?” Zhang Dashan said with a long, deliberate sigh, spreading out his hands.


    Xiao Ruyi stomped her feet in a tantrum. As she couldn’t win the verbal joust with Zhang Dashan, she decided to turn to her brother for help, “Brother, look at him, he’s bullying your sister again.”

    Xiao Luo smiled and looked towards Tang Ren: “In such a situation, you should be looking to Tang Ren!”

    On hearing his name called upon, Tang Ren put down the crab he was devouring, looking up with a dazed expression, “Brother, what’s wrong, what happened?”

    Everyone at the table broke out laughing as they looked upon the bewildered look on his face.

    Xiao Ruyi pouted, sighing, “Look, I can’t count on him at all.” Afterward, she glared at Tang Ren and lamented how he was not up to her expectations. “Continue eating your crab and don’t speak if you don’t have to.”

    “Oh, okay, wifey!”

    Tang Ren responded. Without arguing, he buried his head into his crab once again.

    “Pshh!” Ruyi sneered.

    Sun Yu was amused at the way Tang Ren reacted and let out a soft chuckle. When Xiao Luo turned to her, she added: “Brother Tang is so cute.”

    Xiao Luo glanced over at Tang Ren, nodding in partial agreement, and said: “Yes, he is, but just a little.”

    As he spoke, he noticed that Sun Yu was staring at him with her big, bright eyes, but he couldn’t tell why.

    “Brother Xiao Luo, you have something on your face. Don’t move; I will help you to remove it,” Sun Yu said, slowly moving closer to him and raising her hand towards his face.

    Xiao Luo kept very still. As she reached out, he detected a faint fragrance on Sun Yu’s wrist. He quietly looked at Sun Yu. She looked extremely focused, and her breath smelled like flowers. At that moment, he felt relaxed.

    There was a sudden lull at the table. Everyone was watching Xiao Luo and Sun Yu with a smile on their faces as if they were watching an intimate scene in a romance movie with anticipation.

    “Strand of hair?” Xiao Luo asked, eyeing the item pinched between Sun Yu’s fingers.

    “Hmm, yeah, looks like a girl’s,” Sun Yu said, giggling.

    “Such a short strand of hair is definitely not from a woman. You’re wrong, sister-in-law,” Xiaowu said, in defense of Xiao Luo.

    Zhang Dashan, Xiao Ruyi, and Hu Shuirong all glared at him, annoyed at his reaction.


    Xiaowu swallowed hard. He nervously looked at Feng Wuhen: “Brother Feng, did I… did I say something wrong?”

    Feng Wuhen slapped him at the back of his head and chided him, “Damn it, of course, you’re in the wrong. Brother Xiao and sister-in-law are talking about love, why are you interrupting? Not only did you take my line, but you also took Brother Xiao’s lines. Do you think your’ wings have sprouted and you can fly now’? Even when you’re eating, you can’t shut your mouth!”

    Xiaowu looked to be almost in tears, not knowing how to react.

    Sun Yublushed again. At this point, there was not much time left, and the gala was about to start. Being the first performance of the night, she rushed off backstage to prepare. As they were walking through the hotel lobby, she suddenly pulled at Hu Shuirong’s arm, realizing she had left something behind.

    “Wait, I haven’t taken my bag!”

    Hu Shuirong quickly returned to the table and retrieved the bag. But before she left, she took the opportunity to say to Xiao Luo, “Yuyu is a good girl. If you love her, take her far away because nursing isn’t an easy profession. She often has to stay up late, and even young girls can turn old very quickly.”

    Having said that, she gave everyone a smile, turned, and left.

    “Sister Shuirong is right, though the profession seems to be selfless and compassionate. Only they can understand how hard it is, isn’t that right, Sister Luo?” Zhang Dashan said, continuing where Hu Shuirong left off.

    “Right, you are right. From the time you entered this hall till now, it is the most factually accurate thing you’ve said!”

    “Damn it, even when you’re drinking you have to mock me!”

    Zhang Dashan stood up and clinked his glass with Xiao Ruyi, and they both took a shot, downing the drink right down the gullet.

    “That’s enough for now. Eat, or else my husband will finish everything on the table,” Xiao Ruyi said jokingly to everyone.

    Zhang Dashan said without concern: “How much can Tang Ren eat? Brother Feng, come, show her your appetite, it will scare her to death!”


    After hearing the phrase ‘scare her to death,’ Xiao Ruyi, laughing, almost spurting out her drink all over the table. Luckily, she turned quickly and directed it to the floor next to her. Otherwise, the food on the table would have all gone to waste.

    Not long after, the gala performance commenced.

    Sun Yu and Hu Shuirong, along with four other girls, walked to the center of the stage and began dancing to the soft music.

    Xiao Luo didn’t pay much heed to others. All his attention now solely focused on Sun Yu. Sun Yu danced beautifully to the music, moving smoothly with grace. Her slender form floated across the stage gently, her costume evoking images of shimmering butterflies as tiny petals floated down from above the entire scene. Her beauty was intoxicating.

    Ta-thump. Ta-thump.

    Xiao Luo could almost hear the sound of his heart beating faster. He sensed the blood rising to his head. He froze like an idiot just by watching Sun Yu dancing on stage.

    “Brother, you’re moved, aren’t you? What are you waiting for, hurry up and take her, hehe…” Zhang Dashan had unknowingly crept next to him and urged him on.

    Xiao Luo rolled his eyes at him, and said irritably, “Do I need you to teach me?”

    “Damn it. I’m just worried about you!” Zhang Dashan said anxiously.